Game Chest: Logic Games

Game Chest: Logic Games

  • Game Chest: Logic Games Edition gives you the chance to play the classic games: Chess, Sudoku and Minesweeper in an attractive, unified environment. Rich details. Sexy graphics. Play turned based games with friends in Chess. Catchy music. New features. What’s not to love? In addition to playing updated versions of these all-time favorites on a sweet new phone, Game Chest: Logic Games Edition is filled to the brim with exciting rewards to keep you coming back. Unique collectible pins, Game Mastery experience leveling, Leaderboard, and, of course, Achievements are plentiful and abundant to add to your LIVE Gamerscore. As you advance through Game Mastery ranks, you can also challenge your friends to matches in Chess as well as earn spins on the Big Wheel that help boost your progress even more. There's always a fresh challenge or reward just around the corner. Game Chest – Your favorite games, now more fun than ever!
  • Puzzle & trivia
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  • Microsoft Game Studios
  • 2010-12-15 00:00
  • 2011-01-02 01:06
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3 classics done well. Gotta love turn based, multiplayer chess.
2010-12-16 06:49 llamafestt
3 Classic games on the go.
2010-12-16 03:17 BLQQDCQRE
The theme song is stuck in my head. Love the games.
2010-12-16 01:40 Player964506628
2010-12-17 07:11 ChrisLynch06
I bought it without trying. Very nice but the chess engine is extremely bad. Anything on 1GHz CPU should tear me to pieces on an appropriate difficulty setting. I'm sure there are some free good engines out there. Please improve this.
2010-12-17 04:39 PavelSoukie
Pretty annoyed. In order to get my "turn" notification for chess I actually have to open my Xbox hub before the notification happens. So really I would never no its my turn unless I go into the hub. Big disappointment.
2010-12-17 02:43 tastefulsilence
Nice to see another game chest. I wish the tiny hint numbers in Sudoku would turn red like they do in the Zune version. Sudoku also needs an undo button.
2010-12-17 00:05 EvergrnThompson
Love it! Chess is especially fun!
2010-12-16 18:09 Rooks
Best time killer out there, must have for mobile gaming!
When it comes to time killers these GameChest games are invaluable. All of them perform well, look great, sound great and offer limitless amount of gameplay. I would recomend these over all games at this point! They are the perfect types of games for mobile and they are executed so nicely!
2010-12-16 16:52 incendy
The fun way to play chess is to start a bunch of games with your friends and take turns whenever you have a few minutes. Best part: your friends don't need to have a phone, they can play on a PC!
2010-12-19 02:37 alphazulu77
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