• v1.1 Released! Added a bunch of new levels to Bavaria featuring that new gameplay mechanic introduced in v1.0 :D Optimized Paris levels for smoother framerate Zooming works up to 100% rather than v1.0 where it restricted it Simple bug fixes involving foxes not dying properly addressed
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  • 2011-02-01 13:13
  • 2012-05-02 10:48
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finaly no error... please, make the canon power ratio to finger distance 2:1 or 3:1 so we can actually see the arrow underneath our fingers and can set the power of the shot more precisly... otherwise nice job... looking forward to final release with scoring... uh, and one more thing - please ad the posibility to restart the level whenever we want... thx
2011-02-08 17:26 II DEST II
Nice app. But it's difficult to use bird gun without power scale. Possibility to push Replay button at any time (not only after fail) would be nice.
2011-02-08 16:50 samagury
2011-02-08 15:37 Chopsticks101
Very fun. Great beta! I will buy when released.
2011-02-08 13:31 drannan
2011-02-08 13:06 Bangerman15
Compared to Angry Birds, this is ***! =P
2011-02-08 09:55 Warrdog41
excellent game!
2011-02-08 07:57 MantusWSH
Great game. Keep up the good work. Add more levels and Xbox live support and I'd pay $5 for the game.
2011-02-08 06:15 Gr8 Od3nsRav3n
2011-02-08 06:14 Uhhhh Ohhhh
Hey I think this is a well created game. Not familiar with Angry Birds, but I have to say this game is worth the time playing and it is hopeful that a slew of progressively harder levels are on their way!! The finger on the touch does become cumbersome, otherwise def a must to download!!!!!
2011-02-08 05:59 Player279657202
This game is super awesome fantastic job but you guys need ALOT more levels, seriously I am praying for an update but verry fun addictive game. But "angry birds" makes this game look bad... More levels will fix that.
2011-02-08 04:21 Player269510525
Ppl said that it was just like angry bird, kind of is.. Its just that u can't see how fast it'll shoot, its a cannon, the birds specials are delayed, and its impossible by lvl 4
2011-02-08 03:50 Surge315
Not bad. The music is awesome, really well done there. Otherwise, decent but nowhere near angry birds. Physics, object weight and spatial properties need to be tweaked a lot - the game just doesn't feel right. And pointing to where you want to shoot doesn't make as much sense as pulling back, which allows full view of the projectile arc instead of obscuring it with your finger. Graphics could be polished. Again, not bad! But by making an angry birds clone, you already have expectations to fulfill. EDIT: and a point system! High scores add a HUGE dynamic
2011-02-08 03:30 mittortz
2011-02-08 02:52 pulseMOD
I have to say, this game is a phone seller. It is purely excellent with super high potential. The gameplay continues to improve with each update and it is every bit like Angry Birds. The dev is a very talented person and deserves praise and recognition. I highly recommend Chicks'N'Vixens. If you are patient, the game will become the best game on WP7.
2011-02-08 02:30 Player842259051
Fun game good job!!!
2011-02-08 02:13 OptimusPrimeWFD
Very addictive! Alot like angry birds, am hoping for more levels though.
2011-02-08 00:58 Impossiblepain
Much better after the last update. Music is kinda annoying. Can be muted but the game does not save settings.
2011-02-08 00:53 Bamaram
A beta .5 version this is really good. Increase touch point on canon. Improve destruction Some tweaks to grass Some minor glitchs Set focus on canon after chickens land Great game...
2011-02-07 21:46 rollo1002
The last version is working good on my Focus, good job, great game with nice graphics and sound, and it's free. The only bad thing is that sometimes is hard to see where to shot
2011-02-07 04:39 danrh
Fun to play,but the cannon needs to be bigger cause when you touch it you can't see where and how fast you are shooting
2011-02-07 01:49 Elizabeth1103
This game is fun, I really like it
2011-02-07 00:15 IamTigerLee
Ok. Not as good as"angry birds"
2011-02-06 23:18 emtae6307
2011-02-06 20:40 Player163469405
2011-02-06 20:25 efitex
2011-02-06 17:26 Nought Sack
Same mechanics as Pandas vs. Ninjas! Works well. Very enjoyable. Needs an explanation of the birds abilities.
