Broiled Earth

  • Broiled Earth is an awesome online turn-based strategy game. Players battle their friends or the computer as they compete to be the last tank standing. Broiled Earth features online play over 3G or Wi-Fi for up to four players. Broiled Earth includes over twenty different weapons to help you annihilate your enemies including mortars, rockets, missiles, rollers, cluster, nuclear and dirt/earth bombs. Version 1.1 ( allows trial users to play up to three (3) online games per day (using the full set of weapons). Version 1.2 ( includes an awesome new map "Nuclear Wasteland" (see screenshots) and spruced up projectile graphics. We've also included other minor tweaks and fixes including an option to allow players to choose the wind type for skirmish games (always dynamic for online). We are hard at work on additional updates, if there is anything you would like to see or if you have any feedback on how we can make the game even more awesome please shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]
  • Strategy
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  • Nullygon Technology Studio Inc
  • 2011-02-10 05:02
  • 2012-05-02 12:57
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Finally a multiplayer game. Great game. More ppl buy so I can battle you! =D
2011-02-11 09:40 audioslaves
2011-02-11 08:30 tsyoo
2011-02-11 04:14 MOSKA1992
A really fun game!
2011-02-10 23:27 skatematic
Great graphics and sound. Only problem is that the weapons all feel nerfed. A direct hit with a nuke doesn't kill a tank. Make the weapons hurt and its a 5.
2011-02-10 16:54 Zorak 42
Finally, amazing.
2011-02-10 11:31 titoWAMP
Good effort but too many variables. Wind changes every turn which is which is normal but why does the enemy's wind change opposite of yours?
2011-02-14 07:23 Player270739208
Thought it would be as good as the original Scorched Earth but not enough variety considering the platform to warrant a full purchase. Maybe if they add some more updates It'll be worth it
2011-02-14 05:58 dozenz
Idea is great but aiming sucks, its not fluid and if I leave the setting the same and shoot the different times the bullet doesn't hit in the same spot twice
2011-02-12 20:28 david2327
I'll rate a 5 if weapons don't all look the same. Game needs some sprucing up
2011-02-12 18:04 BehoyH
I have found this game to be a lot of fun. The ai is well-balanced and challenging. The different ammo is fun to use and each have their own firing characteristics. I haven't gotten to try the mp yet.
2011-02-16 03:22 Eureka Boys
Its a fun game but a bit disappointed that so few people play online.
2011-02-15 21:14 popwar629
Awesome game. Don't let negative reviews deter you-their basic complaint is that the game isn't ridiculously easy (or they don't seem to understand wind). The game wouldn't be much fun if you could bullseye someone every turn.
2011-02-14 20:35 ChevyMSU35
Game works good and has a fair price. Even if you dont buy the game, keep the trial and consider it your light version. That's what im gonna do...
2011-02-17 13:23 DenverMoscow
2011-02-18 04:35 GuNNeR OU
Awesome! Online multiplayer is Cool! I Don't agree with the neg comments at all. Variety of ammo that has to be used differently and that cause different damage. Wind is a common diferentator for both you and the enemy.
2011-02-21 06:39 NH3MAN
2011-02-21 00:47 kirb28nh
Ammo needs more variation not just in size and numbers check out pocket tanks for PC for some pointers on how this game can be total awesomeness instead of just pretty cool
2011-02-22 04:59 LoneWolfMobius0
Thanks for adding in my requests! Game is enjoyable and updates are frequent.
2011-02-25 13:57 BehoyH
Great game really fun I love the ai. This game is awesome. :)
2011-02-24 05:43 Godik7
2011-02-27 16:05 xxoblivion360xx
Fun and easy.Good game for 2 Bucks. Hit me up For any battles.
2011-02-26 01:38 Gtstrutz239
Reminds me of my favorite game as a kid... Regardless of very similar name.. Haha. Just wish I could find people online
2011-03-11 16:39 Heero69
6 Stars, I love it!! I hope more people start using it, the online games add a new dimension of fun!! Custom taunts keep the gameplay fresh. I hope to see more multiplayer games like this soon!
2011-03-14 00:53 CVG4UdotCOM
My kids love this one. I found the controls a little clumsy.
