• Quad Touch Shooter Madness! You are the last surviving pure CPU. The digital frontier of Bitripia has succombed to the corruption of the Veil. Use your last remaining defenses and kill as much corruption as you can before being consumed yourself. Update: 2.3 - Updated to Mango - Use the Quad touch enabled screen to target multiple enemies - Predict enemy patterns for maximum kill efficiency - Play against 3 difficulty levels - Post your scores online against the best of the best From the creator of Armored Drive, Impossible Shoota, Blackboard Gems, Fishing Girl, Zombidemix, Nom Nom Worm, Microchip Rush, Traffic Cop, Steam Castle, and Scribble Defense.
  • Shooter
  • 239
  • Elbert Perez
  • 2011-01-06 00:49
  • 2012-05-02 03:29
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Wow all of this guys apps are awesome!
2011-01-06 07:30 smartass1379
2011-01-06 07:16 MurrZon
Wow fun game for being free!
2011-01-06 06:08 Ishkabibbles84
Very good!
2011-01-06 05:47 xizhabox
2011-01-06 04:53 david2327
Really fun and addictive. The muli-targeting aspect makes it challenging and unique. Awesome job and idea.
2011-01-06 04:30 Daegalus
First!! This game is great. It gets challenging pretty fast so u just fly right into action:)))))))))
2011-01-06 03:35 NUTsTUN
I love this game =D
2011-01-06 03:32 Mechaghost
So good
2011-01-07 15:01 leejihyun615
Awsome game! Very addictive and challenging.
2011-01-07 14:22 Zun3rID
Pretty *** cool, nice visuals and music
2011-01-07 09:11 Mr Awesomes
2011-01-07 06:21 V1ViD
Awesome game just wish I didn't die so easily.
2011-01-07 05:32 AllWindowsPhone
Fun and gorgeous. Get it!
2011-01-07 03:55 Mark da shi
I *** jizz in my pants while I was playing this game is sick GET IT NOW!!!
2011-01-06 23:10 BLACKSAND661
Good Geometry wars-ish shooter. Really fun. gets a little choppy occasionally but other than that it's solid. Great sound fx too. Free so get it. You have no excuse.
2011-01-06 20:34 Ostyns
Very fun and glad its free
2011-01-06 19:29 lpinot
Such a fun game!
2011-01-06 19:21 Twin Turb0bz
2011-01-06 17:46 Nuttaphon Lee
2011-01-08 14:25 THE 1 KSA
Very well done for a free game! Good music,controls,and graphics makes this a easy shooter.More orbs to direct would be nice.
2011-01-08 02:34 Reddraconis
Amazing game and free!
2011-01-08 01:24 Marek J 85
Nice concept! Very fun to play
2011-01-07 20:54 BehoyH
Great game. Really challenging game play keeps you coming back.
2011-01-07 19:05 Eternal 316
Surprisingly addictive and engaging!
2011-01-09 15:54 Hal9000 v2010
Elbert Perez just makes the best games for windows phone 7.... This is just another awesome game for windows phone 7. Definitely would recommend it to others.
2011-01-09 12:54 DarkSilence1995
Wow. Another classic free wp7 game from the genius behind Impossible Shoota. Great music and gameplay, and amazing visuals.
2011-01-09 05:59 KennyTheHitmanX
Fun game.
2011-01-09 03:44 stopthatstings
Reminds me of geometry wars
2011-01-10 18:59 o CupOfWater o
Pretty fun, neat graphics.
2011-01-10 16:28 TURNS
A must have :D
2011-01-10 06:58 o ProFuZioN o
2011-01-10 05:00 EvgeniyNovikov
2011-01-12 09:28 TheAnnihilus
Great game especially for a free game. There should be more of these!
2011-01-12 04:45 AJsoFresh
Beautiful, fun, easy. Definitely worth the download!
2011-01-11 16:54 MrHappyScar
Got a blister on my finger first day I got it because I couldn't stop playing it, awesome game!
2011-01-11 08:13 jolujaper
It is pretty addicting, and fun, so pretty cool game, but us so frustrating!
2011-01-13 02:17 UncoveredOrb872
cant stop shooting!
there's a power up where you get an extra aimmer. and you can use 2 thumbs to aim/shoot. or you can do what i do. once i get the xtra aimmer i let my sister jump in and control the 2nd aimmer it kinda becomes a 2 player shooter! pretty fun but author should modify it because we always die within a few minutes because the emenies get too fast and too strong
2011-01-12 23:37 PistachioEar9
2011-01-14 07:19 Yoouta
One of my favorite free games. Really hard really fast though.
2011-01-14 04:33 Archreeper
2011-01-16 00:39 J2theFerson
2011-01-17 07:38 bern it down
Nice game =D
2011-01-17 01:42 dieGoMv10
2011-01-16 10:53 Svedburg
Hard as nails, but awesome, awesome game. By the way... And its free.