2011-02-06 16:58 bigduckdog
2011-02-06 16:55 MzDairy
Fun but several UI issues like the cannon firing accidentally and not tracking the birds in flight. Lots of potential.
2011-02-06 15:41 bingledork
2011-02-06 14:03 Rinie H
Great game. Love the new slingshot method. Keep up the great work man.
2011-02-10 13:09 Rygot
Another great update
The new aiming mechanism in 0.6 is awesome! Now we can set trajectory and speed, and achieve pinpoint accuracy. Those pesky foxes don't stand a chance now! I'm holding back a 5 star rating, only because there is still a lot to do (don't give up!), but this is an excellent game beta.
2011-02-10 08:59 RoboDad
Very good game,but impossible fourth level. Waiting the final version
2011-02-10 08:56 Player464534814
Good job showing those angry bird rejects what's what, this game is awesome
2011-02-10 08:37 toughdog
Wow, excellent stuff for a beta. Seconded from some who said it before, fix the slowdowns and add XBL support and you've got a money maker on your hands
2011-02-10 07:05 sagef0ur
Love the new update version 0.6. The game is very entertaining
2011-02-10 06:20 M1k3Fc
Fun games has great potential, dont see why people are rating it low cause its clearly a beta. Awesome game .....
2011-02-10 00:00 NEO FIRE 5
Way to short
2011-02-09 20:22 MXandersson
When I updated to .51 it didn't update my app on my phone. I had to delete it and reinstall it. Verrrry unhappy with a decent game. And when I download it just downloads version .5 not .51
2011-02-09 19:39 Pablissimo08
2011-02-09 17:53 MantusWSH
Best songs ever...
2011-02-09 16:04 Smilodonis
Too short
2011-02-09 12:38 Player531711001
Love it
2011-02-09 05:57 steelman72
Not a good enogh Angry Birds version. Besides, it is too akward to aim
2011-02-09 03:10 figueroajosej
Great beta. Makes it fun just listening to the music. Cannon direction and power needs some work, often hard to tell how hard to shoot. Chic descriptions would also help as I can't always tell the difference, and instructions. Only saw angry birds, never played .
2011-02-09 02:33 Player543756905
Needs an option to turn sound effects and the stupid music off. Imitation of angry birds.
2011-02-09 01:45 Player937228128
Can't wait for more levels...good game
2011-02-08 23:40 XxLBx104xX
Didn't like angry birds so this sucks just as bad
2011-02-08 21:41 Vintagel44
Great game need more levels. Enjoy it.
2011-02-06 12:37 PhireSun GHz
After the last update, works perfect! Awesome!!!
2011-02-06 10:20 gkanatsios
Windows version of angry birds! More levels please. And a little more challenge. But great game
2011-02-06 05:05 Player381705399
2011-02-06 03:57 Sandrobber
Great beta. Perhaps a 2 stage chick launch: aim then fire. A little hard to see where you are shooting. Looking forward to more versions! Great work!
2011-02-06 03:08 Player316735239
2011-02-06 02:21 Mukto Bihongo
Very addictive. Greatly improved in latest version. 23 levels, firing more accurate. Some levels are very hard. Getting to release quality.
2011-02-12 06:53 yairalangriver
Not bad at all
2011-02-11 21:59 BuddhaBleach
Great game!
2011-02-11 18:45 RuiNatario
EXACTLY like the angry birds on the iPhone :D<3
2011-02-11 17:24 Lexasaurawr
I'm sorry about the bad review. The update is great. New level are difficult, love em. Great game!!!
2011-02-11 14:04 Player522992717
Awesome update! Love the new firing method
2011-02-11 11:52 BehoyH
The updated keep making it better and better, only thing I'd ask for is scoring, sound on/off, and restart. Works great on my focus. Thanks, keep the updates and levels coming :)
2011-02-11 09:52 akSmurf
This ver is my first. Cannon CTRL is fine. Lvl 3 is wayyy too hard. Always reset me back to cannon plz. Pinch n zoom n drag is tough, but less of it is nice if you auto reset. Don't lock the lvls, let me choose them and score some pts.
