Clash of the Planets (Free)

Rule All Galaxies

  • Battle to capture all planets in each galaxy, and rule all galaxies in this sci-fi strategy game. Use your finger to guide your planets to capture all opposite planets in 15 galaxies. Instruction: To attack, drag the arrow from a green planet to an opposite planet. To occupy a planet, you have to eliminate all enemy troops on that planet, the occupied planet will turn green. To win a level, you must occupy all opposite planets. Release notes: 1.0 -- Initial release 1.1 -- Add the "missing" instruction 1.2 -- Reduce the difficulties of some levels 1.5 -- Offer both Ad and Ad-free versions, and provide an option to purchase the Ad-free game in Ad version.
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  • 2011-10-27 19:45
  • 2012-04-28 13:42
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2012-01-22 01:12 Player530428161
Fun while it lasted. ;) P.S. It helps sometimes to send all of the "points" to 1 planet and then use that planet for attack!
2012-01-21 03:22 NotNotAName
Love it need the 2nd one asap
2012-01-19 12:51 ALI OOOOOOOO
2012-01-19 04:52 LOVE PISCES
Really fun and kinda challenging. Please make more levels. :D
2012-01-19 01:21 rommel the box
A fun game. Though it would be more interesting with more features
2012-01-18 16:57 EZXSniperZzz
2012-01-17 15:42 Player617296406
Fun game, but we need more levels!
2012-01-17 03:15 Brian4428
At level 15 there is no way to win. Good idea, is challenging till level 15.
2012-01-16 02:33 jeffers1
Nice game
2012-01-15 16:56 Player940248593
2012-01-15 08:35 digthepony
2012-01-14 02:11 Mister Klondike
More like 3.5. Too short and the last level is frustratingly difficult, for me, that is.
2012-01-11 13:24 NealAss
Hella entertaining :)
2012-01-11 09:19 skinnyllamas
Please improve the controls.
2012-01-11 06:06 kitkit y
2012-01-09 13:39 vikinGXL
Easy game...not much to do...
2012-01-02 18:53 SLShinobi
2012-01-01 15:41 slatermik
-1 star for last level, -1 star for touch response. Otherwise a great game.
2011-12-31 13:16 BinQua
Great game. Only issue is that it is really short. Need more than 15 levels.
2011-12-30 20:14 SATURN ASC3NDS
2011-12-30 15:39 Matias Tapiero
2011-12-30 08:14 Katapultog
2011-12-28 21:29 cccanga
It would be 5 stars but level 15 is impossible to beat. I have spent at least 6 hours on that level and can't beat it.
2011-12-28 16:11 Player897548475
Excellent game to pass time. Really would like to see this multiplayer. Well worth the buy.
2011-12-27 19:29 JuniorDavis
Worth the download. Very addicting
2011-12-27 17:12 a sqirtt gun
2011-12-27 15:54 wbmorgan75
2011-12-27 15:29 JRunnner
2011-12-27 02:26 Baealiel
2011-12-27 01:49 Player517707152
Worthless game.
2011-12-25 23:45 dvdc81
Great game. Could use some refinement on the controls and more levels, but fun to play
2011-12-25 08:13 Sven6847
2011-12-24 18:59 HALLMIESTER
I cant beat level 10. Its so stupid
2011-12-23 06:37 JohnyTsunami 82
2011-12-23 05:58 Player626790671
The best game I played to date. Need more levels and more levels of toughness
2011-12-22 16:05 sxv7264
2011-12-20 21:53 Judex Omnium
amazing! need more levels!!!
2012-01-27 20:07 vnfusion
Love the game, but you need to add more levels!
2012-01-24 23:02 DanFeb123
2011-12-19 04:19 Caramel Mirage
Good enough for fine tuning. I hate that I have to be memorizing where the enemies are moving in the later levels, and having to friggin get the touch response to work.
2011-12-17 05:38 Player945449585
Fun well done game. Just needs more levels now.
2011-12-16 08:30 C0RINTHIAN D00M
very good。
2011-12-15 17:51 love pisece
This game is just stupid.
2011-12-14 23:02 mononoke17
Plz more galaxies and mire planet fight
2011-12-14 02:59 Ruben Berrios
2011-12-12 04:19 Mukuroko
This game gets tough; I wish I could get passed level 13!
2011-12-12 00:31 Blargin Wazadoo
Update with more levels please
2011-12-11 01:23 Saiyan is Pro
Really good game should add more but idk what
2011-12-10 02:00 GhostMarine414
2011-12-09 03:13 Player762626301
Great game! Someone should figure out how to make this genre last longer though.
