Memo Mosaic

Hardest Game for Logic

  • Developed by Lin Jonah Geek, GPA Top 5, Mathematical Olympiad Winner come and challenge it!!! Memo Mosaic is coming!!! Hardest Game for Geek of IQ, Mathematics and Logic!!! If your brain becomes slow and stops working? Come and brainstorm!!! Try our Memo Mosaic: Make all the memos into the target color as the pin in bottom. Click one memo, the memos in the same column or row will change each one's colors in sequence, and try to make all the memos in the matrix into same color as the one in the upper part. 3 levels: Easy: 3*3, 3 colors Normal: 4*4, 3 colors Hard: 4*4, 4 colors
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  • 2011-07-31 13:57
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