Pandas vs Ninjas

Save Pandas from Ninjas!

  • We are VERY Sorry for the inconvenience caused! the problem should be fixed in v 1.3 now! NEW LEVELS in THIS UPDATE! Enjoy Pandas vs Ninjas with the following features: - Excellent animated graphics. - Beautiful sounds. - Great alternative to Angry Birds! Pandas vs Ninjas - Let the fight begin! Help Pandas battle Ninjas in this fun and innovative physics-based game! Defend Pandas' homeland by fighting Ninja invaders and destroying their camps. Enjoy highly addictive gameplay and realistic physics simulation.
  • Action & adventure
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  • 2011-05-06 21:08
  • 2011-09-02 21:11
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Pandas vs Ninjas
There are fans of AB, there are people who like Pandas, there are people who love both games. Let's respect other people and their choice.
2011-07-11 06:39 supermegamark1
Beter than angry brids
2011-07-10 23:39 gpevicdgo
Great game beat it in 2 weeks
2011-07-10 23:29 maphil100
Simply awesome.
2011-07-10 19:21 kantiwho
This is awesome! To get past level 17 on the snow level, launch the super panda at top speed and boost just above the halfway point above the tower closest to you. It will take out the guys in the towers, the guy closest to the first tower, and cover up the guy behind the other guy I just told you about. Now that debri might kill him or just give a little protection. If so, just launch your 2 plain ones. One to take away protection, and the other to finish him off. That easy. And those who say he just made his own since he didn't have enough money to by angry birds, maybe he does have it and just made his own to show how much he likes it, your just jealous since its so good, or you don't know the meaning of fun!!!!!!
2011-07-10 19:10 jOlin70
Love this game! Cool version of angry birds!!
2011-07-10 08:38 rawksand21
Love it its kinda like angry birds and will do for free :)
2011-07-10 07:16 drummerlov3r
2011-07-10 06:17 rhj033
I hate the sound effects, however the game play is solid and fun.
2011-07-10 05:06 First Cool Guy
Nice for freebie, but stuck on level 17
2011-07-10 00:41 Player746545894
One of the best free WP7 games....almost as good as chicks n vixens and angry birds. For level 17 snow use the two high powered blue pandas to knock the ninjas of the pedestals and shoot the black pandas in to the center. Then use the red bomb panda for the rest in the center
2011-07-09 21:35 GRich002
Fun game
2011-07-09 20:54 Vocce
This game is awesome! Very addictive!
2011-07-09 15:06 KayKyle
Just shows that execution is more important than just copying an idea. Repetitive gameplay. And please change the sound effects. They are horrible.
2011-07-09 13:21 vipul149
Great game! Like it!
2011-07-09 08:06 Player748302609
Pretty much a free angry birds
2011-07-09 06:37 Player673612730
I love this game .. To bad there's no more.
2011-07-08 20:54 Drelyn2013
Some stated Level 17 is impossible-I beat game and rebooted! I have to play it again and tell you how it's done
2011-07-08 15:32 Player473326172
2011-07-08 13:58 Player309461713
2011-07-08 03:23 MUSETANG
Angry birds is very better, but this is free!!
2011-07-07 17:49 MJKHonline
Why get angry birds when this is free?
2011-07-07 16:55 xxxJos84xxx
2011-07-07 16:55 Player243527811
Amazing free app)
2011-07-07 15:08 tomcattonny
2011-07-07 14:27 Zaddos
Ad placement sucks and is everywhere. Would rather pay for ad free one. Have angry birds now which is better..
2011-07-07 07:02 Stoneysilence77
This is a great game
2011-07-07 04:30 Player881089279
2011-07-07 03:54 The S1lver One
2011-07-07 03:30 snooki penguin
2011-07-07 03:00 NinaBella0619
Great game very addictive. Some more levels would be good
2011-07-07 02:14 alex48gta
2011-07-14 07:57 LorenzAttractor
Had a blast.. Beat it in an hour and a half! Needs more levels
2011-07-14 03:57 Player834142473
2011-07-13 03:02 timswu
I love this game. Need to add more levels.
2011-07-13 02:47 Player664746857
2011-07-12 21:28 Player285471606
A free competent Angry Birds clone.
2011-07-12 19:16 papasnewbag
Just awesome
2011-07-12 15:15 MSWM
Good game. Sound effects can get annoying though.
2011-07-12 04:49 LEGGO MY EGGO 7
Good AB clone.
2011-07-12 04:37 dmartinek
Love the game... But cannot get past 17 on the snow level.... Anyone have suggestions??!!
2011-07-07 01:35 AmandaMelody
2011-07-06 22:42 Jiankong
2011-07-06 22:29 alirezaie007vip
Great game.
2011-07-06 21:39 DubbyuhX
I'm so badly addicted to thi game!!!!!!!!
