Puzzle & trivia



"Sometimes right words can turn into something magic..." WizardOfWords is a challenging word game. Tap one of the nine magic letter cards and create longer and longer spells to earn hefty points. Challenge your friends in the turn-based local... more

By TheBlackDeveloper


FreePicross Alpha

Picross. A lot of people don't even know what the game is. Wikipedia Picross / nonogram for instructions. My goal was to create a Picross app that people can bring along with them. Please note that this is an alpha version. The game is... more

By Avacus


FreeScrambler - Free

Scrambler is a game of memory infused into a maze. Navigate from start to finish through the maze of broken pieces. Stay away from the broken pieces or you'll have to start over! more

By Robot Foot Games


Doodle Escape

Doodle Escape is a clever box pushing game that is (hopefully) enjoyable and frustrating at the same time! The game, in its current form, consists of 14 levels ranging from easy, to difficult. The game is available as a trial which currently has... more

By Richard Lowe



See how many words you can make from 98 lettered tiles. Tap on the letters to spell out words and submit them for points. The longer the word the more points you get. Test your vocabulary and see how many points you can score! Trial mode... more

By Clockwork Computing



Take your old-school text adventures with on on the go with this port of Frotz! Supports all versions of the z-code files with the exception of V6. more

By Szurgot Development



Spotto is a fun game for the whole family, looking for interesting things whilst travelling, shopping or on treasure hunts around the house! Spotto has a unique and fun interface that people love and allows you to pause and resume games at any... more

By Rupert Walsh


FreeCrystalink Lite

Crystalink is not your typical swap-and-match puzzle game. Take full advantage of your touch screen by freely swapping and clearing any link of 3 or more crystals of the same color. The gameplay takes another twist as enemy robots spawn with new... more

By Roach Puppy Games


FreePeg Jump (Free)

Peg Jump is a game where you must clear pegs by jumping them untill there are not any moves left. Easy to learn game with lots of solvable solutions more

By Herm's Software Services


FreeTile It

Simple tile game where you have to order the tiles correctly inside the square. Includes 3 different images. more

By HuHn