2011-03-13 18:48 Lertulo
Brings back the old PC days of playing Scorched Earth; however, when playing I could not find a way to "earn"/"buy" different weapons. Also, when the game selected my character to go first, there was no selectable weapon option, thus not allowing me to fire. A few minor upgrades and fixes are needed before I give it 5 stars. Too bad, I love the game, but until these problems are fixed, I will not buy or give a higher rating. Also, I tried to play online, but there weren't any servers to connect to. Maybe I'm glad for that, otherwise my data usage would be over (AT&T sucks for taking away my unlimited data plan when I switched to WP7!
2011-03-15 04:06 Player045816204
More people need to get this to start filling its online lobby its sick
2011-03-14 22:41 Deliverus87
Extremely good game. Anyone who is a fan of Scorched Earth or Atomic Cannon will feel right at home. Simple controls, challenging gameplay, and online multiplayer will keep this game fresh for a long time.
2011-03-22 04:55 IM0001
Its a good game. However, NO ONE is ever Online.... EVER. If I could test online, I'd buy the game
2011-03-26 06:33 deadbox187
I'd really like to play a game online before I buy it but no ones been on. Great fun single player though.
2011-03-25 21:46 TURNS
Buy this game and get online
2011-03-24 15:32 OfficerPerchman
Great game. Much like pocket tanks with a more realistic twist to it. The online is frustrating since usually no one is ever on. Ive played online with friends and a couple others before and its actually great online play. Just wish it was easier to find games. Also, i think the amount of fuel should be decreased to about half. I have played with people who drive across the whole map and hit me point blank with either stinger missiles or nukes and kill me.
2011-03-28 04:26 ACEofSPADES206
Fun game.
2011-03-26 22:21 Sh8zen
Superb take on a great classic. Very well done indeed. And, guys... leaving bad reviews because nobody is ever online in the multiplayer rooms is going to get you the exact opposite of what you want.
2011-04-05 05:58 pugwonk
Fun and replayable scorched earth game
2011-04-09 18:58 Player366882822
Good game, just not enough online player yet. Need better online play.
2011-04-14 06:04 XXWormiestXX187
Straight up ***.
2011-04-13 21:56 Yaser1994
Good start!
With the lack of multi-player games, this is a very good start! Would like to see a friends list and the ability to request a game.
2011-04-13 19:18 SirEdofCool
Fun game. Some server lag but I hope to see more multiplayer games for WP7
2011-04-13 19:05 Cledus2k
Reminds me of pocket tanks, really good game just not enough online play. Work on that and get friend codes going to get a 5.
2011-04-17 13:51 livinlegend0023
Great game. Wish it would resume if you jump out instead of resetting. Could use some scenarios and maybe some additional vehicles or something. Also weapon availability needs to be clearer.
2011-04-20 22:21 quackdorbeef82
Not too great. There were better tank games ten years ago. I also don't understand why you have so much fuel. Overall though not a bad DL... Wouldn't pay for it thought
2011-04-23 03:31 Cgibsong002
2011-04-22 20:44 Eternal Truth
Fun game. It would be nice to see it keep track of how many times you've won vs lost
2011-04-22 13:02 Sh8zen
I dont have an amo if i start the game... Its Inf.
2011-04-22 12:01 canor81
Could use a little more depth. But for the most, makes me nostalgic about many hours spent playing scourched earth with my buddies as a kid.
2011-04-22 03:11 Briscoe1984
2011-04-27 17:27 Leet Master
2011-04-26 17:48 Player356374769
Well done
2011-07-13 00:22 Maxim Kamalov
Fun game. Aiming control interface could use some fix
2011-06-30 06:40 DaJiaRyo
2011-06-28 08:18 SublimnlSandwch
Been waiting forever for a modern 'broiled' earth. Played as a kid. Would love more tank models and additional weapons. Remember napalm??? Used to fill a valley w/ liquid fire. Love to see a weapons store instead of just added-in weapons, like the original game. A campaign mode? All time score?
2011-06-19 03:22 bjoshl
2011-06-12 03:24 S4U2Loose
Decent game.
