Flight Control

  • Keep the skies safe in Flight Control, the insanely addictive worldwide hit! It only takes a minute to learn but you won’t be able to put it down. Guide aircraft to their landing zones but don’t let them collide! Sounds easy? You’ll need smart strategy and keen eyes to alter flight paths as needed and keep the chaos under control. Your travel itinerary is packed with multiple airfields, 10 aircraft including jets and helicopters and stat-tracking. Pack your bags for addictive airline action!
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  • Namco Bandai Games
  • 2010-10-15 03:00
  • 2012-04-30 08:42
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Deceptively simple - but very fun and addictive!
2010-11-06 09:13 Player072764726
It is definitely a fun game. I love addition of xbox achievements to it.
2010-11-05 19:05 reza the knight
Surprisingly addictive , deceptively tricky, you'll have to find a Zen for caos , and working under pressure. love this game
2010-11-04 17:04 JTBlizzard
Great for non gamers, more unlocking based on achievents will be great.
2010-11-02 21:54 joga feito
2010-11-02 18:34 FlynPrplPplEtr
Very simple and fun. I see myself spending a lot of free time with this one! Great game!
2010-11-02 17:45 CuyahogaMan
Great fame. Though, I have only played the demo.
2010-11-01 21:52 rival khiladi
Simple game for brief bursts of playtime
Loads fairly quickly, simple premise, fun way to spend a few minutes of time. I had to go to help to figure out the controls the very first time, but once you know how to control the flightpath it's a very easy game, even for young children. One drawback is that there is little variation through the levels: new runways, more planes, faster gameplay.
2010-11-01 16:46 LMorri
I like the swanky music.
2010-11-01 15:25 Yoda
2010-10-31 15:32 MaorK
2010-10-31 06:43 GCustom
Same game as on other platforms. Gets boring quickly. The gameplay is straightforward and easy to learn but there's a lack of variation in both the gameplay and graphics. Each airstrip has a different twist but other than that the only challenge is increasing speed. On the plus side, the graphics are neat and the loading times are fast. It seems to put little strain on the battery too, making it a great choice for a mobile phone game.
2010-10-30 23:13 seraline
Simple yet fun, and good for repeat play.
2010-10-30 05:50 AriaMel
Really fun! Super addictive! I like that you can speed up the play so you can get to higher scores faster. Why does it cost $5 while it's only $1 on the iPhone though?
2010-10-30 02:04 SeattleAVman
This is just the game that a new mobile platform needs. Great fun, simple and the achievements will keep you hooked!
2010-10-30 00:21 lxmx
2010-10-29 23:11 Balthazar2000
Suprisingly Fun
I was very skeptical of this game because the 50's theme didn't resonate with me. But after just a few minutes of playing, I was hooked and bought the full version. I find myself going to this app whenever I've have a few spare minutes and it's challenging enough to keep me coming back for more. Highly recommended.
2010-10-29 20:32 mvroc
Perfect game to pick up for 3 minutes, lock the phone, then return for another few minutes later. One of the best on Marketplace so far!
2010-10-29 20:27 RedFive
Great game, completely hooked
2010-10-29 07:12 Festive Turkey
Simply addictive. Planes on the right edge though sometimes causes me to accidentally press one of the capacitive hardware buttons and I loose my progress in the game. I still love it.
2010-10-29 02:22 Feedo360
PC review
2010-10-29 02:16 prodchild3
Fun and hard to put down.
My first time playing this game and it's very addicting and entertaining.
2010-10-28 16:34 ManicGanjaBloke
Starts easy but gets challenging quickly. Very fun.
2010-10-28 04:00 jporkka
Love it! I just want more airfields. Great game, very fun.
2010-10-28 01:15 taliesinpumpkin
Game require timing and stredege. Easy to play for kids.
2010-10-27 04:44 tsyoo
2010-10-27 01:27 Paladin360
Very entertaining
I find myself playing this a lot if I just have a minute or two to spare. The concept is solid and the excecution is good. Sadly the multiplayer mode isn't here (yet I hope).
2010-10-26 22:49 mkosiba
This is probably one of the best games ever! Simple and addictive.
2010-10-26 20:01 necrokosh
2010-10-26 18:50 HumblePie
Excellent game to kill time with. Simple controls that allow lots of room to grow in skill.
2010-10-26 03:23 pEds0
Really fun and addictive!
2010-10-26 00:22 its so bouncy
Surprising engaging
It didn't seem like something that would be a lot of fun, but it definitely held my interest through the different airfields.
2010-10-25 23:19 Cyrce
Easy and Intuitive game. It might seem too easy at first but it gets difficult and requires your concentration as you progress. Great game!!
2010-10-25 22:00 wooramy
Solid port of the game + XBox Live Achievements!
Having also played this on the iPhone, I'd say this is a solid, faithful port. Still a great 5-star quality game regardless. It is improved by supporting Xbox live achievements which are really effective at getting you to explore more of the game and try more crazy things like keep the same plane on the screen for 5 mins :) I took off a star though because the price is also higher and the game concept really isn't "new" anymore.
