Big Guns Tower Defense

  • Defend your base from the ever advancing armies of buggies, tanks, planes and more in this addictive all action free Tower Defense game. Features 10+ weapons and 35 levels of if increasingly difficult fun! V1.2 Includes: Bug when selling a turret that could cause the game to crash Tapping Sell is more reliable V1.1 Includes: A fix to reduce load times to ensure the game loads on all phone models. 7 Extra levels (More will follow in future updates!) New incoming warning markers, helps you see where the next attack is coming from.
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  • 2011-05-09 21:04
  • 2012-05-03 18:43
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Not a bad game but if could use some work to make it fun
2011-07-11 16:48 Last Outlaw04
Excellent. The way of simplicity is just awesome
2011-07-11 15:13 NiShOmnia
Poor graphics, towers cannot be upgraded, bad level design
2011-07-11 01:59 Player000396773
Love this game. Add more levels please
2011-07-10 02:12 Howsurbum
This game is awesome. I look forward to part 2 or more levels. Its a must download
2011-07-09 14:40 Mavricks Wild
2011-07-09 06:15 nEyal
Great game
2011-07-08 12:39 Player395481918
I have love for this app.. Last couple levels are toughhh. Must have app if u enjoy td
2011-07-05 22:34 Quabynne
Great gameplay - probably the best tower defence gameplay on wp7. However, it needs unit upgrades, leaderboards, power-ups. Very limited interface. Also, you should explain pros/cons of all units/enemies and show their range when they're placed.
2011-07-04 22:53 WP7MISTERDANE
Its way to hard
2011-07-03 16:02 xNEONxWAFFLESx
I like it but some of the levels especially the final 4 or so are waaayyy to hard. I'm looking foward to more updates
2011-07-02 19:21 Player884361803
addictive, yet pls. add some exciting song, anyway very good job. looking for new update. thx.
2011-07-02 16:23 U Do Mn An
Very addicting
2011-07-01 16:37 KILLAfoREALA06
2011-07-01 02:04 ITxGOESxBOOM
Excellent good job
2011-06-30 22:23 Player053932077
2011-06-30 05:43 ZidneyG
2011-06-29 20:19 ZMANtheBEST
Nice game, looking forward for more updates.
2011-06-28 01:33 kantiwho
Okay. Game could be much better with a more than minimal amount of coding.
2011-06-27 23:08 Zeal of Sparta
2011-06-27 22:50 Puppyphart
It's okay, but definitely not the best tower defense game for wp7.
2011-06-26 20:40 ElGrapadora13
Great tower defense game, hope they add more levels!
2011-06-26 19:48 usarian
Totally addictive great game
2011-06-26 14:04 darthted0351
Good one!
2011-06-26 05:53 FortisSemper
Great game
2011-06-25 05:40 wp7 Devon
2011-06-25 02:23 kmoth
34 & 35 Are hard yo pass and really fun to play.
2011-06-24 13:59 Player536861420
2011-06-24 11:40 mentalgr
2011-06-23 21:18 Player714559783
Very nice version for phone, 5 stars, but need possibility to upgrade towers
2011-06-23 19:55 BykinAG
Awesome game and a little challenging time to time. Need more games like this one
2011-06-23 07:14 Yoitsilya
One of the best free games yet :-)
2011-06-22 23:03 fanofmusic02
2011-06-22 21:30 Lebanese Cedars
Best free game I have tryed.
2011-06-22 20:18 Player698095241
Fun while it lasts ;)
2011-06-22 03:51 NayRXT00
Great addicting game!
2011-06-22 03:07 andrecarlucci
Not what I expected at all. This is a blast. Its like a TD puzzle game. Very well done.
2011-06-22 01:48 Gaguratonix
Fun for about 5 minutes. No upgrades, few places to place turrets. By the time you häve enough points to buy better turrets, you're being overrun and lose.
2011-06-19 01:31 AbsoluteSpeed
2011-07-13 22:07 Player511111004
Need more towers and take off the Areial battles, also it needs the towers to be upgradeable.
2011-07-13 15:15 electrictoot01
This game was fun until you get to the last levels. There are parts in this game were you just can't build enough to defend yourself for the 3 stars. Not to mention there isn't any upgrades for the guns, the guns themselves cost to much and the game is repetitive. One star until they change some stuff to actually make this game fun.
2011-07-12 19:54 Damain Clareon
2011-06-19 01:22 Aflacsslick
Best free game yet.
2011-06-18 22:09 volcomsheehan
2011-06-18 05:09 itsuptoyouzutag
Great game, gets difficult at the end, last stage used nukes to get by
2011-06-17 19:44 Player167952138
Best game ever
Awesome game. needs good strategy.
2011-06-17 16:55 win7ontherocks
2011-06-17 04:27 LittleJohn1079
I really enjoy this fun and addictive TD game.
Great fun, I enjoy the TD style of games. I think this game could use an info screen to tell what each weapon's range/damage is, but its not to hard to see. It gets a little hard starting on lvl 34, can't seem to generate enough money to get enough defense out for the quick little guys. Maybe the BigGun should have splash damage rather than just damaging the target. Also a little tough to get enough Anti-air/ Flakker out for the planes, maybe the damage they do is a little on the light side.
2011-06-17 02:42 KeithsFocus
Great game
2011-06-17 01:04 Player492793222
Really good TD game, just wish I could lock my phone and not lose my progress.... Also idk y ppl r complaining about lvl 4, I got 3 stars by filling all the squares with the weakest turrent then selling 1 of the center ones for the gray 300pt tower
2011-06-16 05:53 Player674186685
Need more levels..