2011-06-07 05:13 jpettys
Wouldn't keep this if it was free. Probably the worst game I've ever downloaded.
2011-06-05 12:30 JayRay86
2011-06-01 23:43 ATI Poe
2011-06-01 12:53 PhilR8
Simply awesome!
2011-05-30 00:37 shpankey
Add me:-D good game!!!!:)
2011-05-28 02:39 tickle monstruo
My kids love this one. I found the controls a little clumsy.
2011-05-22 15:03 Lertulo
Love it! More online players please!! Come on everyone!!
2011-05-17 23:42 zerosc0m
This is kool
2011-05-08 19:08 littlekidcorey
2011-05-07 22:24 jeffreysimonson
Fun but too many issues. The aiming controls are awful at best, the ai is spotty, and it will not resume from tombstone.
2011-05-06 18:54 xXfreehunterXx
2011-07-25 01:03 DaJiaRyo
Decent game, nobody is online though and the aiming controls are really tricky to use.
2011-08-20 21:16 Shooriki
2011-08-19 22:50 haselhofzenaga
Found glitch where if human player goes first you can't fire and have to exit to main menu
2011-08-30 21:14 powMasterKenji
2011-09-10 16:36 k41z3r
2011-09-17 22:02 DaJiaRyo
2011-09-20 15:28 Player480649259
Good fun
2011-09-22 23:59 Player767341963
Fun, wish it were a tad bit near the classic game
2011-10-10 20:02 JabroniTR
2011-10-12 23:25 Player767341963
Love the game, just really wish more people were online and you could buy bombs so you are not limited to a certain amount of nukes per round.
2011-10-26 04:52 BestSummerEver
Hey add me I bought the game its sweet I say everyone should buy it and add me on Xbox live and we can play online
2011-11-06 19:59 ROCK STAR G 100
Wish it was free but still a good game :/
2011-11-04 17:33 Player038153889
Needs a mango update to create games and run them in them in the background. Also needs a feature to add friends to a list so we can invite people we know to a game. This game has tons of potential please amp it up!
2011-11-04 14:27 NESTA C Raben
High School nostalgia
2011-11-04 11:41 SappyMaragold
Never been able to find anyone online
2011-11-04 09:00 Kyansk63
2011-11-04 04:00 CompactIronman
Can't find one friggin online match up so a waste of money....good game if it were free
2011-11-11 10:29 zigstone21
Great game!!, but needs an update to invite friends or other random players that also have the game install on their WP7 devices. TAKE NOTE DEVELOPERS!!!!
2011-11-11 01:58 NanoMolecular
Needs a mango update to create games and run them in them in the background. Also needs a feature to add friends to a list so we can invite people we know to a game. This game has tons of potential please amp it up!
2011-11-09 20:56 NESTA C Raben
2011-11-07 18:44 Holzmiento
2011-11-23 10:31 ShinyPixelz
I like it.funny
2011-12-01 06:53 Player822976816
Fun, wish it were a tad bit near the classic game
2011-12-03 10:58 JabroniTR
Love this game back in the Dos days when it was known as Scorched Earth.
2011-12-02 03:07 dockavorkian420
love this game stupid multiplayer tho
2011-12-12 13:04 CUTTA999
Good tryid it
2012-01-05 18:47 deeoconnor
Lots of fun
2012-01-03 17:19 sebahattinozmen
Awesome game, one of the best for Windows Phone 7! Multiplayer is fine if you like turn based strategy games.. Cool background special effects simulate combat area..
2011-12-28 21:58 N4T1V3 H0N3
Please add Russian language. Cool game.
2011-12-17 06:48 Player012040607
2012-01-31 18:13 Player523638540
Good game, but i can't find a single game online.
2012-02-29 12:32 memoseDS
Can't turnoff sound when needed. Controls not easy
2012-02-29 10:19 thiag rajan
Could be so much better
2012-02-27 15:22 hsmanfroi
2011-10-12 23:25 IroncladTerry2
Add me:-D good game!!!!:)
2011-05-28 02:39 MR x TICKLES
Broiled Earth - Average rating : 8 - Max : 10 - Based on 92 ratings and 92 reviews.