Paper Dash

  • This just in... Paper Dash has finally hit the stands! Roam the streets delivering papers as you try and pay off damages to a car that you... well... you'll see... Collect soda cans and bottles to make some extra cash on the side, and don't forget to visit the item shop to spend your hard earned cash on power ups to help your character deliver even more papers and make even more money! Game features include: - 100% free - 30 levels worth of game play with more coming soon - Achievement badges for delivering papers and collecting soda cans/bottles - Character customization including an item shop with power ups available for purchase - Interactive game controls to steer the player using the phone's accelerometer - Background music, sound effects, and vibration on collisions Update 2.0: - Paperburgh is here! - Enjoy 15 exciting and challenging new levels! Update 1.3: - Added a Rate Me button - Some small bug fixes Update 1.1: - Improved the tilt sensitivity, and added an option to adjust it yourself!
  • Action & adventure
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  • Random Salad Games LLC
  • 2011-07-14 14:36
  • 2012-02-14 11:54
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Good game..only complaint is that people animals and such should do things when hit. Also dogs don't chase you and no traffic
2011-07-15 04:45 GRich002
awesome - a classic revived
2011-07-15 04:15 BugsyK
Controls are hard to use
2011-07-15 03:24 Player235627162
Meh it's ok to waist time.
2011-07-15 03:02 Player493745778
Luv this game
2011-07-15 02:10 PrettyReDd35
Love it. Great game. Takes paperboy to a whole new level. All of Jake's games are great. I recommend trying them all!
2011-07-15 01:36 XBOXLIVEED
Fun game..reminds me of paperboy
2011-07-14 22:39 teHz g0t sw4g
So much fun! This game has all the things that I and others wanted in some of this developers previous games... And more!
2011-07-14 22:28 sammo141
Better than paper boy...
2011-07-17 03:40 Killer2911
Great game wish it had more levels
2011-07-17 03:16 heatherluvsandy
Great clone of paperboy , which was one of my alltime favorite games!
2011-07-16 17:53 LordSkareKro
Nostalgic !! Great game ! Would b better if we could manually set the accelerometer sensitivity.
2011-07-16 15:51 panzercool
Pretty awesome especially since its free. Wish accelerometer was more sensitive though, radical tilting to steer makes it hard to see gameplay. Fun.
2011-07-16 07:06 baksideDisaster
Love it...reminder of my childhood days. =P
2011-07-16 06:16 Dr Sagacity
Excellent game! Please make option to have tilt sensor more sensitive so phone does not have to be moved so much. Please shrink the ad and title of game so they do not take up half the screen. Please make more great games. Windows Phone 7 just got better with this game!
2011-07-16 03:37 Player077505172
2011-07-16 03:02 NX555V
Great representation of the old paperboy game.
2011-07-16 01:16 wizll
Good game
2011-07-16 00:17 Santa Moss
Its fun but u can't get out of the way of people and things
2011-07-15 23:22 SecondIsabelle
I like it. But some cones seem to have exaggerated collision detection. Maybe if you just grazed a cone, it should make you wobble, and a quick reaction by the player could keep you upright? Still, it's an enjoyable free game.
2011-07-15 22:05 JayRay86
Fun and addictive.
2011-07-15 17:33 entanianick
2011-07-15 17:26 SWOLLSTEEN
Pretty fun deffinately worth getting
2011-07-15 14:34 Plaguen
2011-07-15 12:46 Tumolo
Ahh, paper boy simulator. Great gaaaaame!
2011-07-15 09:51 HenRoid7
More customization would be nice! :) Very fun!
2011-07-15 06:13 tr1vo
Another great game from this developer! Love this!
2011-07-15 06:08 NadiaE
Really great game, so much to do! Buying upgrades is also cool. Another great game, Jake!
2011-07-15 05:13 Dklionsk
Addicting.... :D this is a great time waster
2011-07-15 05:07 Sherueben
Very good idea and implementation. And truly addictive. Needs some tilt sensitivity configuration
2011-07-19 23:07 Maxim Kamalov
The controls are easy and fluid. I dont know what all of you babies are crying about.
2011-07-19 23:01 zomgipod
Very fun and addicting to play. Well done.
2011-07-19 15:37 ValtherZTM
Sucks so bad controls sucks
2011-07-19 08:20 mangomango333
It's free...I can't believe !!!!
2011-07-19 06:06 dodod42
Fantastic Paperboy clone; worth playing
2011-07-19 04:09 Affynity
There was no easy way to control the game
2011-07-19 03:28 Player222791867
High quality game, if it had more levels and upgrades I would even pay for it.
2011-07-18 13:33 Ryude26
The control is horrible, 2 stars until fixing the bugs
2011-07-18 05:00 linuxbahrain
What a fun game! And it's free!
2011-07-18 04:31 notankyou
2011-07-18 02:53 PrettyReDd35
Simple, fun, free. Wish the controls were a little more sensetive
2011-07-17 23:13 SweetGnomeBlood
Not possible to make this anybetter.
