Tiki Towers

  • *** Winner of "Best Casual Game" - 5th Annual International Mobile Gaming Awards! *** Save the monkeys! Only you can lead them to safety in this amazing new puzzle game featuring construction, destruction and problem-solving! Travel between five tropical islands, leading your tribe of monkeys to safety by building bridges and towers out of bamboo, coconuts, and vines. If you're not careful, your structures will collapse and your monkeys will perish. Clear all the levels to acquire the ceremonial masks of an ancient tribe and discover their mythical lost treasure. Tiki Towers is action and puzzle gaming at its best! - 5 different islands and 45 challenging levels - Build bridges and towers using bamboo, coconuts and vines - Realistic physics - bamboo structures will bend, break, and collide with the environment Monkeying around has never been more fun!
  • Puzzle & trivia
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  • 2011-01-21 06:46
  • 2012-05-03 05:47
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Fun and addicting. 1st game I bought on my phone.
2011-04-03 13:22 SQ Towelie
Tons of fun. Primate engineering
2011-04-02 16:28 Kevlar7R
Ridiculously fun. Difficult but addictive achievement challenges.
2011-04-02 03:23 LeanAfro man
Yay! Finally finished the game. Some of the "secret" levels and Eco missions make things much more challenging later on. Here's hoping for a sequel!
2011-04-01 08:55 wayneJK
An alright replacement for world of goo and x construction
2011-04-01 07:06 eG JaRReT
Great game. Only complain is link doesnt work for realarcademobile. Waiting for more levels.
2011-04-01 05:14 Anibal5456
Decent but not at all comparable to World of Goo.
2011-03-30 21:47 Player935174755
2011-03-30 02:33 ryangra
A trully solid game. I started playing it and completely got addicted. An update with more levels would be nice.
2011-03-28 19:48 foooter
2011-03-26 23:53 Jack1USA
When you realize it's only 3 bucks, its awesome! Do wish it got a little harder, but still it burned a lot of time., and I enjoyed it all. Brings back memories of that Statics class from college. Use 2 fingers to move camera, it works ok that way.
2011-03-26 02:39 lamard360
Funny game. Too easy as soon as you get the idea. No versatile enough.
2011-03-25 22:44 ronari
Its a cute game. Kinda short. Can we get some dash games?! Wedding, diner, diaper. Something!!
2011-03-25 13:18 Player159622711
Really fun game. Could use to be longer, and the performance really lags on later levels.
2011-03-25 01:02 Yipcanjo
Need more levels. I can finish the game in an hour
2011-03-24 15:13 dimitri1130
2011-03-24 14:13 hecnycefranklin
prefect game for you engineers out there =) very fun very amusing one of the best game out thus far. HTC HD7
2011-03-24 06:34 HUNTER II7
Entertaining, but try the trial version first
2011-03-23 20:57 Majik Brownie
Great game!!! Kind of reminds me a little of Lemmings, but very good game. 5 Stars!! Seems alil to easy though. Only a couple of difficult levels.
2011-03-23 07:12 Boiled Carrots
Pretty enjoyable game, even though I can only play one or two puzzles before I put it down
2011-03-23 02:32 oBSCo TheMisfit
Really good game...needs a camera angle fix...u keep destroying what u built when tryna move the camera...very entertaining!! Def recommended
2011-03-22 16:27 Menace killz
2011-03-22 14:06 T9000WATTS
Nice animation, good general game play . But the controls make the game extremely frustrating, you try to move the camera and you break stuff you built or add pieces you don't want. Needs a move camera mode.
2011-03-22 05:39 Mythilt
This game is totally fun.
2011-03-21 21:24 ahamblin74
Good fun, well put together.
2011-03-20 22:54 vwkess
2011-03-20 19:02 FullestOwnedge
2011-03-20 18:06 xTomei
This game is so addicting! Love the art style, the touch screen controls work well, and the gameplay is solid. I can't help but going after every banana!!
2011-03-20 06:07 LoPro311
2011-03-19 23:38 Balliver420
Very fun
2011-03-19 18:04 Player688734203
Sweet game.
2011-03-19 15:20 Shalghamz
Achieved game mastery, challenging, but fun and brain teasing game! ;-) Recommend! :-)
2011-03-19 08:24 Punikator
Suprisingly funny
2011-03-18 19:03 Player161922982
Great fun, fast loading time, could be a little more challenging although getting that golden mask can be difficult. Would deffinatly buy again
2011-03-18 12:56 islandius
2011-04-07 02:50 Varsi99
Fun and goofy. A mindless time passer. Great for offsites...
2011-04-06 17:04 smadamot
Something to keep you busy. Easy achievements. HTC Surround
2011-04-05 01:45 ReturnOfXero
Great game to buy! but a little to easy
2011-03-18 02:52 UngratefulXdeaD
Its k
2011-03-17 02:30 XBPietro
LMFAO. I like how u mess up and the monkeys scratch their heads and look at u like "***?". Add me. Also on gamesforwindows.com
2011-03-16 20:47 jaybizzle704
2011-03-16 16:53 captainwinky213
Very fun, angry birds for the wp7?
