Brain Bait

  • Developed by Siham Sulaiman Brain Bait could be considered a game for practicing IQ tests. The questions are not statically saved on the application; but rather they are generated at runtime by several different algorithms. This makes it possible for this application to be able to generate an infinite number of different questions without having to repeat any. This application gives the user the chance to develop his IQ test skills in a fun way on his Windows Phone 7. After pressing the start button the user is redirected to a sample page which gives an example of a question with its corresponding answer. The user can enter the given answer to get to know how the application works; or he could press the ‘Next’ button and start the game immediately. After the user starts the game he is able to start entering the answers to the questions. He can check the validity of his answer by pressing the ‘Check Answer’ button. He is given the chance to keep on changing his answer in case it is coming up wrong until he gets it right. Or on the other hand, the user can keep moving on to new questions even if his answer is incorrect. Some of the questions could be considered easy and simple. However, other questions could take a few minutes for one to solve or even require a calculator.
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