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  • THE ORIGINAL BOARD GAME WHERE YOU CAN OWN ALL -- DESIGNED JUST FOR WINDOWS PHONE 7! Enabled for Xbox LIVE®, collect achievements and “monopolize” leaderboards as you enjoy classic play in the tradition of the beloved, best-selling board game. Take a ride on the Reading Railroad! Buy Boardwalk! Get out of jail free! It’s “GO” time in a whole new way! XBOX LIVE ENABLED! FUN YOU CAN BANK ON! Use your existing Xbox LIVE Gamertag or create a new one via the Windows Phone 7 main menu to track achievements and access leaderboards for this MONOPOLY game. • TRACK UP TO 12 ACHIEVEMENTS – Buy your first property, bankrupt your opponent, own a whole side of the board, and more! Earn achievements and get up to 200 Gamerscore points! • ACCESS UP TO 5 WEEKLY, MONTHLY, AND LIFETIME LEADERBOARDS – See how you stack up against your friends! Who has the most total wins? Spent the most on upgrades? Or earned the most MONOPOLY money? EMPLOY HANDS ON MANAGEMENT Utilizing the 800x480 resolution of Windows Phone 7, the MONOPOLY board looks sharp! Use the multi-touch interface to zoom in, swipe, and spin from Baltic Avenue to Boardwalk! BUY, SELL & TRADE FAMOUS PROPERTIES From Marvin Gardens and Water Works to Park Place, own and manage the famous holdings of the MONOPOLY board, which comes to life with animated tokens and interactive features. CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL AND LOOK Play through 3 levels of difficulty and save games in progress. Also customize the number of players, “house rules,” and even the game environment. By purchasing and/or using this application, you agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement and EA's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. (
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  • 2010-10-16 23:35
  • 2011-04-11 20:55
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Great version of a great game
I really like the graphics and the general look and feel fo this game. Its fun to play alone and with others. My kids love grabing my phone and playing as well. Worth the money.
2010-11-04 19:04 Nineoverpar
Needs internet multi-player
Load times could be better and I wish it had multi-player (what fun is Monopoly against AI?) Buttons are VERY small. If you have a small screen device and fat fingers, you may find it hard to hit the buttons successfully without really trying to be exact.
2010-11-03 18:54 Buzzatronic
Good game for cell phone
Overall this is an entertaining game. I found the default music loop annoying but athis can be changed in the settings. Their should also be more achievments as I unlocked nearly all of them with one winning game. Would have gotten 5 start if supported online multiplayer
2010-11-03 18:44 wiz120
Great game, but needs some more optimization to achieve higher fps. This stutter kills the experience.
2010-11-03 12:39 Lord Gauron
This is great if you just want to play the AI or if you are playing someone who is sitting right next to you. It would be nice to do remote multiplayer. The graphics look good, although sometimes I felt a little lost when it showed the whole board.
2010-11-02 23:54 trixiefrak
Very complete game. The graphics are impressive. All the experiences you expect in Monopoly such as trades, building, mortgaging, etc. Are there and polished. If there was network multiplayer I would have given 5 stars.
2010-10-31 05:11 LethalJM
An almost-complete onopoly experience. It only needs remote multiplayer and a button to violently scatter the pieces and throw the board across the room. Pro tip: you can click on a property from the overhead map to manage it. No need to swipe across the entire board.
2010-10-29 17:47 Zoctan
Great looking game!
Best looking game I have seen on the Marketplace. Gameplay is great and so are the graphics.
2010-10-29 15:28 Coug99
A good version of Monopoly that has good in-the-moment tutorials. Sometimes some buttons are difficult to hit and flicking around the properties. The graphics look really good, but there are some quirks still.
2010-10-29 05:13 MonoQuemado
A playable port of the classic game. For the amount of money they are charging I was expecting more polish graphically and in the interface. Buttons are packed tightly in the center and yet there is all this room wasted on the sided. Could've been more touch friendly. Managing your property is awkward. The game automatically positions you in the same area regardless of your ownership. There is also a bug when doing a trade. If funds are low and you want to sell off property it positions you in a default place on the board that you can't change. Remote multiplayer would be great but only if the single player issues are fixed.
2010-10-28 18:27 allergictotrees
Missing remote multiplayer
The graphics were really nice, and it does a good job of explaining the features. I'm willing to play this game unlike the board game because the action is much faster. I loved shaking the phone to roll the dice. However, sometimes just shifting the phone slightly would roll for you. I really wish this had remote multiplayer because, although you can pass your phone to other players to have "multiplayer", most people don't have time to play a whole game of Monopoly in one sitting.
