MyMemory: Mountains

Challenge your memory!

  • TRY IT FOR FREE. Be careful, this game is a classic and very addictive and nicely designed! MyMemory is a fun memory game. Contrary to many others, MyMemory provides you with two ways to play the game: - 1 player mode: play against the clock and beat your records in less than 100 seconds. - 2 players mode: each player plays one at a time. The player that finds the biggest number of pairs wins. Download and try this app for FREE with one full games included for the one player mode. 'MyMemory' is a unique collection of many memory games available on Windows Phone 7. Each MyMemory game has a unique designed theme with theme specific cards (Italy, USA, Far West, Summer, Winter, Ski, Christmas and many others...). The game takes advantage of Windows Phone 7 platform and is specifically designed for it. Have fun and challenge your friends and family members! Any question ? Any suggestion ? Feel free to contact us : [email protected]. Want more games? Ahead Solutions developed many nice useful apps and fun games for Windows Phone 7 including : Alcohol Tester, MyThings, GeoQuizz, MyQuiz, MyMemory games...
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