FreeAlien Invasion

Alien Invasion is a nice simple point and shoot game. Tap the screen to shoot your lasers. Click the Ships and they go bye bye. Be fast, and don't let them get away, but watch out and don't hit your buddies. v.1.2 Alien Invasion++... more

By Baby Justine


Paper Attack

Paper Attack is a vertically scrolling shoot'em up game, it’s just really addictive, and you can play for an unlimited time. Pilot your Paper-Craft and defend your notepad against devil planes in this exciting shoot'em up game. Destroy maximum... more



FreeFlubber Ball

Flubber Ball is a simple Shooter-Game. Be a ball and fight with guns against your opponents! more

By Jens P. Behrens


Earth 2026

Earth 2026 is a fast-paced shooting game. Your goal is to destroy meteors that threat to earth. Nations of the earth have been built in defense system to protect earth and you have been selected from among the millions of applicants for this... more

By CodeCube Brothers Partnership



The Last Chance saloon is the place where you built your legend. The fastest shooter of the wil wild west. You must shoot the different items which appeared on the bar. But your time is limited by the stick of dynamite. Some of your friends... more

By choulet


FreeKill the Duck: Carnival Edition

Special edition of "Kill the Duck" game for Carnival season... This game has some new graphics and a "Funny" game mode related to carnival ! Kill the Duck is the game which is really fun and addictive... Your task is to shoot all ducks and don't... more

By andreasvilela


FreeAstroSpacers Elite

AstroSpacers Elite is a thrilling and addictive 2D shooter that pits you against a fleet of enemy ships. Score points as you defeat the alien horde by blowing them up to smithereens. Stay alive by avoiding retaliatory missles and unpredictable... more

By LeckTech


FreeToon Invaders

Earth is under attack!!! A fleet of adorable, cute-looking enemies are trying to invade our planet! You are the last hope of humanity... Make your way throught the solar system to the Invader's home planet, to stop the attack! Good Luck! more

By DG~Soft



Easter is coming and your eggs are a treasure to protect. You must face a training organised by your garden friends. They will try to catch your eggs by all means and you must try to stop them. But what they do not know is that for a rabbit you... more

By choulet



Turn your phone into a machine gun. Shake your phone to fire. Shaking madly produce a non stop fire ! more

By remix-creation