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Classic high-carat fun!

  • The world's #1 puzzle game is coming to Windows Phone 7! Swap, move and match multiple gems for dazzling, high-carat fun. Show off your Bejeweled® prowess by earning special Xbox LIVE achievements and climb up global Xbox LIVE leaderboards. MODES FOR EVERY MOOD: Soar to gem-matching heights in Classic mode, race the clock in Action or relax and unwind with Endless play. And now, with the ability to keep making moves while other gems are falling into place, it's a whole new Bejeweled experience for Windows Phone 7. EXPLOSIVE EXCITEMENT: Flame gems, Star gems and Hypercubes - boost your score with brilliant cascades and sparkling combos. BE A WINNER: Top the leaderboards by comparing scores with your friends and Bejeweled fans from around the globe. COLLECT ALL-NEW ACHIEVEMENTS: Unlock 20 new achievements to earn gamerscore points. HINTS ON DEMAND: Can't quite spot that next match? Use the "Hint" button for a quick tip. But watch out — help has a cost. ANY WAY YOU WANT IT: Fully optimized for the touch screen with both portrait and landscape display. POPCAP MAKES LIFE FUN: Visit us at Follow us on Find us on
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2010-11-06 06:16 PawanTanu
One of the best "match 3" puzzle games!
Everyone knows Bewjeweled. The Windows Phone version here is one of the best you can get for a mobile device. Match 3 gameplay never looked and played so sweet.
2010-11-05 21:12 RedFive
Great game
Other than the initial load time being too long, this game is great! It plays well and looks fantastic.
2010-11-03 18:42 Buzzatronic
Don’t even tease yourself with a trial, if you love Bejeweled you need this game. Its so much fun, just wait the initial load time which can be a bit long. This game is just as addicting as ever!
2010-11-02 23:59 trixiefrak
Works well; load time is a bit long but other than that, has worked flawlessly.
2010-10-29 22:36 AriaMel
It looks beautiful and sounds beautiful. Allowing it to run under the lock screen allows for quick reentry. I love the voice!
2010-10-28 19:10 Cyrce
2010-10-28 16:55 TwirlyGlider
Excellent bejeweled in WP7!! The only problem I see is its initial loading time :( Tip: you don't have to tap and tap to move the gem but just swiping it to the direction you want is a lot easier
2010-10-28 04:14 wooramy
Worth the load time
This game takes a while to load but it is definitely worth the wait. Game play is simple and fun. The animations and soundtrack actually add a lot.
2010-10-26 21:32 Lamassu03
Best Bejeweled EVER
With WP7 devices, Bejeweled is even more fun than on xbox
2010-10-26 21:23 Zoctan
Very accurate touch and playability is better than with a mouse! 5 Stars for sure.
2010-10-26 19:39 Player924677936
Great game which has been ported over to Windows Phone 7. Plays exactly like the version on the Xbox console. Being able to challenge friends and compare scores is fun!
2010-10-25 23:01 K1MCH1 J1GAE
Classic brought to windows phone. The new graphics are awesome.
2010-10-25 22:50 tojabr
One of my all time favorites. Plays great on WP7.
2010-10-24 17:00 weresnail
Perfect adaptation of the BEJEWELED games for the PC and XBOX!
2010-10-24 02:37 Arengar
Just what you'd expect
If you've played bejeweled on any of the numerous platforms it's offered, then you know what you're getting into. Bejeweled is a fun game where you rearrange gems in timed and untimed scenarios to make groups of 3 to 5. There are explosions and cool effects. While it doesn't have some of the new stuff in the Facebook application, it definitely delivers a lot of fun. I really like the live integration that let's me see my friends scores. Only thing I might like is a few more game modes and facebook integration.
2010-10-23 02:08 Nigh7Ow1
2010-10-23 00:57 flickel1
If you like it on the Xbox, you'll love it on WP7!
Great port to mobile.
2010-10-22 15:45 CougarCruiser
Sharp eye-popping graphics, awesome level transition, and super addictive. Puzzle enthusiast or not, you won’t be disappointed. If you've played this on a different platform, you'll be pleasantly surprised with this version.
2010-10-21 19:46 mvroc
Ladies love this game!
Showed this to the girlfriend and she couldn't put it down! Only downside was the game used up the battery in about 2 hours.
2010-10-20 23:43 optimiz3
Can't put this game down!
I've played Bejeweled on three previous smartphones. This version is the best! It has snazzy graphics and smooth animation. The sound is pretty good, but I usually mute the game while I play in meetings. :-)
2010-10-20 22:42 Dylpill
So much fun! Addictive, classic bejeweled
2010-10-20 19:25 JoelPatrol
Great production values. Awesome fun earning Xbox LIVE achievements and gamerscore when playing a few minutes here and there.
2010-10-20 04:59 Sculpin
Cool implementation of the classic game. Great animations. However, it takes too long to load possibly because if those animations?
2010-10-20 03:51 mhopkins1
Super fun addictive gameplay. Load time is TERRIBLE.
