Spot the Differences

spot the differences

  • Play Spot the Differences game! Find the differences in each photo pair and try to set the high score! Improve attention skills and exercise brain while playing this completely free app. Lots of images to choose from. The differences in each image changes every time you play it. Update Notes: Added zoom feature, use the finger to expand or pinch to zoom in and out.
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  • 2010-12-23 05:01
  • 2012-05-02 01:27
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2010-12-25 23:38 maxprank
Too small. Needs a zoom
2010-12-23 08:39 Player822595348
Too easy. Would be more fun in motion.
2010-12-27 21:51 Player994493815
such a boring game
2010-12-27 17:04 Player707049886
Simple game with good handling of touch input. Why isn't under the games hub?
2010-12-31 09:08 beavis2k
Thanks for trying the app GameOnXbox, But there are a ton of pictures, the lady is just the first one. Use the arrows (under the start button) to navigate through the images.
2011-01-06 18:11 hayderc
The concept is good... But I would have liked it if there were more pictures instead of just the lady... A good app but needs more pictures.
2011-01-06 16:12 GameOnXBOX
Good thinking game, but hard to see detail on the phone because of screen size
2011-01-11 23:59 viccoh
Viccoh, zoom is supported try to expand or pinch the image with two fingers.
2011-01-13 05:47 hayderc
2011-01-13 14:19 pa0811
2011-01-14 04:32 Deadpan411
I like :-D
2011-01-25 06:33 jszero
Great and fun. But could make an update with more pics
2011-02-07 00:24 imwoodsman
Haven't seen an app like this, I like different things like this, good job!
2011-02-05 10:23 SkinMXGrl
More Pictures!!!!
2011-02-13 09:14 Muggleivyza
Could be better if allowed zoom feature and if cadded more pics
2011-02-17 08:19 KIRBY369
Should be done with simpler images, like cartoons.
2011-02-18 19:37 DaddyIbagy
I would say 5 stars, but it doesn't seem to register touching differences on the very left edge of the screen. I actually thought my phone was messed up but I checked with other apps and touching along the left edge works fine.
2011-02-18 08:00 Player424614761
2011-02-25 02:49 UNKNOWNCLE
2011-03-01 03:18 yomir104
Very difficult to find the differences, images not very sharp, got a headache trying to do it.
2011-02-28 23:52 Ecuatorianita
Not very fun
2011-03-02 20:30 cjb9511
No even good. Not worth the download.
2011-03-02 03:15 kale012
Awesome .. Addictive... Same picture shows different behavior each Time you play... Nice programming... Hard to find .. Nice if you could provide hugh res picture or zoom in
2011-03-05 20:57 CHEETAH06
Pretty good game I just think the creator might be a pervert with some of these pictures
2011-03-10 06:24 KingArchon1337
2011-03-10 03:08 wezil18
Where can I get the picture of the girls at the beach? :D
2011-03-14 15:44 allclothes1
It was hard to find the differences in such a small photo. Having only 1 pic was boring and with no zoom feature I lost interest quickly
2011-03-14 05:18 tmh0310
2011-03-22 18:51 Player682194447
2011-03-22 05:29 Steveo7
Its entertaining
2011-03-25 06:49 Player520107001
Its hard to see with such small pics. But it was fun
2011-03-25 03:14 elrocker13
2011-03-24 18:11 Player161922982
Hard to find details.
2011-03-24 04:27 Player392998692
Its not really that great.
2011-03-29 07:29 DownwindFan9
sucks!! It doesn't work that great, you have to click the difference several times before it registers. And the pictures are so small its hard to even see the difference. *Uninstalling*
2011-04-04 03:57 FishApro
Too small to see, other then that good game
2011-04-14 02:32 hambone6988
The game would be much better if it had play modes so my little kids could enjoy it more.
2011-04-13 14:09 SwiftImoogI1
Good fun
2011-04-24 20:55 WP7MISTERDANE
Most of the pics were fine. Could not see the circles when i asked to see the differences. Some of the pics were too busy to see the differences. Had to hit the screen to many times when i found the differences. Need some better photos
2011-07-11 00:36 Player729614193
Horrible can hardly c the differences! 0 Stars
2011-06-26 01:13 Player011471194
2011-06-24 02:27 BushyMagician65
Challenging but fun
2011-06-23 21:33 Jon 1renicus
Very challenging love it
2011-06-17 08:14 RachealLyn88
Pretty entertaining
2011-06-14 03:33 Shelleypoo
2011-06-06 09:03 ImABulletSp0nge
I love it. My girlfriend and I love trying to beat our records together. Needs new pictures and better resolution pictures. Love it!
2011-06-05 19:43 Josh51191
2011-05-28 05:30 etwarog
headache from hell on this one but ok just needs higher resolution images.
2011-05-19 17:32 Player963339948
Very hard to see difference do to screen size. Mine is 4 inches.
2011-05-19 10:05 Player086632215
2011-05-15 03:09 beastybiker
Very fun
2011-05-09 12:19 rwmutton
Challenging, which I like, but there seems to be a bug that shuts the game down when you find the last difference. Very frustrating.
2011-07-14 06:26 nekochanninja
2011-07-23 17:49 Jhawkz55
2011-08-29 16:23 adamw256
Really difficult, almost impossible on some of the differences
2011-09-22 02:27 Player519206000
Really difficult, almost impossible on some of the differences
2011-10-13 05:32 Player519206000
L K Bkn BN Hhgo nhcfxz,hgtyyuhyuyytg
2011-10-28 13:54 Player491935091
HHate it
2011-11-13 18:27 Haragon81
More pics, more differences, improve the touch, bigger photos, publish score. 4*++.
2011-12-05 15:47 elvisnica
Uninstalling... The photos are too bad a quality to really see the differences.
2011-12-01 20:53 cheerybumfluff
These games are too easy if you know the eye trick. Rotate the phone so the pictures are side by side, then cross your eyes so the images merge into each other (left eye is looking at the left image, and right eye is looking at the right image). all the differences get highlighted simultaneously.
2011-12-19 04:43 greatgrahambini
2012-02-02 04:11 nipponpowerftw
2011-07-23 17:49 IBIZABAR
2011-06-24 02:27 NikkiAndy101
Very fun
2011-05-09 12:19 rdubmu
Its not really that great.
2011-03-29 07:29 BlackSheeptwo
Its entertaining
2011-03-25 06:49 slo619
I would say 5 stars, but it doesn't seem to register touching differences on the very left edge of the screen. I actually thought my phone was messed up but I checked with other apps and touching along the left edge works fine.
2011-02-18 08:00 Aaron Hare
Too easy. Would be more fun in motion.
2010-12-27 21:51 candiland fan2c
2011-02-25 02:49 DNA LEVEL C 110
Pictures are way too small
2012-04-20 02:56 KFF Achmed
2012-06-05 03:47 nstball
2012-06-14 02:09 Player646102418
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