Guitar Hero 5

  • Prepare to rock out on your phone with the newest edition of the #1 selling music series. Rock out on guitar, drums and bass with up to 32 of the hottest Rock ‘n’ Roll songs and additional downloadable songs from Blink 182, David Bowie, Nirvana, Sublime, Vampire Weekend, and other iconic bands. UNLEASH YOUR INNER ROCK STAR®! Features • Play guitar, drums, and bass guitar on all songs in MP3 quality audio! • Game includes 32 of the hottest Rock ‘n’ Roll songs. • Rock in 3 new venues - San Francisco, Cairo, and the New York City subway. • Unlock 4 additional guitars and drums, earn achievements, and break records! • 2 game modes and three difficulty settings will test your skills and provide endless replay value. • Bring the Rock ‘n’ Roll experience to life on your phone with animated rockers, crowds and venue interiors. Check out to see the full setlist. © 2010 Activision Publishing, Inc. Activision, Guitar Hero and UNLEASH YOUR INNER ROCK STAR are registered trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.
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  • 2010-10-21 00:20
  • 2012-05-01 01:27
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2010-11-08 19:25 IFightFoo
2010-11-09 02:26 PGXL
2010-11-09 14:39 csnote
Horrible graphics compared to the Apple version. Alot more improvements must be make.
2010-11-09 14:38 LargerAlloy38
Feels like a port of the dumbphone Java version. Don't bother.
2010-11-09 23:29 pootedesu
Songs sound awesome
2010-11-09 14:40 csnote
It's fun and good for passing time.
2010-11-10 07:20 Moo5hi
Don't get the menu graphics horrible, also in game play half the screen is wasted when it could be used to expand the playing area instead, and I did terrible missed almost half the beats but yet it told me I rocked ???
2010-11-10 04:13 Player185449
Wack-a-mole with music. Love the real versions of these games. Don't really get the mobile version's point.
2010-11-10 16:46 Fozzy0007
Trial is way to limited!!
2010-11-11 07:07 Prak Coton
Sweet songs that sound great, and fun to play!
2010-11-11 02:18 trippedwired
Won't start on my Trophy
2010-11-10 21:35 Player858314877
Nothing but a port of the ugly, ugly Java game available on every other phone.
2010-11-12 05:11 Sleepwalkers
2D graphics quite lame compared to the awesome 3D iPhone version. Low quality menus with no music and no song preview. Missing a note has no effect on the track audio. Game screen has wasted space and gameplay framerate is choppy. Horrible overpriced implementation, do not buy!
2010-11-11 22:25 ActiveNick
Wont start. App is crashing..
2010-11-12 11:18 slide bluegene
Laggy garbage. Activision has some *** charging $10.
2010-11-12 09:04 PittaMan
After 1 song my whole hand was cramped up and I had to stop. Can't believe how close the buttons are.
2010-11-13 03:43 StephenReading
Love this! Good music, addictive gameplay!
2010-11-13 02:29 GameCaMiller
Will not start on my phone.
2010-11-12 22:21 Uthelred
Dont start
2010-11-12 21:46 peterwis
Worst GH I have played
Choppy graphics (by design, it seems), music quality is akin to 92kbps (bad for a game wholly based on music!). Not nearly as engaging as the game is on every other platform I've played it on. I also don't like most of the songs, but that's more personal preference... I don't recomment this, especially for the price.
2010-11-12 18:46 SolidRoot
2010-11-13 12:05 SeanR1221
I've never been a fan of the series but I love this game. More rush please
2010-11-13 10:09 Acardiakong
Refund please. The game does not even start. Terrible.
2010-11-13 21:36 peterwis
I think this game is a great rendition for the mobile phone. Obviously I love the XBOX and PS3 version better but this is a really cool mobile version of the game.
2010-11-13 17:42 kirihimete
*** graphics
2010-11-14 08:23 tlemo
Tap Tap Revenge is superior to this lame app... Even on a difficult level, it is so slow, all you are doing is tapping terrible graphics. It is something you'd find on a cheap phone with Java on it. We want graphics that make us fall in love, we want the graphics fast and smooth, we do not want *** graphics that are slow and serve almost no purpose. I cannot explain how bad this game is...
2010-11-15 21:54 SionicIon
Refuses to Install
The game refuses to even complete installing itself, forever being in my phone's Downloads list. I can't remove it, as my only option appears to be "retry," and whenever it finishes downloading, it says "Attention Required," and asks me to connect to a computer or a Wi-Fi network... Neither of which actually do anything to alleviate the problem (which, I've been connected to a Wi-Fi network the entire time).
