Lizard Memory Lite

  • Developed by Lizard Entertainment Group This is the free version of the Lizard Memory App. This is a memory game, the player must remember the serie of animation shows by the game, and then try to repeat it. The player can choose between English and Spanish lenguages. The game shows the top 10 scores, with a personalize name. Push the Play button, memorize the animation of circles, and then push every circle in the exact order of the animation. If you do right, the animation starts again and add a new circle to the animation, so every time the game goes harder. The game is over when you push a grown circle. Main Features: -Capacity to "pause" the game during a phone call or other user interaction.
  • Puzzle & trivia
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  • 2011-08-09 18:16
  • 2012-04-27 21:56
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very good
2011-08-21 12:00 HARRY 9521
2011-08-10 03:05 Natacuin
2012-07-05 01:19 Player893674832
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