Air Dagger

  • The world is in need of a new jet fighter, also called Air Dagger. As a up and coming ace pilot you will choose which corporation to pledge your allegiance. You will then take your corporation’s Air Dagger and demonstrate it to the different countries of the world. You will earn money and experience to upgrade your Air Dagger to its full potential. Each corporation is fighting for the elusive contract to supply the world with the new generation Air Dagger and their progress tallied into the world corporation standings database. - Intense SHMUP action with upgradeable systems and weapons - Over 40 different upgrades and weapons - Pick from 3 different corporations to pledge your allegiance to each with its own unique Jet - Online Meta Game where each player’s success is tallied into their corporation’s success - Online Leaderboards 1.3 Update - Updated the game to Mango 1.2 Update - more content! - Added 4 new countries (Switzerland, South Africa, France, and Australia) - Added the Death Blade Weapon 1.1 Update - a.ka the community feedback update: - Simplified control scheme. Jet will now fire forward only for the main weapon if the player touches the screen. Tracking missile still requires the player to touch the enemy - Player will now flash after being hit and will be invulnerable during that time - Main gun has been augmented to have higher damage to compensate for the lack of targetting
  • Shooter
  • 93
  • Elbert Perez
  • 2011-08-18 01:00
  • 2012-04-27 23:15
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2011-10-21 15:57 Player326567825
2011-10-06 06:57 Jedmankaboom18
Works great, addictive, and fun
2011-10-19 20:49 gregorymaddra
Fun, but the controls are bad. I have to touch targets to fire missles. Finger blocks view. My biggest problem is the enemys that come from the rear. Makes it too hard. Even on easy.
2011-09-17 21:23 JDHester2000
Need to fix the corporate standings as its now to the point where the red triangle owns all but two but great gameplay
2011-09-17 04:05 Koltonaugust
THANK GOD FOR THAT UPDATE. Only thing now is change money loss when u lose a life. Good job Elbert!
2011-09-15 06:35 Player496821478
nice game
2011-09-12 20:13 Player650044669
Controls are hard but cool game
2011-09-11 19:07 Player924837501
Controls are very hard...but not much you can do on a phone. Very good graphics and fun game. Gets frustrating when you die and you tilted the phone but it didn't register fast enough.
2011-09-10 08:23 ZEROFREED0M
2011-09-06 08:42 zhixman
Would like a choice of control turn the music volume down to start.
2011-09-05 12:43 MadGaffler
Perfect fusion of Impossible Shoota & Armored Drive! I don't get why people hate the controls, I personally like them. And I also like the choices of customization you give the player. Great job Elbert Perez, what another great masterpiece :D
2011-09-03 22:48 rikuskills
Controls are *** bad
2011-09-03 07:09 Lauste999
Wonderful game! But the missions should be marked their levels.
2011-09-02 16:42 Sylar Ge
This game is all that one thing is wrong within game is the controls it needs better control
2011-09-01 23:19 Player742004117
Controls suck
2011-08-31 19:05 Sonic2452
I randomly stumbled upon this game, and I can't get enough of it. Talk about the perfect time killer! LOVE HOW IT IS FREE! Download this, you won't be disappointed
2011-08-29 21:58 LeaderofDrifter
Good game but controls should be touch only. Wayyyy too much money is lost on deaths!
2011-08-29 07:46 Player496821478
2011-08-28 21:46 Sergio Xlive
2011-08-28 07:06 Player705764708
Good game, would be nice to have a nontilt control option.
2011-08-27 20:07 Sheemalakameeda
Its amazing but i must ask Perez i know you play this game too, which corp. Are you in?
2011-08-27 03:30 koolkatkaboom
Very nice game with update!
2011-08-26 22:53 LacKodes
Great game.
2011-08-26 07:42 jtn0451
2011-08-26 05:10 koSx tRaGeDy
2011-08-24 11:36 DAP81
Controls Update coming soon
Sorry for the control issues folks. Update is now in cert and hopefully will be out this week! Enjoy
2011-08-23 23:08 Mechaghost
2011-08-23 20:03 Player837618038
I don't think that our finger should be working against us. You have to put it on the screen to shoot in a desired direction, and I don't know about anyone else but my finger is not transparent. Great games get ruined by horrible controls. Can you update this and add a digital analog slider for the shooting? Help Yourself. ;)
2011-08-23 10:45 uechiblu3000
Very nice game
2011-08-23 08:40 SoRooSH7
Need to be able to move from bottom of screen, overall a good game
2011-08-23 03:39 Player448953117
Real cool game
2011-08-22 15:51 martynosa
Graphic is perfect! In total game is good, with interesting gameplay. I think control is difficult. Also, it is normal for such games to fly in the down of the screen. In this game it is uncomfortable:) I think it always should be message before enemies from down will fly.
2011-08-22 06:54 AcademProject
Music is way too loud at first start. The controls are too difficult, or at least very hard to see if attempting to shoot.
2011-08-22 06:40 Sheemalakameeda
Would be a good game if the controls were better. You can't really see the screen when ur trying to aim. Make the firing system auto fire or have a button like those in raiden and other top down shooters
2011-08-22 05:38 GIGAS7
Not bad. Could use better controls.
