Fable®: Coin Golf

Mini-golf meets Fable

  • Fable: Coin Golf draws upon the wealth of traditional British pub games like Shove Ha’Penny, Bar Billiards, and Skittles, and combines them with elements from very popular modern puzzle games to create an addictive skill-based game that is entirely in keeping with the Fable pub game universe. Played from an overhead perspective, your quest is to rid the land of evil and conquer each area by getting your Hero Puck into the Pillar of Light in as few shots as possible. Obstacles, hazards, and pickups litter the way, challenging the player to think carefully about the route they take. The player's aim is to take as few shots as possible, thereby earning large bonuses that affect the area score. Scores can also be increased by performing various feats around the table. Gold earned from these areas can be transferred to your Fable III Xbox 360 and Windows PC games. The player must complete the area with a high enough score to earn a 'bronze medal' (the lowest score award) in order to progress to the next area. Areas sometimes contain power-ups which are zones of the table that give the puck certain powers if run over. The powers include 'Woodsman's Axe' which allows the puck to cut down trees and thus progress through forests, 'Soldier's Sword' which allows the puck to kill enemies, and 'Carpenter's Hammer' which lets the puck build bridges to cross rivers. Loosely mimicking the story arc of Fable III, Coin Golf follows a rising Hero who travels the lands and defeats evil, clearing a path to unite Albion under one banner. The three chapters take place in different regions, and the art depicted in the table elements changes to reflect the varied landscapes of Albion. Each chapter comprises of fifteen areas, and completing a chapter unlocks an exclusive weapon in future Fable III Add-on content.
  • Puzzle & trivia
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  • Microsoft Game Studios
  • 2011-03-09 06:51
  • 2011-05-03 02:14
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2011-04-04 05:26 Memphis Chris
Platform seller game.. Best game so far on any mobile platform..
2011-04-04 04:49 pradDIABLO
2011-04-04 03:49 W00dst1ck
Wow the graphics are excellent in this really fun game. Starts out simple but get more complex quite quickly
2011-04-04 00:29 JulianJ 67
2011-04-04 00:22 Taizhi Yang
2011-04-03 22:55 enderoute
Awesome game guys!!! Its is even better if you actually have fable because you make a lot of money off of this and you get some weapons, which I don't know if they are good yet, that are this game exclusive!! 5 Stars
2011-04-03 21:29 KingArchon1337
Best game by far on wp7. And one of the best games I have played on any platform. Samsung Focus
2011-04-03 21:22 o4EvRo Sloth
Awesome game, perfect time suck. You can go back and perfect levels you've already completed. Sweet!
2011-04-03 20:13 Master Dreg
Excellent graphics and well polished game.
2011-04-03 19:55 rotud
Best game on wp7
2011-04-03 17:23 oafed
I loved this game... it may be my favorite WP7 game so far. Smooth gameplay, lush stylized graphics & a good challenge with high replay potential. Let's just ~PLEASE~ keep games under $5, (still a bit pricey for a mobile title, but this one is well worth it. A great addition to the game library om my Samsung Focus.
2011-04-03 17:19 flipd0ubt
Very good. Thanks
2011-04-03 17:13 Player283190810
Great game, hours of fun. Would like to see it priced lower but that is asking alot lol.
2011-04-03 17:12 HebrewHamma82
About time something good just need more friends with the game so I can use the leader boards.. So add me
2011-04-03 17:01 The RaLph one
The graphics are amazing!
2011-04-03 16:35 kitkit y
2011-04-03 16:34 ValiantSeven
2011-04-03 15:10 Player676610292
Actually good... Haha no problems at all 4 me! Love the talk host thing ^^ *** THE ONLY REASON WHY IT'S EXPENSIVE. IS BECAUSE IT'S A XBOX GAME WITH ACHIEVEMENTS ^^
2011-04-03 12:15 RIOTdoc
Great game but one bug ruins th experience. When you drag the arrow outside of the map it gets stuck... Fix this and make swedish purchase happen and you will get a purchase from me.
2011-04-03 10:35 OlofLjungen1337
2011-04-03 08:07 CheeseVandal
Too expensive!
2011-04-03 06:03 icemaker81
2011-04-03 06:01 Jason RayCool
Game - 5 stars. Load time and price - 1 star. Load time maybe even 0 stars.
2011-04-03 05:42 RballAnyone
2011-04-03 05:21 Kalculator
Awesome graphics and fun.
2011-04-03 05:12 soonshin
This game rules. The guy or girl who plays this will find that he or she enjoys it as his or her sweet windows phone's capabilities will be showcased to his or her friends that have stupid iPhones! Then maybe he or she will not be laughed at so much by his or her friends for not getting nodo for 6 months and still having no clue what micro sd can be used in his or her focus! Great game though. Beautiful to look at.