2010-10-20 02:35 EnemyGateIsDown
Great and fun all time classic game that we all know and love. Solid user experience and animation. Having the Xbox live achievements and leaderboards adds to the enjoyment of the game! Must download, worth the price!
2010-10-20 01:05 SilvrClovr
Fun... Classic. I'm hooked.
2010-10-19 03:52 jpbruno
A great game albeit the load time, which takes a while. Pretty addictive and fun. A classic
2010-10-18 21:51 necrokosh
loading is slow, and sometimes during the game i can feel lags. but over all this is a interesting game. $4.99 is a bit expensive, compare that the iPhone version is only $0.99.
2010-10-17 16:19 gb2312
Faithful to the original that we all know and love, while adding a bunch of great new features, including those wonderful Xbox Live Achievements. Gameplay is smooth, fast and fun.
2010-10-15 22:06 TheQuackFu
Awesome explosive bejeweled action. Highly addictive, at least until that text message comes in and interrupts you and the game takes a while to reload after. Rotation support is both a blessing and curse. I like playing in landscape, but I also like playing while lying in bed. Lack of an easy sound toggle is a bit inconvenient.
2010-10-15 16:34 seraline
What was that last meeting about?
Great game, killing productivity at work. The graphics are slick… and (SPOILER!!!) the animation between level changes blew my mind! Game load time is a bit annoying… but hey… the POP CAP logo splash screen is rotation aware… so at least you can watch the logo rotate back and forth while you wait. Should hold me over until Puzzle Quest 2 is available on WP7 :)
2010-10-15 07:29 UltraMegaOk
Scary addictive
Everyone knows bejeweled right? This is a great version. Sound effects rock, controls perfectly, and with XBL integration it is a must have on WP7.
2010-10-14 20:23 dwk7142
Nice graphics. Simple but adctive game. Also love the link to my xbox live achievements board
My only complain is that it takes a while to load. Other than that, I can't stop playing it. I love that we move levels fairly quickly and it's a perfect chunck of time for when you are playing something quickly on the phone.
2010-10-14 17:31 Jgayer
2010-10-14 16:39 biru7
2010-10-14 04:41 myglovebox
A solid port of the old classic. It has the 3 modes available in other versions. Leaderboard only shows your friends though. Overall a solid game for your library.
2010-10-14 03:50 FLOT
What you would expect...
Perhaps a bit pricey at $5 but it works as expected and is Bejeweled. My only nit is that the animations feel a little jagged on my LG.
2010-10-13 20:37 ShawnWildermuth
Bought this game for my wife, she loves this game. Very good graphics, sound and game play. Highly recommended.
2010-10-13 20:28 eddielipu
Classic Addicting Game
I always enjoyed this game when it first came out. I'm glad it's out on XBox Live now. Game runs smoothly and still very enjoyable.
2010-10-13 20:02 rayylim88
Classic awesomeness
2010-10-13 16:15 LooseCannon74
Great game, but the performance could be better
I love bejeweled - it's a great time waster that easy to play. Not too much new here, but I really like the new small enhancements that they've made over previous versions I've played (being able to move other jewels while a cascade is happening, blown up hyper jewels get used rather than destroyed). The added xbox achievements are also a good plus. That said, the app's performance is slightly lacking in my opinion. Bejeweled is meant to be played as a fast paced game, and this version just doesn't feel quick and smooth - yet. There are the occasional hangups during gameplay that make the game feel slightly sluggish. If popcap fixes the performance to be totally fluid, this game will be killer. I'm looking forward to that performance boost! Overall, if you like Bejeweled, you'll like this version. If you haven't played it yet - try it out. It's addicting!
2010-10-13 00:05 tito12384
A very polished game visually. graphics and sound are what you expect from a puzzle game. Simple and addictive.
2010-10-12 22:28 allergictotrees
fun game, but takes way too long to load
2010-10-12 18:48 svenf1
Fun game, but sounds don't respect the current vibration setting
Beautiful looking fun game, but when the phone is in vibrate the sounds still play. Also after I turned all the sounds off (in game) I got an achievement and it played a sound as well!
2010-10-12 17:43 Gremlin
2010-10-11 21:46 von ryan
The game sounds and graphics are intense and awesome. Very performing though a bit lengthy to load. Great game!
2010-10-11 20:35 BoarderPatrol
Load time is pretty long but the wait is worth it. It should really "run under lock" by default as it didn't launch within a minute before my phone auto-locked.
2010-10-11 17:55 pjderks
Simple but addictive and fun.
2010-10-11 16:38 LMorri
2010-10-11 15:55 Ekuan
Great sound and visuals
Every time I hear those jewels click together I just smile. This is tons of fun to play and a great mobile game for those times you are stuck waiting for anything. The time will fly by. I wish the jewels were a bit bigger as it's sometimes hard for me to hit the right one while time is running out.
2010-10-11 09:04 SuperficialBurn
The screenshots don't do it justice
This is a really addictive game. It's just mindless enough that when you lose you feel like you got cheated and when you win you think you've accomplished something. The animations are great and add to the feeling of the game without being distracting. I was sitting at the table with two other people today and suddenly had an urge to flick one of them so that we'd all line up and score points; bejeweled has taken over my brain.
