Tile It

Can you order the tiles?

  • Simple tile game where you have to order the tiles correctly inside the square. Includes 3 different images.
  • Puzzle & trivia
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  • HuHn
  • 2011-01-08 00:00
  • 2011-01-14 18:59
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A good start, but custom images are a must. The other features mentioned by tausickus (sound and high scores) would be nice as well. Another idea would be to show the current puzzle picture (and the state of the game if it is saved) as a live tile. The price is right!
2011-01-11 16:12 eegorr
I would like custom image and a swuff sound when I move a file and a fanfare when I finish. A high score would be nice too. Nice little game. Does what it promised in the descriptions.
2011-01-10 15:38 tausickus
Update will be bases on user comments. Thx in advance for reviews.
2011-01-10 10:46 grebeos
Cool game; tough
2011-01-09 08:34 shotgunsmuzk
Far too limited
Very basic and too limited in functionality. Check out PhotoMash - it's the very best of the photo tile games available at the moment.
2011-01-09 03:31 UsefulShrimp
2011-01-09 02:23 mikee1680
Needs custom image and custom size support
2011-01-08 17:47 CannonFodderXXX
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