2010-10-25 21:56 MarxMarvelous37
Great game...
2010-10-25 16:46 Sylvieghanem
Really fun game! Not too fast paced but not a boring puzzle game.
2010-10-25 02:08 punocchio
Fun game with a simple and intuitive game mechanic. Graphics simple but effective and fit nicely with the overall concept and theme.
2010-10-24 22:57 ManicMarty
2010-10-24 02:44 Arengar
I like that you get variety of airplanes on different maps. Also, the fast forward mode automatically stops when there are two planes that are too close together, which is a nice touch. Always liked flight control type games and this is fun!
2010-10-23 18:06 meteorbursts
2010-10-23 17:12 desitunes
Fun simple ATC game, works perfectly on the WP7 phones.
2010-10-23 16:40 EmmanuelSN
This game is super addictive and the touch response is pretty incredible on my phone. It also does a great job resuming gameplay if interrupted by a call or something else.
2010-10-23 00:28 groove1371
Good game, bad price
This game is much better on the iPhone/iPod Touch I'm sorry to say. For 3x the price on Windows Phone 7 you get: - Much longer load times - Lower frame rate (notice the helicopter blades) - No multi-player (via WiFi or Bluetooth) - Poor touch performance (the double speed button detects my tap maybe 10% of the time) What you do get is Xbox live achievements which is great, but it's hard for that feature alone to justify the 300% price hike from the iPhone version in addition to the lacking functionality/performance. Recommendation: If you have this on iPhone/iPod Touch, play it there instead. If you don’t have an iPhone/iPod Touch and MUST play this game, go ahead and spend the $3.
2010-10-22 22:45 Buzzatronic
2010-10-22 21:00 vishalsi
Very fun, nice to see leaderboards and live integration.
2010-10-22 20:53 MasterShakeM08
2010-10-22 09:54 vamana
Good addictive game and challenging.
2010-10-22 03:04 CheckedCosine
I thought this game was going to be boring, but I was quickly proved wrong. Very addicting game. Simple, yet challenging. Tons of available achievements will keep this game fun.
2010-10-22 00:41 rick509
addicting but pricey
Simple gameplay of managing little planes on the screen, that barely innovates as you go along: If you have played the first level you have pretty much done everything there is to do in the game. But the management aspect is very addicting and can melt the hours away without you noticing, despite its simplicity.
2010-10-22 00:24 Reimmop
Just as much fun as everyone says it is.
2010-10-21 22:40 ShiftyWhisper
Crazy addicting! I'm glad I don't have to steal my friends iPhone to play it any more.
2010-10-21 19:32 Gizablower
Highly Addictive and Fun!!
This game is awesome! Runs just as good as any other platform its offered on and just as addictive! It's a must buy!
2010-10-21 17:58 lusserr
Simple concept; but lots of fun
Just thought I would check this game out; but found out that this is tons of fun. It's nice that I can just start this game and spend a few minutes wasting time landing planes. Game play is easy to pick up and there are plenty of boards to switch between. Definitely worth the $2.99 price. This is my go to time filler game right now. Now I just need more friends to get this so I can have higher scores than them!
2010-10-21 16:56 TJR79
Responsive touch controls and a great time killer. The Xbox Live leaderboard and achievements make this the best version of the game yet!
2010-10-21 16:29 Clif
Love it
This game is extremely addictive, I haven't played all the levels yet but it can get difficult
2010-10-21 15:28 Atlus86
Fun, simple game
Great little time killer game that is fun to play and low on intellectual requirements for when you just want to rest your brain but exercise your hand-eye coordination.
2010-10-21 04:40 JBDiveMan
All the fun of being an air traffic controller.
2010-10-21 01:31 gvico
Simple yet addictive!
2010-10-21 00:34 Crangore
Simple, yet very addictive. The graphics look great and it is a fun game to play.
2010-10-21 00:29 Pokowaka
Wow, this is a really clever game. Simple fun with good intensity and a nice input method.
2010-10-21 00:11 Tsuketa
AWESOME version of a great game
LOVE IT. My favorite game from other devices is now on XBox Live, and it's great... with even better chrome and sound effects!!! A must-buy.
2010-10-20 21:19 Clavain928
This is a fun game.
2010-10-20 19:07 dani2285
Addictive game play
Flight Control is a fun game that's hard to put down. I especially like the fast forward feature to speed up game play.
2010-10-20 14:35 Plinkko19
Great Game
As much fun as the implementations on other devices and just as adicting. Definately worth the money.
2010-10-20 14:33 stevemas
2010-10-20 11:17 wellsbug
Good game! Very addictive.
2010-10-20 07:53 LightningG
Simple, fun, addicting
Simple concept - land some planes - good fun and surprisingly addicting. Knocking a star since I wish there was a bit more to the game and it seems a bit pricey compared to other more involved games. If you like the iPhone version, be sure to try this one out.