2010-11-17 23:33 Kent
Go buy guitar hero 3 for 10 bucks *** comes up with these prices
2010-11-17 22:40 Romancekills
Not bad
Price is a little too much, but gameplay is pretty good.
2010-11-17 22:33 TylerHen
Won't start on my HTC Trophy :(
2010-11-19 15:19 RhesusMin
The graphics are pitiful. Why so friggin' expensive? I don't want to pay $10 for music licenses and sh*tty graphics and gameplay.
2010-11-20 01:21 Mr Crow T Servo
Its still functionally a guitar hero game, but it's really not much fun, and certainly not anything to look at it. Still, there's something to enjoy if you like the song selection.
2010-11-20 19:32 Brains McKenzie
Doesnt run on the samsung omnia7 :( Installed twice and no go!
2010-11-20 09:54 THE REAL ONE 75
The game works fine but it's nowhere near as fun as the console version. Having no tactile feel of buttons makes it easy to tap off the touch point.
2010-11-22 00:32 TimmiBui
Good game if you like easy achievements. Because this game is EASY. Even on expert. Good song selection. Very diverse. More like rythm hero. You don't get the feeling like your playing a guitar or drums, but it's great when you're bored and you want to listen to music and tap along. Not going to impress anyone though.
2010-11-21 21:40 CHRONO TERMINUS
Sorry I didn't like it much, graphics needs work..
2010-11-21 17:59 Atreyu X84
Buttons at the bottom of hd7 are frequently hit causing me to restart the song. Annoying!
2010-11-23 23:23 Opticon4Prez
Won't start on LG Optimus 7
2010-11-25 18:55 SanderMolenkamp
2010-11-27 00:30 TorturedT man
Doesn't even start on LG Optimus 7!!! Come on
2010-11-26 18:40 Player254943835
I was hoping something more like tap tap and the graphics are bad and everytime I hit the button it says I missed and its way to easy on expert and they need to have better songs. The game is so expansive
2010-11-27 16:49 corkyiscool
No challenge, dull game.
2010-11-28 23:20 Brimeister
Does not start on Omnia 7.
2010-11-29 20:19 ErikRadix
Won't start on htc trophy:S
2010-12-02 09:57 QuatroRiothamus
This game could have been way better. Feels a bit rushed, gameplay graphics are pretty lacking - looking something like snes era graphics.
2010-12-02 07:16 tito12384
Not an attractive game to me.
2010-12-02 07:00 JoshTs
2010-12-02 03:42 Big Dawgs Box
Runs fine. Unfortunately also looks very dated. Not much of a challenge either, even on expert.
2010-12-02 02:03 AggieGuy08
The game does not start crashes to the live tiles screen using Samsung Focus
2010-12-01 22:53 The Endeavor
Pretty good
The game needs to be more challenging. Expert is too easy but other than that pretty decent songs and awesome acheivements.
2010-12-02 21:56 jspiderdevil04
As made famous by? This is a collection of cover songs. When I want to hear sublime covers I'll take my money to any bar in America and buy a beer instead.
2010-12-03 11:58 romantivist
It's ok. Not as robust of a game as Rockband for iOS or webOS. Hopefully Rockband will come to WP7 soon.
2010-12-04 20:30 thefuturehead
Epic fail
2010-12-04 12:42 kirb28nh
2010-12-04 07:42 mFoxhill
2010-12-06 09:38 Mr BTP
2010-12-07 03:44 DJ45cal
Was fun until it stopped functioning. Shitty song selection
2010-12-08 18:57 Drizzix
2010-12-08 03:23 Mr BTP
Not good
2010-12-10 07:12 Leekukji
Won't start..
2010-12-09 23:16 Player635115102
2010-12-11 00:05 RIOTdoc
Don't waste your money, *** graphics and very easy
2010-12-10 21:51 Player759982037
This game is amazing and also has easy achievements
2010-12-12 04:54 IWB97OMT
The demo doesn't work. I try to play it and it just takes me back to the home screen.
2010-12-12 23:33 Xx Miggy27 xX
Too easy, even on expert. Need to fix issues with button press sometimes not being recognized
2010-12-12 20:50 ibby03
Well when I had the demo it had music, but I don't get that with the full version. Awesome!!! Seriously Glu, play test your *** before you release it. Nice with the achievements too. If you exit out of the game or get interrupted you loose all achievement progress and have to start over. *** title and over priced as well.
2010-12-14 00:35 MightyMango
Its ok but very difficult to play
2010-12-13 20:11 WINGMAN762
Didn't get the 'Guitar' in the name. 'Tap Hero' would be more appropriate.