2011-04-03 04:53 JayGray
Fun, challenging puzzle-based gameplay with great sound, amazingly crisp graphics and a quirky sense of humor. Only negatives? I wish the three characters had voiceovers Cause their dialog is hilarious.
2011-04-03 04:51 Preyfar
Very good game that shows off what makes WP7 great. Keep tie in games like this coming Microsoft!
2011-04-03 03:19 cronson
Great physics
2011-04-03 03:16 GuyNamedNate
Very fun game. The graphics are spectacular. Looking forward to hopefully more tables and updates, and more games that utilize the WP7. LG Quantum.
2011-04-03 00:57 DarkAngel1965xX
2011-04-07 05:15 osveliz
Great game, I would like to zoom in though (fat fingers on a focus).
2011-04-07 03:05 Varsi99
Hope WP7 gets more like this. New levels soon please.
2011-04-07 02:27 legion6
Just great! Only complaint is that its not sending over my gold? Do I need to beat it first? An answer would be appreciated!
2011-04-07 02:11 xBrentx561
pretty fun game .
2011-04-07 01:46 tallman1977
2011-04-07 00:57 Jelly Hate Me
Got all golds, all achievements, 300,000+Gold, and an item in the process. Not a bad bonus for an already fun game.
2011-04-06 22:48 The Shawninat0r
2011-04-06 22:23 freefal86
2011-04-06 22:05 kaushalp
2011-04-06 20:46 Boris Delev
I like it a lot. However there should be more levels. I am on my second run ...
2011-04-06 19:31 JK rockt
Great game with true Fable feel! I'm hoping for an update soon with more fun boards!!! WP7 is on the right track with games like this one!
2011-04-06 17:31 Spawndeath
Great mobile game. Hard to put down!
2011-04-06 17:13 Manuchihir
Great design and game play. Love the mix of golf and ping pong in one. The price is a bit high. Even a dollar off the price would be great. Love that it ties with fable III on yr gold collecting, just like pub games on arcade and fable II. This is the reason why I got my wp7 LG.... Well that and also waiting for angry birds!
2011-04-06 16:22 CMBeto
Just costs to much for a phone game.
2011-04-06 15:30 emtae6307
Very fun and addicting game. Perfect for wp7
2011-04-06 09:55 xD34THXPROOFx
Fantastic , but crashed right when finishing the axemen level in trial mode. Samsung focus
2011-04-06 08:07 intrawebs
At $3, this would be the perfect standard for all WP7 games to follow. For $5, this game still manages to be justified. High polish, design, and performance. FUN! Integration with the Xbox brand is superb and shows why I own WP7. This is great!
2011-04-06 07:30 mittortz
Gorgeous game, very fun ... don't need to own or play Fable to enjoy this one. Recommended
2011-04-06 05:47 Ex Libras
2011-04-06 05:17 x Evil Robot x
This is a fun and well polished game, but overpriced at $5 considering the relatively short length.
2011-04-06 05:13 BigLanceLS
Finished too soon
Graphics, controls, music and sound are all outstanding, Fable Coin Golf is certainly true to its roots and certainly seems to have been inspired by one particular segment in Fable III that takes place in a pub. If I have any complaint, it is that the game didn't take very long to complete. It was such a hoot to play that I finished it in record time (for me). I will certainly go back and play it again to try and maximize my score and coin collection. The integration with Fable III, as limited as it is, is very helpful. Collecting coins in Coin Golf is a lot easier than playing the lute or making pies in Fable.
2011-04-06 04:13 RLon47
Awesome Game!!!!
2011-04-06 01:58 trekx
Great game!! But everytime I load it I have to turn the music off everytime. It doesn't save music settings for some reason. Other than that its a great game and a must gave for any fable fan or for anyone with a WP7.
2011-04-06 00:58 KMK CHA0S
Super, smashing, great!
2011-04-06 00:25 Tarps21
2011-04-06 00:24 HebrewHamma82
Great game! I'll keep my fingers crossed for more levels, but definitely a must for WP7.
2011-04-06 00:05 juicedawg251
Gorgeous, fun and obviously the product of great effort. This is the XBOX Live Arcade quality mobile gaming experience I've been waiting for on Windows Phone 7!
2011-04-05 23:53 IRSmurf
Pointless and boring.
2011-04-05 23:00 Player401424263
2011-04-05 22:01 FillingCobra701
Fun fun fun
2011-04-05 19:32 LaOMaN
2011-04-10 03:25 One T
Fun game and it's neat that I get to transfer gold and weapons to Fable III. But, I give this game 3 stars due to how SHORT IT IS.