2011-03-16 13:43 Danster719
Funny monkeys
2011-03-15 07:25 SteadfastBadge7
Works good on my focus
2011-03-15 05:15 darksun00798
2011-03-15 02:59 ILikeThis
Fun for a while, but the point of building structures is soon forgotten as building ropes is necessary to complete eco missions and later levels.
2011-03-14 22:52 Link of Darknes
Nice game
2011-03-14 15:22 Player975069008
2011-03-14 14:50 Buck Rogers 77
Cool GFX, very fun and overall a fun game to play! Well worth the price! 4 STARZ rating!
2011-03-14 05:16 ejfigueroa19
very fun addicting hd7
2011-03-14 04:21 Ooskunky
2011-03-13 10:52 UnLycaon
Love this game, want more levels please
2011-03-13 03:42 Player893358310
Fun and challenging
Sweet monkey animation
2011-03-12 20:26 gkoriski
2011-03-12 19:33 COOTER 9061
2011-03-12 19:28 H4ckZer0
2011-03-12 09:19 Majeffstic
Seems fun, but the trial is too short.
2011-03-12 07:18 ErikFortune
Had a lot of fun with this game. Great quick game you can play whenever you gave a few minutes.
2011-03-12 06:30 One Ohm
Hd7..very fun. Quick loading. Easy to learn. Good time killer.
2011-03-12 05:37 DREW ARMY
2011-03-12 05:16 Jeremyh120
2011-03-11 20:41 w4bbit
Dumb game
2011-04-10 02:37 Player975476873
2011-04-09 21:30 TruMael
Very fun game
2011-04-08 01:42 sepseven7
Great fun game. Very addictives
2011-03-11 04:40 PanzerXschreck
Too short
2011-03-11 03:54 Don Q D
Lots of fun, great puzzle builder game, totally worth 2.99
2011-03-11 03:16 ScoobyDrew3
This has been one of the most enjoyable games I've played on my phone! I couldn't stop playing it for days!
2011-03-10 20:25 Bomber37
fun & can be played in brief stints. controls can be annoying at times, but doesn't hinder much. would like to see more levels (update opportunity?). stick challenges are fun and provides additional replay value.
2011-03-10 17:03 Affynity
Is very good!
2011-03-10 13:27 centent
Best windows phone game out there!
2011-03-10 02:51 KleptoJ0E
Good. But not great
2011-03-09 09:08 AirSplat com
Great game like bigshaner01 said it could use more levels.
2011-03-09 02:17 MYMFRANKIE89
Need more levels:) but a lot of fun
2011-03-08 18:43 BigShaner01
Great casual game. Fun monkeys!
2011-03-08 16:44 CocoaMetra
2011-03-08 14:06 dolket i ryggen
2011-03-08 09:13 ShawnWildermuth
2011-03-08 03:27 kmno2168
Fun & challenging!
2011-04-13 01:01 Player962846340
One of the besd games in the marketplace if you prefer to think rather than to shoot things
2011-04-12 06:12 LethalSyndrome
2011-04-10 21:10 Oxcarit0
Nice game. Like it.
2011-03-07 19:44 mkoverdyaev
Nice game
2011-03-07 01:40 krushchavan
I hesitated to buy this after playing the trial but I kept finding myself questioning if I should buy it ... So I did and am very happy with the number of levels and increased challenges as I progress through the game. Very well done game and I am very happy I bought it.
2011-03-06 17:50 BoarderPatrol
Fun game.
2011-03-06 07:36 SeaPrius
2011-03-06 05:17 UnrealSeanferd
2011-03-06 04:45 Sacque
Reminds me of world of goo but less complex. Fun. Good on-the-*** game.
2011-03-06 01:00 enTRAP AG
Pretty fun
2011-03-06 00:08 HoganHogwart
Real good game, challenging but not impossible. Only thing is I liked it so much that I beat it too quick haha. I hope they add more levels or maybe a tiki 2.
2011-04-15 16:55 AFL1983
Loving this game from Android to WP7
2011-04-14 16:16 RickyKo119
Good graphics and gameplay but not really my thing
2011-04-14 05:18 McGoon76
Ok but not great - world of goo is better
2011-04-14 04:38 Solar Jello
2011-04-13 07:03 soonshin
Amazing game, my only problem is that level 7 of the mystery island is glitches, the monkeys think they're stuck but they're not.
2011-03-05 16:59 SonarCat
Addicting - great fun.
2011-03-05 05:23 ScaryOprah
Great addictive fun
2011-04-19 01:10 GoodPoizon
Monkeys that's all u need
2011-04-18 04:21 N8iV XJacksonX
Very fun.
2011-04-16 11:59 chimpFlex
Holy shiz! Not sure why but I love this game.
2011-03-04 22:29 Player969351828
Tiki Towers - Average rating : 9 - Max : 10 - Based on 362 ratings and 362 reviews.