Virtual DiceCup

A virtual dice cup

  • Play dice games with friends and family anytime, anywhere on your phone. This program does not apply rules of any sort; think of it as a virtual dice cup which allows you to play dice games nearly as if you had a physical dice cup. It supports up to 8 dices with 6 sides and allows you to move dices in and out of play. The game uses the accelerometer of your phone to give you the feeling of having a real dice cup in your hands. So raise you phone in upright position to load the dices; optionally shake you phone while in upright position to shake the dices additionally, and finally lay down your phone to a flat position to throw the dices on the table. You move dices in and out of play by touching them either while they are on the table or while they are out of game (placed in an area at the top of the screen).
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  • Stenrøjl IT ApS
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