2011-04-10 02:16 Jayngo
Trial game looks fun but $5 is too high for almost all phone games - at $3 this is a definite buy for me
2011-04-09 21:37 ScaryOprah
This game feels like fable. I love it! I got the trail and now I'm going to buy the game.
2011-04-09 20:45 KroniK602
One of the best games on Windows Phone yet! Fun and addicting. Great graphics and tons of polish. Well setup achievements make it fun to go for silvers and golds. Hope MS can continue to release games like this!
2011-04-09 19:27 JAORobot
2011-04-09 17:13 chimpFlex
Kinda fun, but limited in levels, high price too. I've played much better minigolf style games on other platforms for much less money.
2011-04-09 08:10 dLMN8R
Very fun game. Some challenging levels. Great graphics. Ability to transfer gold is cool for a Fable 3 player like me! EDIT: The game loads much faster now with "NoDo"!
2011-04-09 05:29 AKADeadly
Fun and addictive gameplay.
2011-04-09 02:14 Wondolar
By far one of the best and most fun games on WP7.
2011-04-08 23:39 Gummo98
Great game
2011-04-08 18:24 Player874569019
Very well done. FUN
2011-04-08 18:19 jdub0001
2011-04-08 17:43 NolanCross
Super fun game. Plus the gold boost and weapons are going to be nice when I start Fable III.
2011-04-08 14:52 Anomalous Views
Great game
2011-04-08 13:35 lifeoncelived
Awesome game
2011-04-08 06:55 tronnix7
2011-04-08 06:48 patchman64
2011-04-08 04:54 vwroom
Fun game, with adjustable view. No flat birds eye view like other games. And no anoying dog following you like on fable games hehe
2011-04-08 01:05 Red Ranger V
Fun, while it lasts. And if you don't care about getting 100% gamerscore or all gold medals, its about 2 hours. Cool integration with fable 3, but full house poker does it better and has more replayability, for cheaper.
2011-04-08 00:56 Nishidaku
Great game with good gameplay, graphics, and sound/music. Challenging, but easy to progress through. I'm looking forward to more games and apps of this caliber.
2011-04-07 22:25 DrinkBoy
This game at first felt like it would be a world of boring, and im a huge fable fan. But this game is pretty fun. Buy it, you won't regret it. 5 Bucks, like a gallon of gas
2011-04-07 20:53 T00muchF00D
One of the best games on WP7 right now. Great time killer, polished, and very humorous. That being said, however, it suffers from long load times and a high price point.
2011-04-07 20:44 Gonna Get GORT
Best WP7 game yet. Worth the money.
2011-04-07 19:16 PalmettoBling
2011-04-07 18:30 Endlesspain81
I love this game!! Fun, addictive, & easy to play. Load times suck, but most good looking wp7 games do. I had more fun playing this than fable 2 & 3 combined. It has the same lame story as both games did, but this doesn't need a story. Easy 200 also. No stupid or (impossible) achievements like in fable 2 & 3. Bring back the quality of fable 1, the actual RPG of the series.
2011-04-07 16:16 UNDEAD HEXBLADE
The games a bit short but its totally fun. Has the same great sense of humor that the rest of the fable games have...and also puts a bit of change in my Fable III characters pocket. Please make more games like this Microsoft.
2011-04-07 15:38 J de La Mancha
2011-04-07 12:16 KenChiMuyo
Fun game.. I'm already through 2/3 of it though.. It's hard to say if it is worth five dollars.
2011-04-07 08:43 TURNS
This game loads so much. Not worth 5 dollars. Just like all other fable games.....
2011-04-07 08:32 DESTRUCK117
Best windows phone 7 game yet. Great time killer.
2011-04-13 02:14 ViolentCrime
2011-04-13 02:07 x5050punk
2011-04-12 20:52 shapij
Need more games like this. Awesome!!
2011-04-12 19:44 specialK90
Played the trial. Aggravatingly addicting in a short period of time. Definitely plan on buying.
2011-04-12 19:37 Player109505025
Esta de una....htc arrive
2011-04-12 14:02 GonZaleZ2481
Great game.
2011-04-12 13:48 VitaliPro
Great game! A must for Fable fans! The dialogue between the three "wizards" slays me! Though I wish it had the voices from the game rather than just text, but that's just a minor detail.
2011-04-12 10:07 ABMS RoboCosby
Fable®: Coin Golf - Average rating : 9 - Max : 10 - Based on 337 ratings and 337 reviews.