2010-12-14 17:16 TheEADG
2010-12-14 16:04 xxPVCxx Mr City
Tapping is easy, but there's little pay back - the guitar will sound just fine whether you hit the notes or not. Plus any interruption of a song requires you to restart the song. Not even a basic pause-to-answer-the-door. Very poor rendition of a great franchise.
2010-12-15 00:00 Romulus
Graphics are weak, game is tap tap hero and needs multitasking capabilities or a good save point. Not sure if this has online multiplayer, but that would be the only selling point for an overpriced snes graphics game
2010-12-16 16:25 ObnoxiousWays
After finally getting the game installed... Wow, yeah, this is terrible. I'm actually disappointed that my phone let me play this at all - at the very least, I can now better-appreciate even mediocre games, just because I know that games can be this bad.
2010-12-16 10:37 Kent
Audio is working for me but it sucks compared to similar games on other platforms...definitely NOT worth the price.
2010-12-19 13:25 KevonKnight
Game would be an alright game IF the audio worked correctly. Music does not work at all, on top of it taking 15 minutes to install the game. I also tried uninstalling and re-installing the game and the audio is still not working properly.
2010-12-19 06:29 Rare Bishop
Don't buy or try demo. Frustrating experience. I feel like I am playing Simon says while music is playing. I do not feel like I am playing with the music or with the beat. Also the game does not support pause then resume. If you get a meeting notification during a song you must restart the song, unacceptable.
2010-12-18 18:00 Nyber
I cant run the demo using the samsung focus.
2010-12-21 13:37 Webnoi
I played this on a Samsung Focus and it was great. The only disappointment here is that people that play the instruments are not 3D, they are just moving pictures. That's not what I expect from a phone that can easily do 3D gaming.
2010-12-22 00:14 Funky Monkey199
2010-12-23 06:13 DARK JEDI I AM
Not fun
2010-12-24 11:09 SoldierX01
Yo, I think the game is great, I'm using an HTC HD7 and the only reason I didn't give 5 stars, no pause button. Add one and its 5.
2010-12-25 08:13 deathwishfollow
2010-12-25 22:17 HCanberger
Game is ok. Its not worth the 5.99 you pay for it though. If they would increase the volume on the songs it might be better.
2010-12-25 19:15 Semperfi98
This game is amazing but doesn't have a pause button and the achievements are bugged cuz if u exit or get a phone call etc. Ur achievement progress erases
2010-12-25 18:16 IWB97OMT
I have the trial version now and there is really nothing wrong with this app. The audio is fine and the controls are easy and functional. The only problem, and it doesnt effect gameplay, is the guitarist is just 2 cycling pictures of headbanging. This is a good app. But whether its worth 7$ is questionable.
2010-12-26 22:42 BL1NDxASSASS1N
Great on HTC HD7
2010-12-28 19:55 Mikas2071
Did not work on lg. Trial worked but not when i purchased the full version
2010-12-28 11:49 Savis
Graphics are ok, but the button presses are seriously lagged. Says missed 90% of the time. Not worth the money to me. Tap tap on iPhone was WAY better.
2010-12-28 06:28 One Ohm
Not fun
2010-12-28 06:12 jpw21683
2010-12-29 17:51 Vitec US
We need sumthing more like tap tap but for the wp7 devices because if u play tap tap on an iPod than play this u'll feel cheated out of your money
2010-12-29 05:48 YourNotKellz
Update does not work.
2010-12-29 05:29 OKoenders
May not be unique to this game but updates never work so I end up uninstalling each one!
2010-12-28 21:01 redmenaceHM
Terrible game. Always hitting the back or home button(HD7). Rock Band for iPhone BLOWS this game out of the water. No competition. Don't buy this ***.
2010-12-30 20:16 AT0 V3N0M89
Buttons are small and easy to miss. Hard to hear your part of the music.
2010-12-30 16:45 WingedNarwal
Too easy to miss a button and instead hit back on keyboard I mean we are using thumbs
2010-12-30 04:37 AlectoPerfecto
compared to andriod, this game is works compared to iphone, this game sucks what it should be, awsome. i want a real music game michaelsoft, whear 1t @?
2010-12-30 00:07 DenverMoscow
Was not fun, not hard, rockband for the iTouch is better and funner
2010-12-29 22:35 Mer De Parabola
2011-01-02 03:15 TRGC Sneakyness
Doesn't even start (trial version) on Omnia 7.
2011-01-01 16:48 Joensen US
Guitar Hero 5 - Average rating : 5 - Max : 10 - Based on 465 ratings and 465 reviews.