Doodle Car

  • Create a correct track for your car to tread along towards the target. The game is all about making the car to tread through deadly obstacles and reach the target checkpoint. THE CHALLENGES: 1) The pace of the car can surely outrun the speed of your thoughts to create the correct track….so it’s not an easy task …it’s a great puzzle. 2) It’s not easy to score high, you need to collect tyres, Pass through check points (a must) before reaching the target checkpoint. HOW? Start to build the track quickly, before the car outruns your speed of creating tracks. The levels are very well designed and logically crafted to keep you thinking throughout the game. Doodle Car with 50 queer levels to clear will keep you on your toes, as you dash to cross the check points to reach the destination. In this game you are moving your car towards a desolate destination, where you either win or lose on the paths created by you. Make use of your skills to collect wheels for bonus points and blaze past the obstacles at the opportune moment. UNIQUE FEATURES: • 50 Crazy Levels • The game will end if the car comes in contact with hurdles • The speed of the car increases as level progresses Complete every level and beat your own high score. This ads free version will give a tug to your brain as well as to your fingers. Unleash your freeway fury in the mind-rattling game, Doodle Car.
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  • Dumadu Games Pvt Ltd
  • 2011-12-20 02:16
  • 2012-04-29 00:15
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2012-02-05 21:12 SmokeXxVxX
2012-02-03 17:40 JarredSpanks
Good game.
2012-02-01 04:34 TFC Agent
Agreed on the drag n drop the other reviewer had mention. I'm franticly pressing the buttons. Good game though and thank you.
2012-01-26 06:14 KileyRilo85
2012-01-02 19:05 buuu8
2012-01-02 13:55 Player550798286
Should make it drag and drop as opposed to pressing repeatedly... Not a bad game though
2011-12-28 15:25 jSprute
2011-12-20 17:49 Player559446310
Haha, good game :).
2011-12-20 15:56 LuckyH1234
2012-02-17 20:18 JarredSpanks
2012-03-03 11:45 Player069358234
just terrible. It would be cool if you used the touch screen to draw lines for the car to drive out, like what the name of the game implies. But no, you just tap squared till the right shape shows up. Very lame and boring
2012-04-02 20:21 ZeroKnightHoly
2012-05-31 05:25 JoeStix1x
2012-06-27 12:32 Player027273913
2012-06-27 12:32 greatSolidBosS
2012-01-02 13:55 Gatorgage92
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