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  • Challenge your mind and work out the riddles that are presented. Riddle Me This Version 2.0 has been completely overhauled. Now with : Local and global leaderboards More riddles The ability to update the riddle list over the internet! An option to show you the correct answer if you guess a riddle wrong And much more. So what are you waiting for download it and get playing!
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  • 2010-11-10 05:48
  • 2011-05-04 04:18
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Really good riddles only down side if you check a message current riddle switches
2010-11-11 16:10 Moolokoo
Just needs more riddles
Very well made, and a good simple interface. like the title says, just needs a few more riddles
2010-11-11 23:49 Athanasios75
2010-11-12 09:25 kaolig
Riddles repeat too often not much to it visually but doesn't need to be
2010-11-12 21:24 lew742man
2010-11-14 01:58 FIASCOXBOX
Does not show answer
2010-11-13 22:39 Ammupriest
The questions are very repetitive. You often get the same ones in a row and I don't think there were more than ten different ones in the 10-15 minutes i played (i was bored and really hoping a new question would come up)
2010-11-13 20:31 Ignignock
I never found a way to have it tell you what the actual answers were to all the questions. Very frustrating to put in all the effort to answer and never find out what the right answer is.
2010-11-13 19:34 Kyra Rose 22
Terrible. Needs more questions, also answers or at least hints!
2010-11-15 07:54 Mace Haugh
Doesn't give the answers
2010-11-17 22:32 Player050117225
Only like 8 riddles and knew 7 out of 8. But never got the correct answer!
2010-11-17 19:27 riveston
Not enough questions, very poorly constructed, same question will repeat right after answered correctly.
2010-11-19 00:52 ibsmooth1
Help!!! Can't uninstall app does not pop up anywhere on my phone can only access through voice command
2010-11-20 09:04 Gina La Cochina
2010-11-20 18:44 Didwania1966
Great and need way more.
So this game is great. Yes it needs more riddles. That is the only complaint i have. i would get it and just wait for updates.....you could also put in an option for the daily riddle. 1 really hard riddle a day. that way it gets people talking and its a social attraction
2010-11-21 11:54 Th1ckNasty
Too repetitive
2010-11-21 05:00 Soteriologist
A very good start, but they need to keep it going. All it is right now is a start.
2010-11-27 00:17 Player006314431
Poor interface, never gives answer, and if you close the app, you lose the riddle.
2010-11-26 19:45 Razorbot007
Doesn't tell you the answers...
2010-11-27 08:25 Player335746214
2010-11-27 08:24 iSuperSid
2010-11-29 05:27 Player237691600
Lame that it doesn't give you the answers.
2010-11-29 04:27 Player222951343
Suck, doesn't work
2010-11-30 04:09 Player358757792
Where's the answers
2010-12-03 01:58 CrispiestMoumen
Good start but big flaws. Repeats the same questions over and over and resetting if the phone screen turns off (or any time you leave the app. No hints or anything if your stuck. I'll keep installed in hopes for an update but can't see myself playing until a pretty significant update
2010-12-04 19:17 Zunage
Doesn't show up in apps after install.
2010-12-07 03:46 TJMerrill2
Riddle me an answer !
2010-12-06 20:01 Player857300085
Horrible. Kept playing to 51 and knew every answer because the riddles were all the same. It would be great if it was more unpredictable, gave the answer, and wouldn't switch up when you left the app.
2010-12-12 08:03 akillercrush
More riddles please. And that's cause its under games
2010-12-11 19:18 JeffJeffyo
2010-12-14 07:07 scooterrooter2
Answers please!!!!
2010-12-15 21:24 smc1119
Does not give answer when wrong. Sucked!
2010-12-16 19:57 Dave97520
No answers? =[
2010-12-19 06:34 Player030682912
2010-12-23 03:50 Chocoolatte
2010-12-22 23:12 CraniumChoco246
Mastered in minutes there's only about five riddles
2010-12-24 04:04 GEEZO22
How do u ever get the answers?
2010-12-24 18:09 Player887949510
Where are the answers?
2010-12-27 20:09 Kay Seymone
2010-12-27 17:57 Player129171790
If you could get the answer would be a 3 but its a 1
2010-12-27 17:43 Durdn
Thumbs and big toes wayyy down.