2010-10-20 07:53 wpnut
Simple concept yet pretty addictive. Good way to burn a few extra minutes.
2010-10-20 05:06 LethalJM
2010-10-20 02:09 KaushikDaGr8
Frustratingly awesome game. Loads quickly, gameplay is great, and enough achievements to keep you coming back for more.
2010-10-20 01:50 TheRayman
Great fun
Great game! LOVE the graphics, LOVE the achievements. Like the other reviewers I wish it was cheaper though. Also doesn't resume very well if you accidentally hit a button that exits the game.
2010-10-20 01:49 fatalsun
Definitely addictive, but a little pricey...
As other reviewers have mentioned, this app is easy to pick up but hard to put down. It's great fun trying to come up with new strategies for keeping all of your aircraft in some semblance of order, especially when the wind changes and you need to start landing at the other end of the runway. I'm docking it one star for the price - $5 is pretty expensive for such a simple game, especially when the exact same game is available for $0.99 on the iPhone store.
2010-10-20 00:48 HoppyToBeHere
Surprisingly Fun
Looking at the screenshots of this game I initially thought the game would be boring but its suprisingly fun & addictive. Creating routes for the planes to land using the finger is surprisingly engaging and rewarding.
2010-10-20 00:44 pjderks
Fun and addictive but too fast
Great game to while away the time but if you are not fast enough, you get overwhelmed and game is over at first crash. Perhaps a "3 strikes and you are out" strategy would have been better.
2010-10-20 00:35 gogi60839
2010-10-19 23:28 Naclo2001
addictive and fun
simple game but very addictive and a lot of fun. i've already spent a lot of time playing this. integration with xbox is neat (achievements). its probably a bit too expensive.
2010-10-19 23:25 vazhapazham
Really a good game. Price is the only problem.
2010-10-19 22:00 gb2312
I loved this game on iPhone and I love it even more on Windows Phone. Now I can get Xbox achievements. Amazing
2010-10-19 20:20 RampagingP00dle
Totally addictive
Now if I could just figure out a way to get my phone back from my wife!
2010-10-19 19:24 Jello JanK
I love this game, but I don't understand why it costs $5 here whereas it's only $1 on iPhone... XBL perhaps???
2010-10-19 18:45 xGGYYx
An addictive game!
A game that is deceptively addictive!
2010-10-19 17:30 Depeche
Great game for a touch only phone
This is such a simple, but brilliant idea for a touch game. It starts out easy, but it gets going it is hectic!
2010-10-19 17:07 dwk7142
2010-10-19 14:26 airjockeys
Simple and addictive! Best of all, you can earn achievements and compete with your friends via the leaderboard!
2010-10-19 04:06 SilvrClovr
Definitely a simple game, but very addictive. I'm a sucker for the retro feel and music and I like that you can choose between a pretty relaxing game on some levels or really intense on others.
2010-10-19 02:09 StephenReading
A really fun and simple game, however oddly, I find it pretty hard. I wish the tutorial/help was built into the initial times of game play. Is it worth $4.99? Give it a trial a try first before jumping all in.
2010-10-19 01:27 b0owahaha
Don't buy this is you need to pay attention in any upcoming meetings...
I can't seem to focus on any meetings lately since i'm too busy trying to ensure that the planes are going to all land safely. Really fun game... and you can pick up XBL achievements to boot!
2010-10-19 00:25 UltraMegaOk
2010-10-18 21:43 swisspoop
Fun game; curious why it is priced at $5
This is a fun game, that my daughters like to play. I am a little curious why the price is set so high.
2010-10-18 21:09 BaconSmoke
Wow this game is really good. Price is s little steep but its worth it. Great use of touch.
2010-10-18 20:32 GabachoBPimpin
So addicting. Only negative is the price tag, but might be worth it for the xbox achievements.
2010-10-18 18:14 TylerHen
Very addictive... You can train your concentration, attention span, reaction time and quick decision making all at once with this fun game, love it!
2010-10-18 00:57 svenf1
Smooth exp. Simple challenging brain candy.
2010-10-17 23:42 ch2laughlin
I'm addicted. Great fun.
2010-10-17 21:49 tmyerson
great, simple game that is hard to put down
this game is simple in concept, but challenging and keeps me coming back for more. the graphics are great, and performance is great. great fun.
2010-10-17 21:39 BoarderPatrol
Better than the iPhone version since I can get Xbox points and achievements. Love this game.
2010-10-17 21:13 TheGator
This is a simple, but challenging game. The soothing music is a nice compliment to the stressful job of directing air traffic.
2010-10-17 20:11 EzraCornell
Simple, but fun and somewhat challenging. I enjoy it.
2010-10-17 17:01 JoMoGreen
This game rocks very smooth animation, fast and responsive with Xbox live integration !
2010-10-17 05:44 LCyberFox
Nice but overpriced
Neat game, a bit expensive for what it is, though.
2010-10-17 05:07 bthLonewolf
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