2011-02-11 07:24 intrawebs
Angry birds copy cat!!
2011-02-11 07:13 CRANKSTER90
I find the new method of aiming the cannon easier. And I'm no longer accidentally firing. I like that. Still could use some work but it's shaping up to be a good game! One note: if you wait long enough (not that long), level 9 beats itself.
2011-02-11 06:13 sidran32
2011-02-11 04:56 Reeves
I don't like the new firing approach of the cannon, please revert back to where I drag from the front of the cannon to fire the chicken. Otherwise, I absolutely love this game.
2011-02-11 03:00 BoarderPatrol
2011-02-11 02:24 josevillanueva
Well I can't even aim my cannon since new update my phone just keeps moving the background ! Am I the only one expierncing this problem? I have Samsung Focus.....
2011-02-11 01:17 Player037239242
2011-02-11 01:01 EMOSLAYER B T Y
ok guys who don't know how to use this... You pull back!! Awesome update better than angry birds now but keep those levels coming! :)
2011-02-11 00:25 Player269510525
Version .6 doesn't work. You can't control the canon. Fix this please. I love this game.i have the HD7
2011-02-11 00:19 J Dwayne C
I can't launch the chickens after this last update...worked great before. Also using Samsung Focus
2011-02-11 00:08 HighGrade23
Since applying the update, I cannot control the cannon.
2011-02-10 23:03 Liz2Play
Great game but a few brief instructions would be nice
2011-02-10 22:53 Player617539744
Chicks n vixens is really coming together. Can't wait until you start getting the final details down! Superb update as well!
2011-02-10 19:02 Player127353591
Amazing fun and always a new update. Who needs Angry Birds
2011-02-10 18:49 UDMac
Very nice work. Glad to see a angry bird esqe game on the windows phone 7 os
2011-02-10 18:12 Player788375519
who needs angry birds!! this game is awesome!
2011-02-10 18:08 DirtySanjeev
2011-02-10 16:58 spcpat
Really good for a beta. Thanks for the new aiming system much better. I am excited to see how this game turns out once its a full game and not a beta. Should be a five star game at that point.
2011-02-10 16:22 rouik
Fun and free.....just needs to run a bit smoother.
2011-02-10 13:44 AIR23CPT
Awesome game
2011-02-14 04:42 slakTaKular
You are doing an awesome job with this all, thank you for your hard work. The last update made this game far easier to control!!
2011-02-14 04:33 Zeal Outfitters
Great start and keep going!
2011-02-14 04:21 athix6
Like the game, love the music
2011-02-14 00:33 djayshagy
One of the best games for w7 phone out right now
2011-02-13 22:22 Player635347766
I reset level button would be nice......
2011-02-13 18:21 badcam3
2011-02-13 17:30 Player128686469
Great game, just needs to apply dithering in the application, fixing some slight physics issues in the game, possibly adding a score/point system and more levels.
2011-02-13 15:04 adamrbb28
2011-02-13 15:01 Datisdesign
2011-02-13 09:03 rich and white
Since that last update, the game is much easier to control and I like it! Even if it's still in beta but it works quite well. Cheer and Thanks!
2011-02-13 06:38 Nuttaphon Lee
2011-02-13 04:03 Kronos174
2011-02-13 02:07 Player549311340
2011-02-13 00:30 Player117992737
2011-02-12 23:42 DRTYGMR
Really like it but update from .5 to .6 now canon won't work at all
2011-02-12 17:33 MatchedPlayer33
Awesome clone. One of the best games on WP7.
2011-02-12 15:10 SupremeX666
Kudos to the developer for bring consistent updates and making a good game better, great angry birds alternative!
2011-02-15 23:59 DANGURO5
It's an angry birds knock off. As such, it just makes me wish it was actually angry birds. Its not as refined, creative, or as fun. I couldn't even pass level 4, and I'm usually pretty good at these games.
2011-02-15 23:27 mattslote
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