The Bug Buster

Squish the bugs!

  • Bugs are gross right? Right! Now you can squish 'em without getting their guts all over your shoe!
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  • 2011-02-22 00:00
  • 2011-02-27 02:58
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The collision tracking gets messed up as the ants get faster. I should not be able to see the ant 2mm above my thumb get squashed. The game is too simple (not enough things to keep it entertaining) to merit a price, which in this case is the annoying banner ads.
2011-02-23 12:06 SkippyLovejoy
Kinda boring.......needs power ups or at least more motivation to play it.
2011-02-23 03:19 Number1BL4DE
Its boreing and its not really responsive.
2011-02-23 01:38 ASHER MATIX
Fun and simple! But I kept tapping the menu button while trying to play. It should moved in the next update
2011-02-23 01:14 supercoppermix
it gets no stars because its not even a good time waster .
2011-02-25 09:03 Player522295161
Fun game but only worth 3 stars worth downloading change the Menu bottom postion
2011-02-25 02:44 UMER QURESHI
The Bug Buster - Average rating : 5 - Max : 8 - Based on 5 ratings and 5 reviews.