2010-10-27 02:03 Mortlath
Monopoly in your pocket
This is a faithful reproduction of the classic monopoly board game. If you enjoy playing the regular game you will enjoy this one.
2010-10-26 23:45 Lamassu03
Fun, but could use a few tweaks
If you've played monopoly on the PC or other phones in the last 10 years, you should know what to expect and this is a decent port to WP7. However, there are a couple of areas that could use some work. First, the controls at the bottom of the screen (for roll, buy houses, etc.) are pretty small. While I didn't have many accidental touches, I was always worried that I would. These buttons should be made more finger-friendly. Second, the mechanism for moving around the board to do property management is pretty awkward. You have to swipe your way across a few properties at a time until you get to the ones you want to deal with. If your piece is at go and you want to do some work on Illonois Ave, this takes probably 5 or 6 swipes. You should just be able to drill in directly from an overhead view of the board. A plus or minus depending on your perspective is that the achievements are REALLY easy to get. After a single game, I'd picked up about 70% of them.
2010-10-26 15:43 HoppyToBeHere
The game you know and love. No real surprises, just straight up Monopoly.
2010-10-26 11:42 seattlejp
Fun game, easy achievements
Already got 11 of 12 achievements, a little bit easy to get them :-)
2010-10-23 23:28 gb2312
I have this on both the iPhone 3gs and Windows Phone 7. While the graphics on WinPhone 7 are MUCH better than the iPhone, the performance of the game seems to suffer a bit. Therefore, giving this 3 stars. Fix the performance issue and this would easily get 4 stars (if not 5)
2010-10-23 02:49 K1MCH1 J1GAE
I don't know why I was expecting something more. This is exactly what you would expect... Same old Monopoly. It would be better if you could play with other windows phone users.
2010-10-22 21:38 Gizablower
This game is everything you'd expect Monopoly to be. I loved the animations, and thought the game presented the game board well.
2010-10-22 21:36 CareerLlama
You can feel the dice
2010-10-22 21:00 vishalsi
Very cool game. Reminds me why I always lost when I was growing up. :P
2010-10-22 20:32 uglysailor
Great classic gameplay plus added options
Overall a great monopoly experience. It has good animations and lots of options.
2010-10-22 20:04 JoelCMc
Very enjoyable.
2010-10-22 06:41 LightningG
Excellent gameplay and graphics. Looks almost real. The phone vibrates when dice roll. Simply amazing.
2010-10-22 03:25 CheckedCosine
Animations are fantastic. Great use of color and design. My kids loved playing during long car ride.
2010-10-21 21:35 rlpelly
Classic game with some great fun!
The game you love, the game you know, the game that you want in the palm of your hands. It's here! This game is a great remake of the Monopoly board game with great acheivements and lots of fun! You won't be putting down your phone anytime soon once you start playing. It keeps you engaged and excited with every roll!
2010-10-21 17:24 enOZero
Arguably the best game in the WP7 marketplace. Great graphics, the gameplay is intuitive and it's loads of fun. Kudos!
2010-10-21 01:09 OneDot618
The classic game packed into a cell phone's package
Who doesn't know how to play Monopoly? Gameplay progresses pretty quickly, which is nice for speeding up the early part of the game where you're scrambling to buy properties. The controls are little small, which requires precise touching. In-game tutorial is nice and ability to save the game for later is cool, too. Great game to pass time on the bus!
2010-10-20 23:42 Dylpill
Really fun. Rolling the dice with a shake of the fun is a cool feature. the ability to start and save a game for a later time makes this a family favorite.
2010-10-20 21:33 Emplyee8
Great game
This game does a great job displaying a large board game on a small phone display. Great game play - easy to trade properties and buy/sell houses and hotels. House rules allow for game customization to allow for common modified rules. Graphics and sound are very nice. One wish, could be a bit easier to view all your owned properties; if that exists I haven't found it yet.
2010-10-20 20:24 rick509
Back button doesn't work while loading game.
2010-11-07 01:25 VTaneja Player
I really enjoy this game. Even though it lacks multi phone interaction it is still enjoyable in single player.
2010-11-06 21:35 rL8m
Nice graphics - classic game of Monopoly at its best.
2010-11-09 17:21 Davedev
Nice enough game. Limited game without multiplayer capabilities. Can't choose your piece. Expensive imo for what you get.
2010-11-11 12:15 Stoneysilence77
This game is a lot of fun. :-)
2010-11-12 00:13 orlandodawg
Enjoyable single player version of the game
This is a good pick and up go single player monopoly game. The graphics look good and the interface is finger friendly. I do have a few complaints: You can't save your preferred game defaults, but you have to go through and seutp house rules, AI options every time you start a new game. No multiplayer. I don't think this would work very well with the current turn based multiplayer model in windows phone 7, but this is more of a limitation of Windows Phone 7 right now vs something EA has control over.
