Rocket Riot

  • Strap on your bazooka soldier, and get ready for the new and improved mobile version of the awesome action-packed side-view shooter Rocket Riot™. In this highly stylized eight-bit era style game, blast your way through the environment against the strangest enemies you will ever encounter. Navigate through a completely destructible environment, uncover special power-ups, or even burrow into different areas of the map. The map regenerates, keeping the action fast-paced, but time doesn't heal all wounds.
  • Shooter
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  • Microsoft Studios™
  • 2010-10-10 22:23
  • 2012-04-30 10:33
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Cute and Fun
I don't actually find the controls very natural, but I see they have other options for them to try out. The game is cute and fun, but yep, pretty pricey!
2010-11-02 02:44 Cyrce
Great eye candy, but gets old after 4 levels.
Great for a while. Meh after 4 or 5 levels.
2010-11-01 22:49 Peterson
Great time killer.
The controls are non-intuitive and take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it the game is a lot of fast paced fun.
2010-11-01 18:48 LMorri
Great graphics, fun game.
This game is pretty neat. The graphics are really cool, and gameplay is great. Pretty fun game.
2010-10-30 00:20 tito12384
I absolutely love this game other than its price ;) Easy interface, superb performance, and not much loading time.
2010-10-25 19:42 wooramy
Its simple and fun. My 3y old loves it as well ...the controls are that easy to use.
2010-10-24 02:50 Arengar
I personally found the controls pretty easy. I love the power UPS and the whole 3D aspect of the game. Love it!
2010-10-23 20:36 meteorbursts
Hard to control.
2010-10-23 05:56 DadZizzle
You won't be putting this down
I can't get enough of this game! I played the trial and the more I played it, the more I wanted to do more. So I bought it. Steep price, but so far, well worth it. This has such great entertainment. The graphics look retro, but it gives it a much better feel when you start blasting through objects like they are just paper! Very addictive!
2010-10-23 00:13 enOZero
Fun game for all ages
love the 80s style and sounds! Game control gets some getting used to. But once you do, it's super fun!
2010-10-22 15:47 CougarCruiser
12 Year old daughter loves this game as much as me! Great time waster on car rides. Simple to pick up yet keeps getting more challenging by levels.
2010-10-22 04:44 ManicMarty
2010-10-22 01:52 JLiefke
2010-10-20 22:43 IgorZ
Tons of fun
This is a fast-paced and exciting shooter. Love the graphics, and all the powerups.
2010-10-20 21:24 CareerLlama
Overall, Great Game
The controls are a little different than most other games, and were a little difficult to use at first, but you'll get the hang of it after a couple of levels. Overall, it's an addictive game, and I like how not all of the "powerups" are beneficial. Pick up the wrong one and you'll be running away until it wears off. Graphics: 4/5 Gameplay: 5/5 Controls: 4/5 Audio: 3/5
2010-10-20 19:23 j33wang
Great immersive game
This is a great innovative and immersive game. There's a slight learning curve to the controls, but once you've got them down you're set. There's quick play as well as a campaign. Definitely a favorite so far.
2010-10-20 16:46 Fascinus
I found the controls quite hard to master. Overall, after trying the game a few times, I haven't come back to it.
2010-10-20 01:05 LethalJM
Fun game but controls can be challenging
The game is a lot of fun, and has an impressive amount of on-screen action at one time. Gameplay is simplistic and frantic, and the large number of power-ups (not all of them helpful!) adds to the variety. The controls were a little rough though - when using the touch-based controls my finger would often slide off the screen onto the phone's outer casing.
2010-10-19 05:51 torrboy
I played this a lot when I first bought it but haven't been coming back to it as much as some of the other games. The graphics are pretty and the music is great, but it's not the most skill based game ever.
2010-10-19 02:12 StephenReading
Extremely fun game with impressive particle effects and cool retro 80s 3D visuals. The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is the somewhat difficult controls (i.e. can be hard to control movement)
2010-10-19 01:07 pjderks
Does the 80's proud
I like the retro look, it's a little pricey though, seems like a 3.99 game.
2010-10-18 22:07 FlynPrplPplEtr
Controls are a little limiting, but the game is fun. Love the graphics!
2010-10-18 21:06 JoelPatrol
2010-10-18 00:21 Vigilante
Simple 80s shooting fun. It took a bit of practice to get brain trained to the two hand setup for controlling direction and firing simultaneously. After that its blow em up fun. Play the science class til movements and firing are easy then take on the other levels.
2010-10-18 00:09 ch2laughlin
This game is awesome! The gameplay is fun and it is probably the best game right now. However the gameplay is somewhat generic and the lack of varieties is sad. There are only 3 types of gametypes (4 if you count the level specialties), the basic shoot all enemies, football, and destroy all blocks. The kill all enemies is pretty self expletory and so is the destroy all blocks. The only one I don't like is football. You basically have to fly to the other side of the map grab a football, you also can't shoot while holding a football, run all the way back, while the Ai is constantly spamming enemies at you. The enemies will also bunch up at tight spaces sometimes and since you can't shoot them you'll have to drop your football and return fire. Despite the football gametype, the game is very fun and I will highly recommend it to anyone thinking of buying this game. Spamming rockets will cause a massive frame rate drop.