2011-01-16 06:06 AngryN00bHunt3r
Very cool game with nice music.
2011-01-18 06:52 PuNiSha
Nice game. Free too.
2011-01-18 05:35 Player077896821
Nice job guys!!!! Only if there was a better way to control da gunners :'(
2011-01-18 02:45 RIOTdoc
Awesome game dude!!
2011-01-17 22:12 TandooriNaan
Very good must have
2011-01-20 22:36 CHESS DRAGON07
2011-01-20 19:51 Player087316747
2011-01-20 16:06 Jojo Lee 0821
Game looks great but when you get to using four finger tracking you can't even see the screen.
2011-01-22 02:52 picklejarfarm
Nice game, nice sound
2011-01-22 01:02 Sluguinho
Great concept, very fun and challenging, plus nice graphics . Keep up the great work.
2011-01-21 23:01 victorj589
2011-01-21 21:15 vvaibmec
This was a fun game until the recent update. Now there are clickable ads at the top of the screen that are very easy to accidentally click. Won't be keeping this game.
2011-01-23 16:34 Satyr Bear
2011-01-23 13:59 kinetic1988
Great game. Very difficult though to control 4 gunners properly.
2011-01-23 07:39 Babon Bangke
2011-01-23 05:04 TacoMusic
Fun game to help the time pass!
2011-01-23 03:33 TricBox2
2011-01-22 17:24 TazmanianMoose
2011-01-24 10:07 GreenCrack spy
Big fan of this developers games ...all really good! This one is like impossible shooter but tower defense. Very smooth feel and addicting indeed
2011-01-26 05:12 athix6
2011-01-25 19:27 Player598888173
2011-01-25 05:14 BluLightninFlik
2011-01-26 23:53 Player492841550
Awesome game! 4 Gunners are ridiculous!
2011-01-26 12:11 JonHeDoesIt
Great game, great graphics. Gameplay is wonderful. Would like some Zune integration.
2011-01-28 20:51 ProvableParrot
Lame app tile doesn't draw you in, but this is a fun Rez-style shooter with great music elements.
2011-01-28 16:41 henrysunset
2011-01-28 13:40 starfish head
Its fun but the only problem is I can't see the screen cause my fingers are in the way!!!
2011-01-28 11:34 TedStyleR
Fuckinn legit bitch
2011-01-29 19:31 Player882119689
2011-01-29 13:59 The Zoopmeister
Lol don't play this while driving =D also like somebody akwready posted, the ads can get in the way or else this would be a 5
2011-01-31 06:47 Player756033064
2011-01-31 06:03 Chrizz95
Awesome and simple, could use maybe the ability to change themes or expand the game further, but as a free game its a must have
2011-01-30 20:44 ma118uller
Fun and easy to play. The art style is great, this game can be a XBox Live game if it incorporated music and create tunes as you shoot objects of different shapes and colors.
2011-02-02 04:23 Jeihtal
Font is terrible. Game is fun.
2011-02-02 02:46 bingledork
Nice game, very nice graphics and sound.
2011-02-01 17:21 danrh
Really good game. Fun and challenging.
2011-02-01 16:00 mooose1986
Dude. This this the best game developer for WP7, period.
2011-02-03 06:54 Diffy Amorphism
Slightly addictive, but the ads at the top of the page are annoying because you can accidentally press em and they take you out of gameplay.
2011-02-03 05:38 NoMoreHiding
2011-02-02 08:38 sushovan
2011-02-04 19:39 Titan427
2011-02-04 09:12 seanmalchiel
2011-02-04 05:23 sixpackBUDDHA
2011-02-08 02:37 LEM73
I really don't get why this game has such high ratings. The concept is great but the game is designed so that your thumb or finger is blocking your view the entire time. Super annoying!
2011-02-06 19:26 nairad250
Good idea but my finger blocks view of the screen while playing.
2011-02-06 19:13 uglyheavy
U click adds and the game fails to resume
2011-02-06 07:38 Vishwa1985
2011-02-06 01:14 FriskyDev
Wat a great game ! :D
2011-02-06 00:21 ReFLeXes x
Great game. Wish I could pay for it to get rid of ads
2011-02-05 17:43 DrScratch
2011-02-09 01:25 Player902402763
2011-02-09 00:04 Djbuti Djinn
Great game both in design and visually! But game lags/stutters when you unlock all 4 fingers...optimization needed. If performance issue is resolved, very easy for me to give 5stars
2011-02-08 22:24 LammyGotRice
2011-02-11 15:53 zXRaId3rXz
Cool looking game..very simple to play..
2011-02-11 12:38 lokekickass
Very intense and visually stunning. Multiple crosshairs is a cool idea but very hard to control when you're fingers are all over the screen trying to control everything.
2011-02-13 01:25 Naty722
Quadra - Average rating : 9 - Max : 10 - Based on 239 ratings and 239 reviews.