2011-12-08 14:35 Torvena
I love this game. But like others point out, not enough levels, would love to see some special features, and I'd be willing to pay if it took longer than an hour to complete the whole game. Also would like more of a story, maybe some background text (it reminded me of Enders Game).
2011-12-08 07:22 Dexter2034
Pretty cool and addicting
2011-12-08 01:50 Player865499418
Touch response is Way to inaccurate and the last level I played bordered on absurd. Tragic wastse of time had a lot of potential
2011-12-06 20:37 ihaveNUFAN
Really simple game play but very addicted. Needs more levels. Maybe 3 more sets of galaxies and some special feature planets and it'd be worth paying for
2011-12-06 13:25 CiaranODonnell
Love It
2011-12-06 01:28 NiceBlueBird77
This game is amazing. But I've only been playing it for like 15 minutes and im already halfway through the game so it would probably be a good idea to add more levels. Definitely keeping this game!
2011-12-06 00:26 iTzz Da MiLLz
This game is garbage
2011-12-05 19:47 icuonab
Good free game nuf said
2011-12-04 23:46 red killer jac
Controls suck
2012-02-01 19:04 gozimyourself
Ugly and a clone.
2012-01-30 16:41 exglade
Hot game !
2012-01-30 13:27 WoodRasta
When i reached te last level and exit the game it crasht and after a restart a was at level 1 again so not happy And yet again it failed. Unistalled it.
2011-12-04 22:01 Player352292260
The last level for the trial version is literally impossible! I've been working on it for about 5 hours in total. The red planets just about 7000 guys & they rape ur *** before u even take over a planet
2011-12-04 20:42 Kardinal21
2011-12-04 19:46 Player704078163
2011-12-04 07:10 ZenStoned
2011-12-03 19:53 Agravanea
Awesome game. Needs more levels and id buy it.
2011-12-03 01:09 Goon Commando
Probably one of the funnest/addicting games in the market. Make more maps!!! :)
2011-12-03 00:10 Kyles Dream
Addicted game and challenger very good
2011-12-01 21:20 daniel07171983
2011-12-01 19:57 Player742993520
Great game! Need more maps!!!
2011-12-01 11:29 Player443360143
Good game with annoying sounds :D
2011-12-01 02:33 BorutB
Awesome. Can't stop playing all the levels all over again. 15 Was a b but additive.
2011-12-01 02:27 Player118360927
2011-11-30 09:40 mariomurock
2011-11-30 07:35 Player876090631
more stages please :)
2012-02-09 11:59 cccuaresma1
good game
2012-02-08 12:02 leejackcn
A very fun game. I only wish it was longer.
2012-02-08 03:01 haplesshiker
Awesome! Last level to difficult though hut more levels!
2012-02-06 02:14 monroemoss2011
Fun, need more levels.
2012-02-04 07:12 AShubox
Alot of fun. Needs more levels though :-D
2011-11-30 03:00 Frawley6
Great game. Beat it to quick. The touch response is a bit slow but it made the game slightly more challenging. Feel better knowing I took over the universe with green. 420
2011-11-30 01:38 BIG BOSS XC
2011-11-29 22:02 BlackMETAL4ever
Man, *** this game!
2011-11-29 21:37 H4ckZer0
Fun, too short, touch controls could be more accurate, need more levels!
2011-11-29 01:42 BigBunny213
More levels please!
2011-11-29 00:44 Royalmage7
2012-02-15 12:37 Player319922908
2012-02-13 15:31 ckrok
Good game but. . . When are we gonna get more stages!!!
2012-02-11 18:19 Player172058876
2012-02-11 01:44 Player523745505
2011-11-28 23:19 MEDVE7
JAVY. Very good, needs more levels, I love it and my kids too.
2011-11-28 05:21 Player971773763
Really fun, needs more levels, maybe more exciting animations, ability to select multiple planets at once.
2011-11-26 22:53 Mooseman654
好的很,可惜就是关卡太少了it's very good!
2011-11-26 19:18 Player523638540
Love it!!!!!
2012-02-24 06:34 Player600407448
Love the game, but you need to add more levels!
2012-02-21 21:57 DanFeb123
2012-02-19 16:32 bc004346
Love it need the 2nd one asap also the best game I played on a phone
2012-02-19 03:14 ALI OOOOOOOO
Awesome game!! Its addictive, its fun, its smooth and hard! Just like I like it. The controls are unresponsive from time to time for a couple of seconds. There are similar games here but most of them are laggy and freeze up from time to time mostly because of over-populated troops on screen but this game is very slick. And by the way I love the last level! It took me a few hours to beat it so it kept me really in the game. PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS and Try to make them hard to beat but dont make it super hard or else I might brake my phone in anger. Thank you. HD7 User.
2011-11-26 02:50 clasSIcAges
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