• Haypi Kingdom is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). You will be a general directing an ancient kingdom in a strategic game - boosting resource production, adventuring in extensive wild land, reaping legendary treasures, equipping your troops with advanced abilities and fighting against enemies - with the ultimate goal of becoming the strongest kingdom in the ancient world. Your general can get higher title and more advanced attributes as he joins more and more battles. His attributes will be shared among his troops as well. You won't play alone. In this massive multiplayer online game you will be able to interact with thousands of players from all over the world in a competition for fame, power, wealth and glory. What's more, there are plenty of possibilities to interact with others - Not only offense and defense, but also trade, alliance, mail system, chat system, etc. Haypi Kingdom will be a rewarding pastime on your phone. Enjoy it now!
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  • 2011-12-29 03:45
  • 2012-04-29 02:38
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Love it
2012-02-11 06:56 Player899673853
If you have no life, this game is for you.
2012-02-10 03:19 Walboy1900
Better on other phones but still an addictive game that is cross phone platform so I recommend it
2012-02-09 01:14 JBenz101
If you want to get screwed outta your $ get this app/game. They'll take u for everything. Spent $$$$$ then they booted me cause it didn't give me coins I payed for. Customer service don't care about patrons. They took money n said to bad its about principal. They r crooks!!!!
2012-02-07 19:00 CritsOnya
2012-02-03 16:25 Player616278319
Fun game passes the time and makes waiting for life to pass by a little more enjoyable, problem windows phone needs option to buy coins
2012-02-02 16:07 bSeEaXsYt 9000
Nice game . It would be better if it did not have a bunch of stupid messages telling you what you already know
2012-01-31 14:43 JAGFAN95
2012-01-26 18:39 Player766069421
2012-01-23 00:01 Player130158031
Love it! Use my handle, fatmurphy, as your federal!
2012-01-20 20:42 lembeast
Great game put amgrunt18 as you referrer.
2012-01-19 02:02 SHET G00SE USMC
Love it but make the wind mill and flag animation lik the iPod version, also when I move around its really laggy compared to the ipod
2012-01-16 03:48 ClockwiseCrowd8
2012-01-13 02:46 Player521800576
2012-01-11 18:19 meseeka
I like it
2012-01-11 03:28 Player477498386
Cant buy coins for wp7......badd
2012-01-09 14:09 Player331227861
Is nice to have this game, but i'm waiting for a better version..iphone style...
2012-01-09 08:00 SoBolanuS
2012-01-08 09:26 Harthelion
Amazing but it needs another way to build up troops just sitting there waiting sucks *-*
2012-01-05 21:05 deadshot6211gf
2012-01-04 06:32 Longdi Qu
Why didn't you just update the old one?
2011-12-31 16:32 davepark1210
Now why would you release this as a new when it's an update especially when a few of us have waited for the update to fix the crashes? Luckily I saw this
2011-12-30 10:13 GusMing80
Great game if your into these type of games.
2011-12-30 02:38 Santa Moss
Fun :D
2011-12-30 00:40 Airwriter
Tutorial needed but could be promising
2011-12-29 23:10 HoneyBadger1993
Love it but you can't buy coins if your on a WP7 kinda kills the game when you get your lvl up there
2012-02-14 04:38 Player899673853
Need easier way to buy coins
2012-02-12 05:32 zaftmeister
Add scr3am20 as your referer when you make an account please!!
2012-02-26 05:02 SILENT x SCR3AM
Use 'bigoldrat' as your referrer when creating your account! Thanks, and see you in the Kingdom!
2012-02-24 00:12 seattlerat
Amazing app p.s. This is the third device ive had it on
2012-02-21 05:19 Stangman90LX
Won't even let u play game if ur under 13 gay
2012-03-01 04:10 surfer dude1511
Super cool! If you like ebony you will like this...
2012-02-29 02:38 Studmuffn503
Great game. Very addictive.
2012-02-28 20:13 KMK CHA0S
I'm such a noob when it comes to games such as these but I love the gameplay. It's really interesting & different from what I'm used to. I'm still learning but enjoying every minute of it!
2012-03-12 10:25 QueenOfTh3Damnd
Refer Denis30546 please! And great game!
2012-03-11 17:56 TortuousSlaya
Great game im lvl 17 and if the people who don't like it fck yall!! Its a MMORPG that's what is! :D
2012-03-17 04:15 RicTric 13
This is an amazing game. So much more simpler that evony and overall more fun! Love it, did a good job guys!
2012-03-14 12:33 Pinba1165
Great game... Refer dnieman13
2012-03-14 10:59 Dnieman13
Enjoyable and a time killer, feel free to use me as refer, Sk8Nvs. Helps out.
2012-03-29 22:56 Sk8Nvs
Best game by far on WP7!! Works great on my T-Mobile HTC Radar 4G!! A must download!!
2012-03-27 08:45 KeithsGurl12
Kind of cool but expect to put a lot of time into upgrading everything
2012-03-27 03:27 DanJayDennis
Unbelievable game so fun a good game to waste time
2012-03-25 20:16 Player672920317
Great game so far. Use 'Ayien' as referred by.
2012-03-25 03:28 Asylum Outlaw
The best game I think...... Awesome...
2012-03-24 16:25 CookerDuckling3
Absolutely love it!!! Extremely easy to start and learn.
2012-03-23 05:05 Player045091600
Refer spartan003
2012-04-06 17:01 BearishMocha2
Great game easy to play. Looking for refer add slupawitz
2012-04-05 20:03 Slurpawitz
Blackye3p is my name in game refer it if u are Vietnamese sv92 ask me to join our Vietnamese alliance
2012-04-04 22:10 BlackYe3p
excellent game, loved
2012-04-01 14:14 DarkCarlosMon
Cool game. I recommend
2012-03-31 05:32 KDUBTHE1
Great game. Could use a refer if anyone is willing. Ingame name is Panathora. Thanks.