2011-08-21 22:09 Tiggster79
Excellent game best I've played on windows 7 yet
2011-08-21 21:49 Player883763554
So Much Potential
Really great game but I wish I could play it with some sort of straight auto-fire cause I can't see what I'm shooting at while flying around :/
2011-08-21 18:36 Chuckowski
Difficult to play, and very fun! Invincibility after dying for 2 secs would be nice.
2011-08-21 14:50 LacKodes
Great game. I do think you could make the controls better by maybe having an a and b button at the bottom of the screen, one for the regular gun and one for rockets
2011-08-21 02:09 jtn0451
Poor controls make the game a chore. Not much fun.
2011-08-20 19:54 FerociousBeastX
2011-08-20 17:39 DookieMcButtAss
Always love you games...awesomeee
2011-08-20 14:00 BioFan
Well Elbert Perez did it again awesome game bro
2011-08-20 13:15 metalkid20
Finger is blocking the view ! Tilt amd touch is weird !
2011-08-20 11:32 Datisdesign
Good graphics and music and very good plot .but the only problem with it the control its sucks its hard to see what u doing moving from side to side.u should have a control option it would be much better and fire at the targets is very hard when your finger is all over the screen I cant give this game any stars until u improve the control situation and frie options .
2011-08-20 11:06 Player176144242
2011-08-20 07:53 hoeby
So far 4 starts, but it can be 5 after some hours of playing, good game
2011-08-20 04:40 danrh
Well done great game ..nice upgrade system ..runs great
2011-08-20 04:18 HauntedHated
Great game :)
2011-08-20 04:01 lycan1269
Ok graphics, sound, music. Control is a bit weird. The 'energy drain' penalty makes little sense in terms of playability, especially for a STG.
2011-08-20 02:00 DaJiaRyo
Just ok
2011-08-20 01:55 Lyon97
Another solid game. Keep em coming!
2011-08-19 23:20 suncrazed
2011-08-19 23:16 Gshawn360
2011-08-19 22:20 simba hiiipower
Great game!!!
2011-08-19 22:03 kazbg
2011-11-01 14:27 eZ 195
2011-08-19 19:06 wangsa1986
Love the RPG element
2011-08-19 19:01 SerGTRacer
2011-08-19 14:17 bloodwolf8
Another great game from Mr. Perez. Love the RPG leveling and weapon upgrading that was added, and the music is awesome. And thank you for adding a difficulty slider. Hopefully you can add that to Armored Drive as well :-). Grats for another excellent game, definite download!!!
2011-08-19 10:05 Amen Jah
2011-08-19 07:16 Player378712018
Amazing! I love it!
2011-08-19 07:14 NadiaE
2011-08-19 07:14 XxARKHANGELxX
very cool, if u liked armored drive u will love this
2011-08-19 06:41 Kitron
Good... Quite hard though... :P
2011-08-19 06:03 wooncherk
2011-08-19 03:09 Player496821478
2011-11-13 23:58 chpk007
Great game like many others from this developer :)
2011-11-13 20:23 BorutB
Touch and tilt doesn't work very well. What this game needs is full touch support, make the plane move and shoot just by using your thumb.
2011-11-29 07:50 lpedraja2002
2011-12-13 12:49 Player004070666
2011-12-11 16:49 Player761758803
BOSS MODE But needs nuke
2012-01-17 02:54 LL770
2012-01-13 13:14 Player870178146
This without ads gone be best game ever
2012-01-09 09:00 spider757333
2012-01-03 17:45 S24 Sammy
2011-12-28 19:27 HU CONG WEI
2011-12-27 06:56 LorenzAttractor
2011-12-23 15:33 John Zu
2011-12-23 13:38 ajsipes
2012-01-25 13:20 gameren312
2012-02-02 05:57 YPChase
Garbage :-(
2012-01-30 11:33 monfanzagre
2012-01-28 15:58 kevinliu1201
Tilt motion for control lame. energy drain for weapons also makes the game hard to enjoy.
2012-01-27 23:22 COMMO Sal
Blech. I hate scrollers that make you tilt the phone to move. Terrible controls.
2012-02-05 19:56 Kuasii
2012-02-16 13:19 Player841480815
Good game but the the upgrades sucks
2012-02-12 15:12 Player967169435
Addicted...and trying to climb up the leaderboard! =]
2012-02-23 16:53 trashcameraman
2012-02-22 09:46 omega moron
2012-03-02 20:35 Tha Baroni
Overheating is way to sensitive, and it really hard to kill people
2012-02-29 06:04 l2urik
2012-03-02 19:41 Player949344108
nice game
2011-09-12 20:13 kukudu
Not bad. Could use better controls.
2011-08-21 22:09 LynxInteractive
2012-03-17 16:35 SMHB13
2012-04-01 18:24 simba hiiipower
2012-04-24 18:02 Player949344108
2012-05-07 15:35 Player116973079
good work :D
2012-05-11 11:34 Richard Martin2
Air Dagger - Average rating : 8 - Max : 10 - Based on 93 ratings and 93 reviews.