Defend your turret!

  • Sabotage is an action arcade game that incorporates true 3D graphics. The player controls a turret in order to keep away paratroopers dropped by helicopters and biplanes, bombs dropped by unmanned drones, and cruise missiles. Levels become progressively more difficult. Gameplay is enhanced with power-ups, multiple weapons, falling vehicle debris, a local leaderboard, sound effects and more!
  • Shooter
  • 15
  • Yes

  • Xoanan Industries
  • 2010-10-14 00:00
  • 2010-12-10 06:14
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Pretty cool game.
2010-11-06 01:11 jateenjoshi
Fun game, like the concept.
2010-10-25 17:59 fatalsun
2010-10-19 07:46 Robert Lin
Pretty fun
2010-10-16 18:40 Player040407204
Fun game with really nice 3d models. I like shooting out the parachutes and dropping people on other people.
2010-10-15 21:08 Tsuketa
This is a fun turret game with some challenging levels and neat 3d graphics.
2010-10-15 18:34 EzraCornell
Classic arcade fun. I played this for an hours right after I installed it. There's just something very satisfying about splatting paratroopers.
2010-11-20 01:48 CareerLlama
Very cool game, congrats!
2010-11-19 22:03 viridans
This game is incredibly well done. The graphics are amazing and the controls are intelligent. The game itself is simple yet really fun. Sometimes, the turet controls will be really laggy but if you restart the app, the work again.
2010-11-23 16:23 The After Sheep
What a fun game. It is well worth the buy. The levels are well thought out.
2010-11-24 02:02 Greg Finzer
Sabotage - Average rating : 8 - Max : 10 - Based on 15 ratings and 15 reviews.