2010-11-12 22:38 Vedic
Trial is too short to enjoy. Should allow for a full game against one AI player. Plays pretty well from the little bit I could play.
2010-11-12 21:24 Thrombo19
Good game..but the loading is kind of slow
2010-11-12 20:47 XXris
Fun, but only for awhile
Monopoly is an attractive looking game and quite nostalgic, but when playing against the AI (as I don't have people sitting next to me to take turns), I find the novelty wears off quickly. A lot of it is waiting - you wait for the dice, wait for your piece to move, then choose to do something if it's on an address square. I found that after an hour, I was stuck in a stalemate against the AI as none of us had all of the squares in a set and couldn't add hotels, so we were just constantly circling the board gaining money. I had to ultimately trade the AI a square it wanted just so hotels could be added. Fun game, just not sure if it's worth more than a play or two.
2010-11-12 18:44 phamenoth
Monopoly for WP7!!
Well, it is Monopoly for WP7! The graphics are great, gameplay is Monopoly. Spolid game.
2010-11-12 17:07 FLOT
Fun fun
2010-11-12 23:29 Rage Warrior
horrible interface
buttons are too small! how could EA make such a horrible mistake?! also i expected turn based multiplayer but no luck here.
2010-11-13 21:13 RyanGadz
Very additive! The buttons can be bigger though.
2010-11-14 05:16 Robert Lin
Solid game. Could be 5 stars if the buttons were a little bigger and they added remote multiplayer.
2010-11-14 13:36 mnjo3
HD7 Review- I've only played the demo so far so bear that in mind. Functionality wise, Monopoly is pretty stellar. Its a fully fleshed out port. However, performance is where it takes a hit. As another reviewer noted, the stutter kills the experience. Thats surprising because plenty of other games on the market offer a higher level of graphic fidelity (like the harvest) but also can mange to keep up the FPS. Its obviously not a hardware issue as every single wp7 phone runs the same CPU set up internally so far. Provided EA updates the game and improves its performance, this game is a must for wp7 users.
2010-11-16 01:50 indiesurfer774
Monopoly is;-) Good game..but the loading is kind of slow
2010-11-15 18:18 XXris
2010-11-16 16:00 Player468950433
Pretty fun, though I tend to end up in jail a lot
2010-11-17 16:06 cheapdate01
Awesome game! Create graphics, fast gameplay, addictive!
2010-11-17 08:43 StarTrek85
Fun game but needs performance boost
Like it has been mentioned, gameplay is good but they need to fix the performance issues.
2010-11-17 22:29 TylerHen
The same great gameplay as regular monopoly! The computer players could be a bit tougher but its still fun to play!
2010-11-18 18:49 lusserr
Fun but missing multi device interaction
I really enjoy this game. Even though it lacks multi phone interaction it is still enjoyable in single player.
2010-11-19 08:27 rL8m
Multiplayer a must
2010-11-19 17:50 muzicman
Great portable game
Agree with others - bigger icons and multiplayer for a solid 5 stars
2010-11-19 12:08 Spiffert
Its a good implementation of a great game. The 3D animations look beautiful. On the down side it'll eat through your battery. An hour of play time if you're lucky. Also, it takes forever to load. I had trouble with saving a game and reloading it. During game play getting the railroad or utilities sets starts a long animation that can be annoying. And while you're moving, your action buttons are clickable but inactive. Overall this is a great game. Aside from the load time and minor bugs it would have been 5 stars.
2010-11-20 21:00 Canny47
Spent hours playing this yesterday and it's just Monopoly. Very cool!
2010-11-21 12:48 GN0STIC
Very good but the computer becomes predictable after a while and even at the hardest difficulty, it becomes easy to win
2010-11-22 01:27 dk0212566
God fun game but with a curious mix of displaying either UK and US properties depending on the situation. The board shows the UK set, but whenever you are asked about buying/trading a property it shows the US name! There needs to be a setting to choose either propoerty set and have thje game stick to one or the other. Other than that it is good fun. I agree with the other comments that multi-player would be desirable.
2010-11-21 22:18 RebelMagpie1
Lets be honest it is an easy 200 achievements. Pretty game for a phone title but the buttons are a bit small.
2010-11-22 21:26 MightyMango
Nice game
2010-11-22 19:05 Player331840924
Very fun and addictive. Needs to utilize Xbox live and add multiplayer.
2010-11-22 16:10 Tibonacci
Can be a lot better if the fps can be higher. The hardware can defintely handle this kind of rendering. Looks like there can be quite some performance improvement. The gaming itself is quite fun and both me and my wife enjoyted it
2010-11-24 06:24 Uncle Joy
Awesome time killer.