2011-06-15 20:55 THE AXE MURDAER
Level 4...*** man
2011-06-15 19:11 King CR05
with update fixed only minor needs but need to work on weapons,there upgrades and something to replenish the HQ health.
2011-06-15 10:25 metalkid20
Free. Didn't rate 5 star because it did crash a few times.
2011-06-15 06:00 alexs714
Very good and addictive game. But now that I've beaten every level without damage i need more levels!.
2011-06-15 01:22 woodsguy
I did it...i beat every level all 3 stars......dang I love this game...anybody that doesn't like it....killyaself....with the purple missles...haaaaaa
2011-06-14 17:32 mississippi228
The game isn't well designed as it is too easy and doesn't require strategic thinking. I was also appalled by the pornographic ads.
2011-06-14 13:53 bgeihsgt
Same complaints as everyone else. Not really a td game, more just a survival game. Enemies don't follow "paths" they just come from any and everywhere. Towers aren't really towers as they don't do different things, each just basically fires faster than the last - as opposed to actually being able to upgrade them to do such. There's no impact towers or slow towers, buff towers or sniper towers. No upgrades, and basically no depth. Had to uninstall at level 20 or so. As said in others reviews, could be good but just feels unfinished and lazy. Definitely shouldn't be called a td game though for sure.
2011-07-16 09:42 Royal Kraken
2011-07-16 07:53 BeefCakeWarrior
This was an awesome game until lvl 4. The level is impossible. So I gave u 2 stars. How r u guys passing it???!!!!
2011-06-14 04:48 TheEman7
Best game. crashing fixed. Needs more levels, some new enemies and weapons. Very good job. Grafics are perfect for this type of game.
2011-06-13 18:41 Player826888574
Awesome game. Not too hard and not easy either. Not sure about level up because it would be a lot harder to balance out the difficulties.
2011-06-13 17:30 J i c M i C a z
Very good, just make graphics better
2011-06-12 22:59 Datisdesign
Too constrained. Cannot guide the path of the enemy objects. Loses interest very quickly.
2011-06-12 16:08 Tac Elf
It don't even load up it keeps going back to my wallpaper
2011-06-12 13:08 Player726253747
2011-06-11 08:21 Boris Delev
2011-06-10 21:59 coolgraves
Great game! Tower upgrades?
2011-06-10 19:23 Skorpion08
Great game! In spite of the regular crashes on my HD7, I finished all levels with a perfect score. Need more, please.
2011-06-10 16:57 YtsejaMisMe
Great tower defense game but it is missing upgrades. Awesome otherwise on HTC Trophy.
2011-06-10 03:13 Kainazzzo
Great, simple, addicting, and stable .
2011-06-09 18:57 tsalakis
Got to level 15 by buying the cheapest *** only. Boring
2011-06-09 06:23 Player443550155
Great game but it crashes sometimes when I sell a gun. Frustrating.
2011-06-09 03:43 ResidualBacon
Best game. Unfortunately it crashing to often and exits. Please fix crashing.
2011-06-08 18:09 Player826888574
2011-06-08 09:35 mitchcrane
Great game. Works fine on Samsung Focus.
2011-06-08 04:55 SholokovJ
Amazing game. It's difficult, fun, and interesting. One minor change would be the tile cover in the games hub. I know it deserves a better picture...great update-HTC Surround
2011-06-07 20:53 Josh51191
Really a great little game! However, nothing kills the fun more than when an application constantly crashes. This would certainly get a 5 star rating if it didn't consistently fail on my Focus.
2011-06-07 18:57 tsway2008
Doesn't work on my HTC surround. When I try and start the game it just goes back to my home screen. Shame too I need a good tower defense game.
2011-06-05 17:21 thorz spirit
Great game. Needs a few little tweaks for a 5 star rating. Crashes when you are to fast on the button presses.
2011-06-05 07:23 OH HUNGEE
Out side of chess, this is the only game I will play... Cool app.
2011-06-05 05:55 cavmat
Good game.pls let more level.
2011-06-05 04:54 plawanzz
2011-07-21 07:14 VeselkaMartin
Awesome, addicting game. Very challenging. One of my favorites. Would have liked instructions, but after losing a few times, and trial and error, got the hang of it.
2011-07-21 00:36 UriahHeep
2011-07-19 15:45 xBittenslayer32
Alot of fun... Needs more levels tho.
2011-06-05 02:40 Player707675615
Great game
2011-06-04 01:09 gimli1122
Does not work on hd7
2011-06-03 16:03 bacarlette
Needs work, will up stars if see it happen :/
2011-06-03 15:04 Coffeycp
will not load on hd7
2011-06-02 23:32 annulbeeds
Finish it perfect :D
2011-06-02 20:40 Boris Delev
Great game. More levels please!
2011-06-02 19:50 Player172581498
Love the game... Waiting for more levels
2011-07-24 02:37 alawindi
More levels !!! survival mode !!! New upgrades !!! And change the image in games hub its low quality and looks horrid !!! Otherwise 4 stars from me until update comes ;)
2011-06-02 19:18 Eivind84
Doesn't work dude
2011-06-02 18:30 Htownscrewhead2
Unable to install
2011-06-02 16:24 eWARRIOR510
Update with more levels and guns... Finished all level with 3star rating..
2011-06-02 14:23 SKCTS
Very fun and challenging. I think it would be better if each wave would only start if you are ready. For instance, putting a Next Wave type of thing in that you can click on when you are ready. It would really help. Plus being able to upgrade your weapons
2011-06-02 09:36 Player603407372
2011-06-02 04:03 Player028684876
Very good and addictive game. Crashes occasionally and needs more levels.
2011-06-01 23:42 woodsguy
Big Guns Tower Defense - Average rating : 8 - Max : 10 - Based on 335 ratings and 335 reviews.