2010-10-11 07:49 StephenReading
2010-10-11 07:09 hcynomo
Best mobile Bejeweled game ever. Love the graphics!
2010-10-11 05:21 purpletunex
High-quality, simple and fun
Outstanding graphics! Everything looks beautiful with great animations. Simple but fun gameplay, with some new twists on the original version. Does take quite a long time to load.
2010-10-11 01:02 MountainDewX
Gorgeous graphics, slow loading
Gorgeous looking game, hampered by excessively slow load times. But once the game starts it looks wonderful.
2010-10-10 23:56 OneDot618
Classic! Love that the graphics and sound are the same across platforms!
2010-10-10 23:24 Depeche
Bejeweled is a GEM
Great game!
2010-10-10 16:27 FlynPrplPplEtr
Great graphics and very responsive touch game play. So fun on my phone my XBox version might collect dust.
2010-10-10 16:25 sandravar
Love the game
Great implentation to Windows Phone 7. Really shows the integration now with XBOX, PC, and Phone capability. Easy to use and as entertaining as the PC and XBOX versions
2010-10-10 15:44 stevemas
Very fun game. Simple game play but with nice graphics keep you entertained.
2010-10-10 07:20 LethalJM
Great phone port of this classic game. Trial could be a little longer.
2010-10-10 04:58 gvico
Jewels too small better on iphone
2010-10-10 03:32 Player185449
Very good game everyone can enjoy
2010-10-10 01:19 tsyoo
Best Bejeweled ever, lot of fun!
2010-10-10 01:12 Vigilante
Plays nicely, smooth action.
2010-10-10 00:41 Hapkido Ninja
Game is fun and has enough hooks to keep you playing. Initial app load time could be quicker, but after that it performs well. Lots of fun.
2010-10-09 20:26 Fozzy0007
An addicting game worth hours of enjoyment!
2010-10-09 15:26 j2inet
Good game. Annoying asking several times to unlock the game
2010-10-09 10:13 AurelioGarcia
Very cool game. Fast and addictive!
2010-10-09 07:01 sabax
Classic, awesome game. The graphics are surprisingly good and the touch response is perfect. Highly recommended!
2010-10-09 04:07 Clif
More fun than on my pc
2010-10-09 03:10 TeewinotMan
You don't need this review
It's Bejeweled. You know how match-3 works. You know if you like it. You know it's addicting. Just get the game already. (Oh yeah, there is kind of a long load time, but I bet they'll fix that.)
2010-11-07 01:45 Dryden 01
One of my fav games of all time. Looks and runs great on wp7! Thank u popcap!
2010-11-09 17:19 Davedev
I love Bejeweled, but this version is sluggish
2010-11-10 03:30 tcbj
Love it! Slick animations, easy to use UI and works like a charm. Prepare to lose your time playing it!
2010-11-10 02:05 phamenoth
Fun to play again and again. Beautiful eye candy.
2010-11-10 01:21 BeerCheeseSoup
Graphics look better than iPhones version but very disappointed it doesn't have the blitz version.
2010-11-10 00:59 Rayphonic
No puzzle mode? Boooooooo
2010-11-10 16:01 PittaMan
2010-11-10 10:06 scurvybilgerat
Done very well. Beautiful graphics, smooth game play, and familiar to the Xbox console version.
2010-11-11 10:40 VannillaVixxenn
Nice game, just a little bit expansive
2010-11-11 17:35 XXris
No blitz, would love to see that.
2010-11-13 00:55 th0mas kara
2010-11-12 20:28 XXris
Best game for a touchscreen phone just need to add blitz and will be best game on window phone 7
2010-11-14 01:50 Hoff1313
2010-11-13 19:19 Baron164
2010-11-14 04:33 khaledI360
Best version yet!
2010-11-15 03:12 GameCaMiller
Fun but laggy in its current version.
2010-11-14 23:33 MusikHst4
2010-11-14 18:18 jondaru
2010-11-15 08:32 wutangfan81
It looks beautiful and sounds beautiful. Allowing it to run under the lock screen allows for quick reentry. I love the voice! I haven't had any problems with lag.
2010-11-15 07:01 Cyrce
One tiny glitch in an otherwise great version: leaving the game in landscape mode and returning messes up the graphics (rotate to portrait and back to fix).
2010-11-15 06:40 PavelSoukie
Seems sluggish, missing blitz.
2010-11-16 05:45 PickyConsumer
Classic game. Very fun and well done.
2010-11-15 17:11 HugeBeard
Great implementation.
2010-11-16 18:53 Qwik
Ran choppy and slow.
2010-11-16 12:11 dgxshiny
Classic Bejeweled play on the go, but with Achievements and Friend Leaderboards. Nothing particularly innovative, but if you like Bejeweled then this certainly is a must buy.
2010-11-17 14:28 JongJungBu
Evaluation period ridiculously short. No idea if this is fun for me or not. Not paying to find out.
2010-11-18 10:47 BeardedRoach
Classic game with achievements.
2010-11-17 22:26 TylerHen
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