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Cutest Tic Tac Toe!

  • Cute Tic-Tac-Toe for Windows Phone 7 is a full-featured, FREE version of the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game also known as Tick Tack Toe, or Noughts and Crosses. Tic-Tac-Toe supports 'One Player' and 'Two Players' gameplay, so you can challenge your phone CPU or play with your friends. The One player mode comes with three levels of difficulty so you can play against a challenger that matches your skill level. A move randomization engine adds a whole new level of difficulty and ensures that your phone won't keep making the same moves over and over again. Tic-Tac-Toe comes with many great features including: * "One Player" and "Two Players" Mode - You can play against your phone CPU or just challenge a friend. * Three Levels of difficulty: Easy, Intermediate and Impossible. The Impossible level is virtually impossible to beat! * Configurable player names. * Ability to turn off/on sounds and swap player starts. * Colorful interface - & cute design to make the game more friendly for all family members. * Configurable Settings - Allows you to select player names, levels, turn off sound, and swap starting player. ***NEW VERSION** Version 1.6 - Navigation bug fixes
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  • 2010-10-17 19:15
  • 2011-05-03 23:47
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Slow, stupid AI, and Bing bar? Why?
2010-10-31 13:25 ramon2000
Good UX. Simple game.
2010-10-17 23:53 Player642800
A classic. Big fan of ttt. Like the chalkish rough look. Expert level is awesome can't beat it. 3 Stars 4 design. 4 for the game. 5 Stars overall cuz is FREE:)
2010-11-08 20:08 OCSalsero
2010-11-15 18:52 Soteriologist
Best free tic tac I have found yet.
2010-11-20 21:12 julzs2000
too easy
too easy
2010-11-25 16:51 supermegamark1
2010-11-27 00:10 The PerfectCr
Looks great, but the AI never loses, even on beginner. It will always tie you unless you make s mistake yourself.
2010-11-28 23:40 TatteredRagDoll
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2010-12-25 05:41 Player025728463
Best Tic-Tac-Toe
Agree with the other comments. This is by far the most competitive version of TTT on the Marketplace.
2010-12-27 23:10 OCSalsero
Like it!
Very challenging version of TTT. like it!!
2010-12-28 23:42 OCSalsero
2011-02-06 19:28 isalel30
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