Star Wars: Cantina®™

Hop in the shoes of galactic adventurer Nia Adea and try your hand at running a little cantina on Tatooine - serving refreshments on a hot desert planet can get really hectic! Featuring a colorful clientele familiar to all fans of classic Star... more

By THQ Inc.


Bubble Wrap Minesweeper

This game combines bubble wrap with the classic minesweeper. Can you popall the bubbles without slamming your fingers on a mine? If your nerves can’t take the mines, there’s also the Free –mode, where there are no mines. Just you and an... more

By Kajak Games


Recoge Frutas

Recoge Frutas es el juego más desafiante y adictivo para el Windows Phone 7. El juego es fácil de aprender, pero requiere mucha practica mental para ser dominado. El objetivo del juego es recoger la cantidad requerida del mismo tipo de frutas.... more



Sketch Defense

* Update 1.5 Trial Added* Fixed path tower defense complete with explosions, high scores, lots of levels, powerful towers and absolutely no zombies, pirates or ninjas! Enjoy beating the levels and seeing if you can collect all the stars, then move... more

By Kinisoft


Final Approach!

Final Approach is a simple and addictive game where the goal is to guide incoming airplanes to their runway. Just like in real life, airplanes cannot be directed randomly but have to go through a set of points creating paths to the runways.... more

By Flying Development Studio LLC


FreeMy Little Tower Defense Lite

Defend your mobile from the adorable pixies in this great game! Use fun interactive towers to avoid pixies going through your device screen, throwing lightnings, mines, stardust, ice... all with your fingers. Play in the farm where sheeps will... more

By CK7Studios



BattleTanks is an addictive game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. Each game consists of 3 to 10 rounds where players take turns firing at each other by setting the power and aiming the crosshair of their tank. The terrain and... more

By Conetek



Brisk is a fast-paced game of world domination! Build up your forces and plan your attack, but stay on your toes: time is of the essence, and enemies will pounce on your weak spots. more

By gearfrog


Dodge the Blocks!

The most intense block dodging game on Earth. Grab power-ups and instantly jump across the screen to dodge blocks that fire with increasing difficulty. more

By Aevi


Archmage Defense

Archmage Defense is a castle defense game. You control a skeleton wizard who is in charge of protecting the skull tower from human invasion. With each human kill of enemy warriors, you gain soul points which can be used to research for new spells... more

By Celestial Digital Entertainment Limited