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Update 1.2 Because of Marketplace update problem if you have trial version uninstall game and install again. New Features: New Amo: Shootgun: Two bullets - very powerful. Bomb - Destroyes all bird New birds: The Green - Shoot him twice to... more

By JOJO Mobile sp. z o.o.


FreeRebellion Rise Lite

Jump into an adrenaline-filled journey through space as you try to recover your captured comrades and rebuild the rebellion against the Federation. Your skill, patience, and reflexes will be tested as you take part in battles against seemingly... more

By Amused Sloth


Bullet Overload

Dodge swarms of bullets as you try to destroy your enemies in this intense shoot 'em up. more

By Offbeat Games


Galactic Intervention Force

This is an old style shooter in the 80's vein. Your job is to protect the citizens of our Galactic Empire. We have lived fr centuries in peace. However, the Jakarian empire has invaded several of our systems. You will be assigned to defend one... more

By Step Soft Games


Angry Teddy Bear

First shooter game for children. No blood, no violence. Only pure pleasure and entertainment. If your child want to shoot and you afraid of blood in games you should chose this game. Colorful toys placed in a children room must be removed till... more

By JOJO Mobile sp. z o.o.



Relive the good old days with this classic retro shooter - rack up the highest score you can as the levels get progressively tougher. It's just like having a tabletop arcade on your phone! more

By Ironsun Studios Limited


Space Invaders

Remake of the classic shooter Space Invaders. Trial version supports only first level. more

By DeepPix



Zhombos have one more time attacked one of the Glurcks station. It is time to react. Glurcks decide to declare war. Your spaceship is now ready to leave. Zhombos spaceships are waiting for you and they are more than 1000. But you have have... more

By choulet



Remake of the classic PC shooter Asteriods. more

By DeepPix



Defend your core and target your enemies in this frantic Quad touch shooter. - Use the Quad touch enabled screen to target multiple enemies - Predict enemy patterns for maximum kill efficiency - Absorb dead enemies to level up your core - Post... more

By Elbert Perez