2010-10-17 17:22 AlpeDuez
Awesome shoot em up action with the screen filled with explosions. Once I started I didn't stop until both my battery and thumbs were dead. Game play is fast paced, and easy to learn. Bosses are fun too, as is the "story." However, gameplay does get tedious after a while with basically the same enemies and goals, just looking different. But that's par for the course for shmups. Graphics are distinctive and beautiful though I occasionally see frame rate slowdowns.
2010-10-15 16:41 seraline
Really fun 2d (2.5d?) shootem up. The screenshots don't do the game justice. Quite addictive and very fast. Only problem is sometimes on my Samsung Focus I accidently hit the search button which brings up Bing in the middle of the game.
2010-10-15 16:30 JulianJ 67
Best game so far! I liked it better when moving the phone to control the guy instead of using on screen controls.
2010-10-15 04:06 ErnieTheKid
2010-10-15 01:40 AmandaMc
Best game on wp7 so far. I played this on Xbox and the translation is perfect. The gesture based control scheme works extremely well (much better than the "virtual button" scheme on other games). I hope this becomes the standard for these sorts of games.
2010-10-14 16:52 Tsuketa
Very high production value and a fun game. The controls are tricky at first but become natural after sone practice.
2010-10-14 02:36 Clif
Pricey but a great action game!
Pure action fun - elements of Robotron, very fast-paced. The control scheme takes a bit to get used to, but once you have it down it's amazingly intuitive to fly around at dizzying speed spewing rockets or other odd weaponry. Gamers raised on 8-bit consoles will love the old-school aesthetic, as the style is intentionally retro and "pixellated". The gameplay is so fast-paced that I mostly ignore what the power-ups are and just go crazy shooting everything, especially since you can destroy almost all the terrain, which explodes in clouds of pixels. Highly recommended for action game fans.
2010-10-14 00:17 MountainDewX
2010-10-13 23:42 lady samantha
This is a really fun game. Nice graphics, sound and game play. Another high quality app! Highly recommended.
2010-10-13 20:44 eddielipu
Really Exciting game
Before I tried this game I was a bit doubtful that I would like it. Now I am totally addicted to it. The game is exciting to play + lots of action. -1 star though for the price.
2010-10-13 19:52 rayylim88
Very addictive !
2010-10-13 17:33 vikramarka
Great graphics and controls
Graphics look great and the tilting control is a lot of fun. There are lots of different level types to break up the action - some of them are straightforward kill-everything missions but then there are boss battles, levels where you need to shoot a field goal with a football, and more.
2010-10-13 16:55 Yostage
Super fun game, I'm hooked. Great perf and graphics, controls are easy
2010-10-13 15:44 whimbley
Very fun. Great graphics. Controls are easy to pick up.
2010-10-13 08:33 rick509
Everyone should get this game. It's fast paced with intuitive controls and you get to blow up everything.
2010-10-13 05:51 TimmiBui
This is a really fun game with great retro graphics, a killer soundtrack and slick touch input!
2010-10-13 05:25 EzraCornell
This game is a real blast. I thought the 360 version of this game was fun, but the phone version is even better.
2010-10-13 05:04 Schief
This game is awesome!! The only reason that I don't give it a 5 is that the controls seem to take a bit of getting used to! 5 For gameplay though!
2010-10-13 04:16 hulumane
Fun, oh so fun! I was up and running on my jetpack within minutes using the training level. The graphics are all right, but the music is upbeat and the gameplay gets really intense once you start blasting through walls. I'm not a big gamer, but I'm already addicted! I did find the tilt controller scheme easier than swiping on screen but I can see how some may want to play with their thumbs. All in all, a well executed and fun game. The only downside is price... Seems a bit steep for 7 bucks.
2010-10-13 04:00 Taqi Jaffri
The best game in the marketplace so far. Very responsive, a lot of fun.
2010-10-13 03:40 gb2312
Terrific fun. Super fast, great gameplay. Innovative controls that work pretty well. Sometimes it's a little tough to keep flying in one direction, but the gameplay is fast and has a good deal of depth
2010-10-13 03:34 SaucyPenguin
Great concept. Retro graphics and sound make it a great immersive experience.
2010-10-12 22:35 allergictotrees
2010-10-12 17:51 ShawnWildermuth
Amazongly fun game!
2010-10-12 10:42 bingijummer
This game is way too fun! I had to set my phone on the table because my hands were starting to hurt from constantly holding the phone and controlling my character. And also 30 minutes went by before I noticed. :). Great game!
2010-10-12 06:04 JBDiveMan
Awesome game, love that you can destroy everything.
2010-10-12 06:02 jannespeters
Nice retro game.
2010-10-12 05:44 MacAhari
2010-10-12 04:42 ZGool
Quite fun and cute. LOVE the retro music, graphics, and in-jokes. I find the controls a little fiddly ( hard to shoot on right of screen while flying ), but its a great game mechanic when you're used to it.
