GeoQuizz : US National Forests

US National Forests

  • This GeoQuizz game includes 30 US major national forests to locate. 'Do you know the the US major forests? 'GeoQuizz US National Forests' is about finding the right national forest name among three possibilities. Start the game (*), 10 different questions are asked, a map is displayed and a US National Forest location is displayed on it, find the correct answer as fast as possible and beat your friends, your records and your family! Download and try this fun and educational game for FREE. 'GeoQuizz' is a unique collection of serious games on Windows Phone 7 to learn about world places like US states location and names, countries, or cities locations around the world and even volcanos ! Start the game, play, create new records and challenge your friends and family while learning about geography. Have fun and enjoy the game. Discover in the same GeoQuizz collection : - US States - Highest mountains - Seas and Oceans - Biggest world cities - World capitals - French cities - European cities - World volcanos - French biggest cities and much more... Any question ? Any suggestion ? Feel free to contact us : [email protected] - * A WiFi connection or 3G connection is suggested for an optimized gameplay. You may find many other game looking for 'geoquizz' from your mobile.
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