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  • FREE APP! MyQuiz Cinema (English version) is a fun serious game with more than 50 questions related to the cinema. Well designed for your Windows Phone, fun to play with friends. Challenge them, beat your own records and find the right answers ! The game includes : - 1 player mode game. The faster you find the correct answers, the more points you earn. - 2 play mode game. The player finding the more correct answers win the game ! - The game is built so that you will not be asked the same question 2 times till all Quiz questions have been asked. So don't hesitate to play several game. Easy to play, fun to play... Give it a try and enjoy ! Ahead Solutions is one of the leading software company for Windows Phone and an innovative company that develops many games & apps for Windows Phone including : GeoQuizz, MyThings (top to do list app), AlcooloTest (Alcohol Tester app), and many to come. Follow us on twitter : / For any issue feel free to contact us at : [email protected]
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  • Ahead Solutions
  • 2011-03-18 04:30
  • 2012-05-02 22:02
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2011-03-21 10:26 porsche986boy
Spelling errors in the questions, too slow paced. Also, only 50 questions?
2011-03-21 01:07 Dklionsk
Not too many questions..
2011-04-06 03:30 l Xena l
Terrible grammar throughout the game.
2011-05-15 04:42 sktodd
Terrible grammar throughout the game.
2011-05-15 04:42 mojopop
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