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  • Train your brain with 63 different types of Puzzle Games ! 1400+ levels - 300.000 players - ★★★★★ rating ! Can't stand Sudoku ? Or actually, maybe you love it, but you’re looking for a change ? These puzzle games are a lot more entertaining and enjoyable, providing similar mental exercise. Choose among increasingly difficult and big puzzle levels, save your progress, undo, restart and take advantage of hints to keep going when stuck. An ideal companion for the spare time, with enough variety you’re sure to find at least one game to love. PARKS•Plant the Trees. But not too close ! SNAIL•1,2,3…1,2,3…Follow the Trail SKYSCRAPERS•Find the Skyline ! TENTS•Each camper wants his shade. But his privacy too ! ABC•It’s easy as ABC. Well, almost ! BATTLESHIPS•Play solo Battleships. No peeking ! NURIKABE•Walls and Gardens. Well, actually just one Wall nd many Gardens HITORI•Shady numbers LIGHTEN UP•Lighten your room, but not the light bulbs ! MAGNETS•Respect the attraction. And the repulsion ! HIDDEN STARS•They must be somewhere, just follow the rrows BRANCHES•A branching alternative to Nurikabe TATAMI•1,2,3…1,2,3…Fill the mats FUTOSHIKI•A classic in inequalities HIDDEN PATH•Jump and follow the arrows BLOCKED VIEW•This time it’s just one Garden and many alls FILLOMINO•Number those Parks BLACK BOX•Fire Lasers, Find Atoms ! NUMBER LINK•The Number Connection MASYU•Necklace and Pearls SLITHERLINK•Looping Minesweeper MOSAIK•Puzzler Painter LINESWEEPER•Revenge of the Looping Minesweeper HIDATO•Numbers Maze KAKURO•Sum it up ! CALCUDOKU•Math Sudoku LANDSCAPER•Variety is key ! GALAXIES•Spiraling into Space CLOUDS•Weather Radar ROOMS•Close that door ! DOMINO•Tiles and Tiles LOOPY •Enough Slitherlink ? RIPPLE EFFECT•Mind the Ripples ! BOX IT UP•Boxing Interval (...20 more) Features: •Mango support! •Pinch Zoom for big puzzles •Auto-save game and quick resuming •1400+ puzzle levels •In-game rules and solved example •Timed Hints •Note-taking for complex puzzles Have Fun!
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  • Andrea Sabbatini
  • 2011-07-13 17:17
  • 2012-04-27 16:20
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I think the skyscraper is the best though it needs somthing like a connect-the-dot where each square needs to be filled with multiple start and end points
2011-07-15 03:34 goffers2
Puzzles have different solutions but game will not acknowledge that. Parks 5 can not solve
2011-07-14 05:53 Player190673920
Challenging but fun
2011-07-17 04:01 RhyanLoken
Love it despite the 2 errors. To be fixed in next update per Andy
2011-07-16 22:45 MeSoozee
Was fun for a few games, especially the parks one. But, the games are all too similar. Mostly Sudoku regurgitated. Was hoping for more variety.
2011-07-16 20:16 chef guerilla
2011-07-16 18:11 Player411662006
Not a bad game. Parks 5 needs fixed. Starting in top left corner with numbering. Column 1, Row 1 Blue. C2,R4 Magenta. C3,R2 Green. C4,R5 Yellow. C5,R3 Gray. That should solve it. But it does not. Perhaps add a feature to report problems from the game itself with a screenshot?
2011-07-16 13:53 JayRay86
Hard but fun yayz I get free hints=3
2011-07-16 12:35 DTMuddStomper
2011-07-16 03:46 Jmmend
Excellently Designed App
To start, this app has a very well done GUI. It is very intuitive and flows very very nicely. The design has a feel to it that is better than most guis that are out for the windows phones. The games are in a very nice variety for all kinds of puzzle play. Each type of puzzle has a thoroughly thought through help/instructions area which quickly helps the user to start the puzzle. The author was also very responsive to emails; a response was usually sent back within minutes. The puzzles themselves are also very fun to play. I have gotten through quite a few of them with little of the difficulties that others are describing. There are a few times when it seems that the scoring system may be off due to multiple solutions to the puzzles. Thanks for the great app!
2011-07-16 03:00 xanderkaplan
2011-07-16 02:40 Player410116552
Pretty fun a little repetitive. Always like free and the game support is great. Tents1 and parks5 have been fixed on the upcoming update. Relax people, He is working on it. Bruce
2011-07-16 01:50 TheMechanic392
Nice game. A few glitches but has a lot of potential. Wish the hints in alchemy were like they are in this game.
2011-07-15 23:26 Player104401544
2011-07-15 11:26 Asa kaplan
Awesome and challenging!!!!
2011-07-19 03:38 alieg123
Love parks and garden puzzle. Keep it up, Andy!
2011-07-18 15:36 KaMoAnSpCa
Love parks and snail! Keep up the great work Andrea!
2011-07-18 06:22 SimianThe Liver
2011-07-18 02:18 Caligirl0607
Ub BBB bbbbbbbbbhbbnmmkkkkkm.
2011-07-17 23:41 TjassiR23
Challenging but fun
2011-07-22 08:52 RhyanLoken
2011-07-22 03:44 HoganHogwart
Pretty cool puzzles. Wish it would auto-advance to next one when I complete one, then just have a menu button to be able to choose from the available puzzles.