2011-07-17 22:46 JustinBoxing
Nice game
2011-07-22 10:12 O1Pinto
Pretty *** awesome especially since its free. Update fixes sensitivity issues, so I've updated my rating to five stars. Get this game now and tap an ad to support!
2011-07-22 03:17 baksideDisaster
2011-07-21 11:53 KJ035G0
Awesome game! Wish it had more levels though.
2011-07-20 03:40 Player077149327
This was so awesome
2011-07-24 03:11 TshawnB0524
Tilt is not working
2011-07-23 22:28 GrandPoobah1974
Great game. Not enough levels, but fun while it lasted. My niece thi9nks being chased by dogs and run down by trash can is just hilarious!
2011-07-23 20:28 cniceness
Needs more levels :[
2011-07-23 15:16 IRweemundo
This game is quite fun, especially after tilt sensitivity was fixed in the update.
2011-07-23 02:23 mysnafflebit
2011-07-22 23:01 Player363625232
Good game, but tilt sensitivity isn't working I can't control bike on a focus
2011-07-22 19:16 OnstageJason
I love it
2011-07-26 20:46 Player776780582
Great game + Its free.we need more free games like this
2011-07-26 04:19 UnfocusedGnu0
"A little help here please.." haha. Fun game
2011-07-26 01:11 BenIOen
Great and fun game
2011-07-25 18:37 Jugador38536042
Awesome game. Please add more things to buy in the shop.
2011-07-25 16:02 TogetherSole7
Great game... And free
2011-07-25 10:20 gimli1122
Great free game! I'm not a huge fan of the tilt to steer controls, but it's not terrible and everything else is really solid. Fun game.
2011-07-29 17:30 papasnewbag
Wicked!!!! =)
2011-07-29 07:52 UnfussyAnt76884
Great time killer
2011-07-29 06:33 itzdahveed
Great free game
2011-07-28 22:00 ChronToker619
This game is so awesome LOL !
2011-07-28 16:57 Player346781991
Should be on Xbox live, when's the update, need more levels
2011-07-28 16:10 JDriskell
2011-07-28 03:56 tientrau
Got addicted! Awesome game.. needs more levels and items to shop
2011-08-01 04:37 Player987183861
Not my favorite
2011-08-01 03:41 Player090378925
Love this game! Can't get enough of it!
2011-08-01 02:20 cajungirlkye
2011-08-01 01:47 DanielLinsLeite
Would like more levels and to be able to switch players to start over
2011-08-01 00:21 DCReaper85
1 Day playing and I burnt there's all the levels it was fun but now that every one is green it is just like ugh it really needs more levels but it is so fun
2011-07-31 22:48 Death6985
Pretty fun game but ran out of levels after only 2 days of playing.
2011-07-31 06:55 Player352516144
Its fair but seems like u play the same one over
2011-07-30 19:51 Player547580106
Unbelievably great game for the price... Free! All of this developer's games are fantastic. Bravo Jake, and keep up the good work!
2011-07-30 19:15 ksabatka
beautiful game, but I couldn't get the hang of it
2011-07-30 04:54 electr0lite
Yikes.... Off the chain game, for free!!!!
2011-07-29 20:52 gRiTz DaWg
Not what I expected.
2011-08-03 04:22 Jr sustaita
i lOVE ThiS GAME...NEEdS MORE lEVEls thO!!! <3
2011-08-02 21:47 bEAUtifUlElAiNE
More items and levels plz, can't wait till paperburg
2011-08-02 20:57 My Wood Duck
Not as fun as expected
2011-08-02 20:07 BabyCarter32
The game is ok, just wish the controls reacted better, and a better view of whats coming would be better also, not the greatest game out there, but ok for free
2011-08-02 17:31 thegoodvill4n
10 Stars This is the greatest game ever made
2011-08-02 08:10 Puppyphart
2011-08-02 02:15 Player489082164
2011-08-06 01:44 Player025460586
2011-08-06 01:41 munsy1
Good game need more levels tho
2011-08-06 01:33 Player631986159
2011-08-06 01:00 Player816553750
Great game would love more levels
2011-08-06 00:58 Player803051006
Need more levels, passed all levels what next? Good game overall
2011-08-06 00:16 Player045806377
Me like
2011-08-05 23:29 Player474113668
Great game but I beat all the levels in one day and it didn't say that i beat anything so idk if there is an update in the future or what. But definitely install this game.
2011-08-05 23:11 HUGENAYYFAN
Pretty fun, needs more levels.
2011-08-05 22:10 dramaqueen538
2011-08-05 21:52 SysEngineer
More levels please!
2011-08-05 20:34 ZiggieT
Just like classic paperboy
2011-08-05 19:39 BrianPatton
2011-08-05 19:20 CITYboyDEVIN
Needs more levels...I've done beat it all
2011-08-05 19:05 BlunterMichelle
2011-08-05 18:25 My Wood Duck
2011-08-05 15:33 dotrustno1
Paper Dash - Average rating : 8 - Max : 10 - Based on 1193 ratings and 1193 reviews.