Hexic® Rush

Get a Rush with Hexic®!

  • Enjoy Hexic® Rush, a newly designed speed-based approach to the classic Hexic® game! Unlike the leisurely pace of the classic Hexic® Marathon mode, time is not on your side. Let adrenaline power you through Hexic® Rush or try the more cerebral classic Marathon mode. The creators at Carbonated Games bring you Hexic® Rush for Windows Phone 7. Based on the popular Xbox 360 series of Hexic® games created by Alexey Pajitnov. Support: www.windowsphone.com/help. Key Features: Hexic® Rush and Marathon modes, Xbox LIVE Achievements and Xbox LIVE leaderboards.
  • Puzzle & trivia
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  • Microsoft Game Studios
  • 2010-09-30 00:00
  • 2011-01-02 12:25
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I had fun playing, but sometimes I would try and grab a piece and it wouldn’t get the one I wanted. It didn’t happen too often, but would stress me out when I’m racing a bomb! It’s a fun game and I already feel like I’m going to be frequently playing this in my down time.
2010-11-02 23:54 trixiefrak
Decent, though sometimes is hard to control which set is going rotate which way.
2010-10-29 22:48 AriaMel
Good port of Xbox game
I had already played Hexic originally on the Xbox 360 but had fond enough memories to pick it up on the phone. Overall it is a good port and has some fun new "rush" modes. It is a pretty deep game especially if you try to get stars and black diamonds. Not 5 stars though because it is not the most intuitive game to control with your finger (though you can easily get by) and the game itself is a bit dated.
2010-10-25 22:01 MarxMarvelous37
Decent puzzle game for time killing. Kind of hard to control at first, but once you get used to it, its okay.
2010-10-25 18:57 wooramy
Great game ported over for Windows Phone 7. Plays just like the version on the Xbox 360 console. Being able to play against your friends and compare scores is lots of fun!
2010-10-22 16:08 K1MCH1 J1GAE
definitely worthy of a purchase
Challenging and addictive. Found myself trying it out and just kept on going.
2010-10-22 15:44 CougarCruiser
i have lost all productivity forever because of this game
2010-10-22 14:49 ptaavs
Too hard to control. I end up selecting the wrong triad and it gets frustrating. Try bejeweled instead. Same basic gameplay but much easier to control.
2010-10-21 13:40 PrairieDude
Tetris meets the next millennium, even more fun
Easy to learn, good graphics, nice to save game and come back later.
2010-10-21 00:03 Dylpill
Quick and easy to learn and use. The kids love it.
2010-10-20 23:17 Emplyee8
Hexic® Rush - Average rating : 8 - Max : 10 - Based on 86 ratings and 86 reviews.