2012-03-31 00:25 Panathora
I like this game a lot.... Only bad thing is no way to purchase coins...
2012-04-13 19:50 Player249074003
Love this game!!!
2012-04-13 01:42 Batman202780
2012-04-11 20:23 Player812317364
Nothing really draws me to turn it back on. It was fun the first time I turned it on.
2012-04-11 20:01 Ranger Walker86
Must to have game
2012-04-11 03:30 Sudhi007
2012-04-11 01:58 Player676601651
Sucks! Doent load half the time... If does load its too hard to follow the game... Hate it!
2012-04-09 15:42 angels2ivy
xsplat492x refer if yu can
2012-04-08 13:29 Player822073585
Robbed daily, no way to progress, uninstalling.
2012-04-07 17:20 UsualGymnast92
If you no TRAVIAN then this game is exactly the same, but this type of games need continuous online specially to get Gifts from the system in the first three days so it will drain your phone battery and keep you attached to the Charger NOPE it is no use if there is an online version play it on your PC,, "Only best Reviews"
2012-04-23 05:40 AMMAMSWP8
2012-04-22 13:12 Destroyer526
If you have the time for running a full city and army than this is a game you will enjoy.
2012-04-19 14:35 Lukey331
Could be with better graphics...
2012-04-17 01:35 MeTinnn
Amazing. Has many features including alliances, a chat box, and a player-to-player marketplace. There's an economy involved. Best strategy game I've ever played on a phone.
2012-05-01 03:38 Frost Acrimony
This game is a awesome game and a addictive one
2012-04-30 23:49 UnbilledEel37
best strategy game ever played on phone..
2012-04-29 19:21 Player139455890
2012-04-29 11:04 botterjohn
love this app. B3
2012-04-29 08:23 dreastarbetch
It would be nice to be able to connect and play.
2012-04-28 21:25 Player220689979
If you know TRAVIAN then this game is exactly the same, but this type of games need continuous online specially to get Gifts from the system in the first three days so it will drain your phone battery and keep you attached to the Charger, So NOPE it is of no use in a phone; if there is an online version play it on your PC,, "Only best Reviews"
2012-04-24 08:26 AMMAMSWP8
Very good. I find the program to run smoother and cleaner than Roman Empire. But both of the games are good. A better map would be better and the chat is a little weird. But over all very addicting.
2012-05-11 03:01 NUTsTUN
2012-05-10 16:40 higgybear89
2012-05-09 02:55 franky5292
People need to play more of this. Its like travian for the phone, which is really saying something Only a total *** could fail at this game:D
2012-05-08 23:45 Kelvinwop
good game refer bshelton :) really good game need more games like this for windows phone
2012-05-05 21:08 Player069051215
Please update it please im begging it show some love for windows phones!!!
2012-05-04 23:31 Ownage SODMG
Won't download stupid game
2012-05-03 05:03 Justinquesadill
Its good but has a lot of problems for windows phone Refer:imjon
2012-05-02 18:47 Player144067622
Horrible game,no tutorial or guidance..takes forever to advance. Emross war, roman empire and Avalon war r much better picks then this compilation of garbage
2012-05-19 09:48 JeMillA88
This does ent work
2012-05-18 14:16 Player697876314
Love the game taught me about being extremely patient only thing I don't like is u can only upgrade two things at a time
2012-05-15 00:32 St Puis Elite
Won't download.. Stupid
2012-05-14 18:50 arthus07
2012-05-13 20:43 oldfool1971
2012-05-13 17:02 footballro0909
excellent game, loved
2012-05-13 01:20 DarkCarlosMon
Fun game passes the time and makes waiting for life to pass by a little more enjoyable, problem windows phone needs option to buy coins
2012-02-02 16:07 k1d IxFr0sTxI
really good game refer bshelton or grimdeath1 :) i love this game need more games like this for windows phone
2012-05-24 02:52 Player069051215
Love the game, but now with my new windows phone it takes forever to load. Please fix
2012-05-23 08:26 DnB2305
Really fun & addicting, but just sent thousands of troops to get oases and they disappeared...what's happening? Please fix!!! I'm frustrated!
2012-05-22 21:49 Megholt123
I've been playing this on iPhone and it's a great game, but to the devs: the windows phone version is glitchy. I just captured an oasis with 38 archers left over in the war report. But when I tried to call my troops back, they were gone. They just disappeared. Please fix this glitch.
2012-05-22 16:51 WingedNinja712
2012-05-21 03:13 henry155038
I'm hooked! My first day playing and there is so much to do! I can tell I'll be playing this one for quite a while.
2012-05-21 03:06 Clonmac
Good game refer me kdre35
2012-06-03 18:01 CorrectedFir46
A+++ game. Lots of fun. Put me as your referer SIV385...get a reward :)
2012-06-02 02:40 Player831720534
Great and challenging game. In current version (3.1) there's a bug with market place and currency conversion, but putting the phone in American region settings is a quick and easy workaround to enter all the fun.
2012-05-30 05:57 HarmTenHave
Pretty great game. Fun, entertaining. Refer ExSniper for a reward (:
2012-05-28 20:52 ExSniper007
People need to play more of this. Its like travian for the phone, which is really saying something
2012-06-12 22:59 Kelvinwop
2012-06-12 21:11 Nacho Thinks
Good game...use natalieneo as refer...thanks!
2012-06-12 12:08 natalieneo
Kingdom - Average rating : 8 - Max : 10 - Based on 63 ratings and 63 reviews.