2010-10-11 23:21 Clavain928
Every bit as good as XBOX
Very responsive, fun game play. Be careful, you might get addicted!
2010-10-11 20:54 cjx2112
It's a blast
Retro graphics, but fast moving game play. You fly around shooting rockets, and trying not to get shot. I really like the controls (swipe anywhere on the left half to fly, anywhere on the right half to shoot. This is much easier to control than some other games that have small on-screen targets.
2010-10-11 19:17 Swerving
This game is awesome! graphics look great, play very nice on my phone! and the loading screens rock! :)
2010-10-11 18:28 mahoekst
Lots of fun!
What can I say, it's a great game! Fun realtime shooting action.
2010-10-11 16:38 MechaDragon
This game is great! Unique graphics and game play. I highly recommend it.
2010-10-11 15:12 Xoanan
This game is pretty addicting. Fun to play!
2010-10-11 15:10 khiggins
Fun times
2010-10-11 15:05 shotgunsmuzk
A fun diversion!
2010-10-11 14:33 Depeche
I love thechacters
2010-10-11 13:28 TeewinotMan
Great graphics, great action
Oh, I'm sure it'll get old, and it's a little pricey, but I wanted a good action game for the phone, and this one is *** impressive. Performs beautifully, the graphics are great, the story and humor is cute, and it's Xbox LIVE enabled to boot. Not bad at all.
2010-11-07 00:40 Dryden 01
2010-11-10 12:42 SPADEZ137
Very fun game
2010-11-10 11:55 NockOutt
Great game with fun retro graphics. Control is a little imprecise but good nonetheless.
2010-11-10 23:50 StapleMonk
2010-11-11 04:45 Bing Kc
A great game in the Xbox 360 that translates poorly to a mobile device. The game itself is humorous, has a nice soundtrack, and plenty of options and unlockables. However, the mobile version is extremely difficult to control, even with three different control schemes to try. Play the trial version to judge if you can manage the controls. Keep in mind the game will get much more difficult. If you like what you see but hate the controls, consider buying the [much better] Xbox Live Arcade version on the Xbox 360 (if you own one, of course).
2010-11-12 13:53 Origina1Penguin
Awesome game, a real suprise
2010-11-12 07:50 Mr Awesomes
My new favorite! Everyone should have this
2010-11-13 02:00 incendy
Great graphic...control is acceptable
2010-11-12 20:49 XXris
Touch controls are too sensitive making it hard to control... A dedicated d pad might help
2010-11-12 18:04 raproo
Sweet. An app that crashes every 5 min.
2010-11-15 08:29 frenchyvince
Controls can be a challenge, but you'll get used to them eventually and the game is pretty fun.
2010-11-15 17:26 HugeBeard
2010-11-17 23:50 Stoneysilence77
Pretty cool.
2010-11-18 17:00 GameCaMiller
Controls are tight and there is a surprisingly large amount of levels the play through. Great time killer.
2010-11-18 16:12 DMZilla
If you like this find soldat for your computer, this is really good. Controls took a min to get used to but not bad at all
2010-11-20 02:22 david2327
2010-11-20 13:34 j AmnesiAc
Love the game. Love this phone.
2010-11-20 07:43 ROMPIN RYAN
2010-11-21 02:33 GoKart Mozart
Very fun. I think the controls are actually well done. I really like the visual style of the levels.
2010-11-20 20:18 StompingKansas
2010-11-21 23:25 RoryLeDuck
Love this game. This kind of game is what mobile gaming is all about. Quick, addictive, and easy to pick up.
2010-11-21 14:07 Padd3r
Awesome fun, but frustrating on the Samsung focus cause the controls lend themselves to accidentally pressing the back, search or home touch buttons and being dumped out of the game...
2010-11-22 06:13 FourthMode
Love the game. Love this phone.
2010-11-22 02:26 ROMPIN RYAN
2010-11-23 03:33 JGUY25
2010-11-24 08:41 Compulim
Good port of a good XBLA game. I just hope xbox deals of the week will start having WP7 game deals.
2010-11-24 06:54 Uncle Joy
This is my favorite Win7 phone game. Full destructive environments and loads of unlockable characters make this game priceless. :)
2010-11-24 06:39 xXTRIPLE K1LLXx
Great game, I'm going to wait for a price drop though. Once more and more of games start getting cranked out the prices will come down. Make it $4.99 or less and count me in for one.
2010-11-24 05:43 Ratheus
Fun, controls take some time to get used to.
2010-11-24 04:07 TX Terror xxx
Very responsive and very fun!
2010-11-24 03:00 Treverlee
Fun like crazy!
This game is a lot of fun! I love the graphics and the slightly 3D perspective. Runs well, responsive.
2010-11-24 01:06 Player976039
Love it bout to purchase this one.
2010-11-23 23:46 realist38116
2010-11-26 02:10 Dwiff669
2010-11-26 00:42 pRg07
Very fun... Price is steep for a phone game.
2010-11-27 15:16 AHairyDonkey
My kids love this game - call it capture the flag
2010-11-27 14:47 mobilebozo
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