2011-07-06 15:34 Jerbarkz
Pandas are great!
Great app with good graphics.
2011-07-06 15:32 ansescruber
Very gud time pass....but need more levels and stuff.
2011-07-06 13:36 AsIDsHa
This doesn't make me angry like angry birds do
2011-07-06 07:28 meidyrchlt
Get angry birds
2011-07-06 06:32 simeonp
2011-07-05 22:32 tatum2013
Great free game! Some levels seemed a bit glitchy on awarding medals, but it did not take away from the play!
2011-07-05 17:42 NehemiahTull
Wonderful free game!
2011-07-05 14:26 Player576183673
2011-07-05 11:16 gttrmgc
2011-07-05 07:00 Player744010273
Fantastic game. Free version that is very similar to angry birds
2011-07-04 23:55 Player872066149
Love it finished the game it is very addicting not bad for free!
2011-07-04 22:51 NM658
Funny sound effects! Fun to play, challenging
2011-07-04 15:23 Player007449670
I'd spend some bucks to angry birds, rather than playing this stupidgame for free. Uninstalled.
2011-07-16 22:58 Player141342353
Needs more levels
2011-07-16 20:05 SpareRustbucket
Quite addictive!
2011-07-16 15:43 Player029865147
2011-07-16 09:13 sec squirrel000
2011-07-16 07:55 BeefCakeWarrior
2011-07-16 03:53 PRsniperKiller7
2011-07-16 03:13 Player744416833
Great game if you like Angry Birds you will love Pandas vs ninjas a lot I even bet it will be in your favorites
2011-07-16 02:59 Emplyee8
This was an awesome game but has been ruined by the ad at the top. It is now impossible to play! Boooo!
2011-07-16 02:29 Player876273342
Pretty fun! :-D
2011-07-16 01:06 TopDogBoss
Free version of angry birds
2011-07-16 00:01 LookedAb
Very nice, fun and Free. Thanks
2011-07-15 16:36 UnknownProcess
One of the best games ever... Almost addictive :)
2011-07-15 10:53 ShahidGaglani
Fun and free... Why wait for those mad avians and pay?
2011-07-15 05:32 NeoSSou501
Hilarious game. You must play with the sound on or else it won't make as much sense why I say it's so funny. Bonsai!
2011-07-15 03:23 USM Dude
2011-07-04 05:57 ApJp Mx
If I was driving through space in my car at the speed of light and I turned one my headlights wouldit even make a difference? Oh and good game
2011-07-19 08:33 nikolas7289
2011-07-19 06:39 Player120568383
2011-07-18 15:45 Cherryboomboom3
Excellent app
I'm in love with it! thank you.
2011-07-18 13:21 Jerbarkz
2011-07-18 11:32 GrimmmReaper44
Nice Game!
2011-07-18 10:04 se an ha 06
2011-07-18 06:34 Player876335379
2011-07-18 03:27 ZJ192
2011-07-17 14:15 Player021018639
Love this game. Like Angry Birds.
2011-07-17 05:06 Player561066131
Better then angry birds. Want more levels
2011-07-17 04:28 Z KILLERS DOLL
Not sure why people love this genre of games, but this app is as good as it gets. Just kill the bad sound effects.
2011-07-17 01:57 solraczer
One of the best free WP7 games....almost as good as chicks n vixens and angry birds. For level 17 snow use the two high powered blue pandas to knock the ninjas of the pedestals and shoot the black pandas in to the center. Then use the red bomb panda for the rest in the center. P.s. I did buy angry birds and the full version of chicks n' vixens. Who with a smart phone and data plan can't afford 2.99. Maybe some people just feel ripped off that you pay 3X as much as other systems and don't even get the full game. Seem like a rip off to me.
2011-07-21 17:54 GRich002
0 For originality
2011-07-21 12:14 Zlateh
Great game... Boycott angry birds it should be free... Like Android
2011-07-21 06:43 Dnieman13
Yay for pandas
2011-07-21 04:12 irvin792
2011-07-21 04:04 REXBLASTER
Ok so this game is waaaay worse than angry birds but then again isn't every game? This one still stands out from all those other *** free WP7 games and I think ppl who have played angry birds before should think about hard it is to replicate angry birds... Also this game is just as fine as AB. they both have 4 and a half stars :D
2011-07-20 19:31 MrBomb888
2011-07-20 17:26 Player970827508
2011-07-20 05:18 KsDubbs
2011-07-20 04:04 mstaylorclark
A few levels that are random and almost impossible. Sucks
2011-07-20 01:16 jlgascoigne
I hate this ghost ones but awesome game:)
2011-07-24 03:11 TshawnB0524
2011-07-24 03:10 Cookiedough29
Window need free good game
2011-07-23 21:22 BlakAntz192
2011-07-23 19:19 gbell210
2011-07-23 17:49 Rabid Cabbagez
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