2010-12-27 08:27 Shelby Christ
Good idea, but terrible design. Needs available answers. getting the same question up to 5 times in a row. 10 Questions doesn't get far on shuffle.
2010-12-27 08:13 scholz2006
????? Horrible
2010-12-27 05:54 Player384155944
No answers same questions
2010-12-27 02:08 Mvpballa35
Fun for 5 seconds until you realize it never gives you the answers!
2010-12-26 21:46 Bigmitch256
Cool riddles but poor app, it doesnt give u the answers to the riddles
2010-12-31 01:40 Player587357815
Terrible doesn't give u the answer
2010-12-30 01:09 Player198578806
Terrible! What's the point of playing if it doesn't give the answer
2011-01-03 03:28 Digipp
It has 10 riddles then keeps repeating. And it doesn't give answers. And sometimes repeats the same question 4 times in a row. PS you can Google the answers if you care too much. Overall its lame
2011-01-04 02:59 Alibabaaa13
2011-01-06 16:03 Rev Adler 1979
Repeats the questions
2011-01-07 01:05 SlayerSunni
Doesn't give the answer, no fun!
2011-01-13 01:48 hurricanecity
Entertaining for about five minutes. No real replay capabilities since there are only about 10 questions. They should really give you the answers somewhere along the way as well. I love riddles, but this game is just too much of a riddle in itself.
2011-01-14 03:39 Titoalba
Awful no answers this was a waste...
2011-01-16 21:35 CrazyMax102
Great app love the answer function
2011-01-16 14:06 Carolina Fleet
2011-01-23 21:25 iHazWepon
Cycles through the same few questions and answers over and over. Boring.
2011-02-02 19:33 PepperJunior315
needs more questions and it would be nice if they told u the answer after u fail
2011-02-05 18:37 x OSOMO x
Waste of time
2011-02-14 03:11 SnakewithdaCQC
Confusing..expects u to know the answer..but if u dont u guess random stuff and it never tells u the real answers. Waste of an app
2011-02-13 05:49 MOSHele NJ
Frustrating. Doesn't give the answer. Loops questions.
2011-02-15 16:45 Noble Wolf Z13
2011-02-18 23:36 LutenantLube
Waste....same few questions
2011-02-18 23:08 TIZZLE34
This doesn't give you the answer if you get it wrong, riddler is a much better riddling app and it will give you a hint and the answer if you give up, andit is also free
2011-02-23 05:32 Player610089969
Hard riddles, doesn't give you answers.
2011-03-04 18:59 Player592171705
2011-03-08 21:05 Player638893693
Doesn't even open anymore. Takes me to the main menu then closes when I click on something. And even when it did open it sucked.
2011-03-07 20:30 Linemeister
This closes on u the app before u updated was sooooooo much better!!!
2011-03-10 22:46 DivineHurdle3
I like the app, the only thing is there are few riddles, and people it does give you the answers if you choose to under game settings
2011-03-14 20:57 Omyta
Woo I love this
2011-05-26 09:58 shelbay91
2011-03-08 21:05 iR0ck1t
Hard riddles, doesn't give you answers.
2011-03-04 18:59 raindc5
Terrible doesn't give u the answer
2010-12-30 01:09 Gump777
2010-12-27 17:57 Mercy Amador
????? Horrible
2010-12-27 05:54 BuzzHustler
Suck, doesn't work
2010-11-30 04:09 Hannah Meline
Doesn't tell you the answers...
2010-11-27 08:25 Twin Turb0bz
Terrible. Needs more questions, also answers or at least hints!
2010-11-15 07:54 ToTeachMusic
Good idea, but terrible design. Needs available answers. getting the same question up to 5 times in a row. 10 Questions doesn't get far on shuffle.
2010-12-27 08:13 beaveruSHANKa
needs more questions and it would be nice if they told u the answer after u fail
2011-02-05 18:37 x OsO sorry x
Where's the answers
2010-12-03 01:58 MonoMoumen
2011-01-23 21:25 HowToBeProud
Where's the answers
2010-12-03 01:58 oneSILENTarcher
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