2010-11-23 20:05 J Boogie 7 62
This is a lot of fun I love the animations, the setup, and put away time =)
2010-11-24 22:42 Gr8Gatsby
Great game it plays just like Monopoly! Who would've guessed? Graphics are nice and animations are but I recommend putting a nice Thrash Metal album like Kreator's Enemy of God, the game music and audio gets annoying after a while
2010-11-25 10:27 Heretic Furby
Fun to play. Definitely needs multiplayer. And the performance issues are annoying but not a deal breaker. The only gripe I have is that if I accidentally hit one of the function buttons on my phone, it takes forever to load up the game again.
2010-11-25 08:54 makedacoffee
Fun game, but a bit too difficult..
Maybe I just suck at this game, but I kept on lossing to the AI. But to be fair, this is a great game. The performance, graphics and sound are all great. It's a very high quality app and worth the money, given that you have a good stragegy and luck to stay in the game longer. I highly recommend others to try this out.
2010-11-25 00:36 eddielipu
Better than the board game version I have to say. Easy to earn achievements and is a great game to play with friends.
2010-11-25 22:36 Mr Rripp3r
super fun
2010-11-25 17:55 skiPatrolDude
Very good implementation.
2010-11-25 17:07 n2narcosis2001
Fun, easy to play, has a good tutorial mode for learning to play on the phone. I love the board game version and now this one too.
2010-11-28 21:54 thelune923
Works fairly well, but they should have included more with this game for the price. Other versions have more substance than this one.
2010-11-30 20:09 SparkyMP
2010-11-30 08:08 Silent thug
Really great local 4 player fun. There are even in game messages that tell you when to pass. Button UI could be slightly larger. Overall... 2 thumbs up. :D
2010-12-02 05:59 xXTRIPLE K1LLXx
2010-12-03 13:09 TeRnOleR
2010-12-04 15:17 estein321
Cool how you can shake the dice by shaking your phone =]
2010-12-04 11:00 InfamousBeautyy
I like it. Very smooth. Bittoms ar bottom could be larger
2010-12-04 04:50 fbendotti
2010-12-04 19:17 LucianoCunha
Very cool
The graphics are great. Fun to play. Worth it if you enjoy Monopoly. Easy to pop in and out of a game whenever you have time.
2010-12-05 23:25 NYer
Perfect version of game for WP7! Great launch title !!! Xbox, keep 'em coming !!!
2010-12-05 20:01 DarkJediHunter
Good game. Definitely needs multiplayer!
2010-12-05 18:06 drewWhoIBe
It's the Monopoly you know. A tad too much flash, and long load times. Sorely missing online multiplayer, patch that in and you get a star back :)
2010-12-06 23:00 Billservo
Great game helps pass the time at work
2010-12-06 19:23 ONE874ALL
2010-12-07 16:30 ChadWilliams
Fun and impossible to lose any of the pieces!!!!
2010-12-07 02:31 RAGGEDY
Nice implementation of a classic.
2010-12-08 08:08 Tiggster79
Great game
2010-12-08 03:24 Fridmoni
Love monopoly and love it on WP7!
2010-12-09 08:33 Phoenix Eternal
Great game
2010-12-10 05:45 Caywyn
2010-12-11 16:33 AlphaVirus2g
2010-12-12 21:57 RavenousRaven
The animations are unnecessarily heavy and slow down game play. Search and back buttons need to be disabled because they exit the game when accidently pressed while passing. Why no online play? Several minor bugs.
2010-12-12 19:16 Odyss3usL
Super fun! Only thing I wish were different is that it would ley you change the rules; i.e. Keeping $ in Free Parking, etc. It looks like you can change those settings, but you can't. Other than that, I LOVE it!
2010-12-12 18:42 LittleEva76
How do I file a bug. I found that when you put free parking to $250 it works one game, then fails after. You have to change the settings, play a game, then change it back. Even then it only works one game.
2010-12-13 18:40 Bishop56
Super long loading times but can be fun.
2010-12-14 16:07 xxPVCxx Mr City
Great game, but needs some more optimization to achieve higher fps. This stutter kills the experience.
2010-12-13 22:34 Lord Gauron
Great fun , true to the original, bearable loading time good controls. Easy feel. Not too complicatet for a phone like Halo or Oregon Trail
2010-12-13 20:58 islandius
Needs multi-player.
2010-12-15 03:13 tastefulsilence
Awesome! Just like the board game.
2010-12-14 18:19 lronhardt
So much fun and you don't have to keep track of all the game pieces. My second favorite WP7 game, next to Glyder.
2010-12-16 01:21 tevatytoe
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