• Developed by Y_c.MW Meet the world famous game in new edition, especially for Windows Phone! Do you remember playing all day and night well-known tank battling game when you were a teenager? So now you can bring to mind this excitement of defending your master from hostile tanks! The goal, as you remember – to destroy all enemy tanks while keeping them away from killing the Eagle. You can do it better and faster with the use of special powerups, such as clock, star, shield and others like in old version. Besides all famous features from pixel game there are also presented some improvements: - up to 70 levels; - touch controls (possibility to zoom in/out playing field and moving along it by a touch); - Hall of Fame. Try it and feel yourself a teenager again! Once you start playing, you won't be able to stop!
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  • 2011-11-20 16:33
  • 2012-04-28 18:09
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2011-12-09 04:48 MaxPirat
an classic tank game, fantastic.
2011-11-28 09:07 Player710033557
an classic tank game, fantastic.
2011-11-28 09:07 TuanLg
2012-05-28 16:55 Player993730222
2012-06-11 12:33 iamzhanglei
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