2011-07-22 03:16 bc3tech
2011-07-21 03:29 Player662462934
Awesome. Great way to burn some time if you love puzzles
2011-07-21 03:02 Weissling
2011-07-20 15:16 Lyzyrd
Keep up the great work Andy!!!! 24kAlchemy
2011-07-20 11:03 jahbless333agb
Love this game... <3
2011-07-24 19:01 Player692999410
Simple but tough puzzles with an amazing UI. Great brain teasers
2011-07-24 17:06 Hectarion
Love it
2011-07-24 15:01 JAGFAN95
Great way to kill some time
2011-07-24 04:27 amazin 5304
Love it!
2011-07-24 02:56 eldoradoeh
Its great... But I don't understand some of the rules... 4 Stars
2011-07-23 21:47 Neil Dane 123
2011-07-23 20:03 Player693015780
The first tents puzzle has the column numbers backwards. Other than that, great so far
2011-07-23 12:27 Player015159571
Love the new games!
2011-07-23 07:01 KaMoAnSpCa
2011-07-23 04:11 techartgt3
2011-07-22 20:07 whitechica56
Great and challenging
2011-07-22 20:02 kelvin3castillo
2011-07-22 15:30 Player985215001
2011-07-22 11:28 Player555642714
Like it
2011-07-27 06:35 Player405616202
Keeps me occupied, but there seems to be some problems with the "tents" puzzles (#clues often do not correspond with the solution...). Otherwise, good app
2011-07-27 05:33 Player632159617
2011-07-27 01:19 andregol
These puzzles really make you think!!
2011-07-26 20:57 Contessa555
Puzzles don't accept alternative solutions
2011-07-26 14:06 Player638547563
2011-07-26 14:04 Player922390614
2011-07-26 11:56 spoiledbrat66
Simple looking but totally worth the time spent
2011-07-26 05:46 JorgeReategui
2011-07-25 11:04 Player232379672
Pretty cool game. A little simple looking but it's free! This will help pass the time.
2011-07-25 07:22 VI Rapscallion
2011-07-24 23:46 Cynthanied
2011-07-24 23:00 lagezz
Fun puzzles, I'm worried about running through them all too quickly :P
2011-07-29 09:22 ilovekitten1
Good as a collection, but each individual puzzle suffers from not enough polish. There are better implementations of almost all of these elsewhere on the marketplace.
2011-07-29 06:31 papasnewbag
2011-07-29 05:05 Player183801931
2011-07-29 02:17 Jesse209James
2011-07-29 01:35 blackwidow17s
Itz sper fun and addicting!!
2011-07-28 22:38 DivaGurl
l have only played tents and enjoyed the game.
2011-07-28 20:24 Player390158787
2011-07-28 20:17 Player232379672
Excelent brain teaser!
2011-07-28 19:48 OndraSter
2011-07-28 18:16 Player930465769
Good game
2011-07-28 16:49 Player120401420
Excellent game for killing a few minutes here and there
2011-07-28 16:26 TG Killdozer
Parks is the best
2011-07-28 15:07 Killerking402
2011-07-28 05:46 kwimby
Love parks. Not a huge fan of the other puzzles. Don't get skyscrapers at all.
2011-07-28 05:34 cniceness
2011-07-28 04:17 ArguedCloth1
2011-07-28 02:27 Oliv3rKlosauf
Definitely challenging, but unique and fun!
2011-07-28 02:14 cassedilla
2011-07-28 00:37 MindlessSkeith
2011-07-27 23:41 Bonus Mop
Good challenging puzzles
2011-07-27 17:56 Player659742114
I like it
2011-07-27 17:25 Player470970721
2011-07-27 16:19 joolyb
Good game
2011-08-01 04:36 Em3raldPheoniX
Fun...lots of levels for each puzzle...great free game
2011-08-01 02:10 Player333122901
Great game. Fun and challenging :)
2011-08-01 01:54 Player672552011
2011-08-01 01:29 starleoda
2011-08-01 01:19 Player463478678
Excellent choice of challenges.
2011-07-31 23:39 Player511012127
2011-07-31 20:42 Player149876575
2011-07-31 20:39 rainsel
2011-07-31 19:40 Player927410320
2011-07-31 12:31 Player830860108
2011-07-31 10:18 Player361442069
Love Logic Lots....!!!!
2011-07-31 09:22 QwikSilver Mel
2011-07-31 07:32 avcowboy
Love it!!
2011-07-31 04:15 Player232379672
Get rid of please rate bull**** otherwise decent
2011-07-31 04:06 Zirrem
2011-07-31 03:30 shawnmiller51
Outstanding! There are solutions that fit the criteria for winning but doesn't. Very enjoyable otherwise.
2011-07-31 03:06 Player391948723
Really fun & challenging.
2011-07-31 02:07 FROGJules28
2011-07-31 01:41 Oxysmo
a few bugs but, fun overall
2011-07-31 00:51 msccm
Very nice game
2011-07-31 00:09 Vinicius HD7
Awesome game. Parks and Lights are my favorite.
2011-07-30 23:51 Paul12839
Nice way to get your mind off of other thing and focus on trying to figure out how to solve each puzzle.
2011-07-30 22:48 ASTROBEAST13
2011-07-30 22:42 Jue liu
2011-07-30 21:24 nefallian742
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