3D Tower defense game

  • React is a 3D tower defense game where you use 360 degree sight to navigate around your base station and place energy disruptors to dissipate incoming hostile particle compounds. There are 12 exciting levels for you to test your tower placement and reaction times on. This app will be actively updated, so please leave any feedback that you can. Updates: -------------- v1.0 (7/16/2011) - Fixing camera rotation at certain phone orientations - Fixing some transitions in the tutorial v0.5 (6/23/2011) -Performance improvents -Ads v0.4 (6/21/2011) -Adding multi-touch rotation -Allowing the player to go outside of the base station -Making level 1 and level 2 easier v0.3 (6/14/2011) -Decreasing sensitvity v0.2 (6/10/2011) -Added tilt sensitivity to options Feature app description 3D tower defense game
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  • ThirdBeak Productions
  • 2011-06-10 00:31
  • 2012-04-27 05:59
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I... Don't understand what the point is?....
2011-06-29 06:21 Damain Clareon
Well it's kinda to control but still great game though I can't get pass level 5 =/
2011-06-26 16:37 Khiem98
Wow. I now feel dumber for trying to figure out how to play this game...
2011-06-26 06:23 PolarMike78
This wonderful game changed my life forever. After just one level, I became very popular with women. After 2 levels, my girlfriend got jealous.
2011-06-23 09:00 Atelier Iris
2011-06-17 15:27 devonthorne
2011-06-17 10:35 NadiaE
2011-06-16 05:10 Player674186685
I have no clue how this works, tried a dozen times. Lame.
2011-06-16 04:54 JBBOSCO
Its cool, but not for a phone game. Wish it was on consoles...
2011-06-14 23:22 Jedmankaboom18
Could not control at all. Graphics looks neat, but not enough here to tell for sure.
2011-06-13 16:04 One Ohm
Best tower defence I have ever played!! Awesome graphics!!
2011-06-13 14:23 KevinBarnhill
Crashed at start up... Sucks
2011-06-12 21:27 Player859348693
Great idea but the controls are way to touchy as of accelerometer no way to control urself
2011-06-12 17:47 DragonSlap69
Need sensitivity adjustment option. I was on level one and was all over the screen. Neat otherwise.
2011-06-11 23:46 memugking
Unique and challenging. Would love a sensitivity control slider.
2011-06-11 21:45 Balki the Wise
2011-06-10 20:10 goobers 2
2011-06-10 17:39 NavierStokez
2011-06-10 16:50 GooseTea
Way to tilt sensitive and the option to turn it off doesnt work. I culdnt even find my towers cause it kept moving great graphics though
2011-06-10 16:48 GangstaNinja911
doesnt work
2011-06-10 16:44 Player086475209
I actually really like this game, but can't get pass the first level. I suggest tilt sensitivity adjusting options and an interactive tutorial
2011-06-10 16:35 devonthorne
Nice game so far! I think the tilt is way too sensitive though. Maybe add a user sensitivity so each player can have their own option. But other than that, this game is great so far. Can't wait for future updates. :)
2011-06-10 10:04 NadiaE
2011-06-10 09:10 emtae6307
Don't understand object or how to control, tutorial doesn't do a good job of explaining or always u to learn
2011-08-26 18:34 GoodlyEnvelope1
Wmw 還不錯 慢慢玩
2011-10-01 01:43 NavierStokez
The control system is horrible in the game and the game visually hard to follow.
2011-10-09 01:39 Xylo
Great concept!!! But controls make it too difficult to play...
2011-11-07 22:25 Zefarius
Game crashes shortly after launch. Tried over a dozen times. Unplayable.
2012-01-16 08:27 Hielor
2011-12-27 07:33 goobers 2
2011-12-27 06:01 Player115172054
great concept. But the poor controls and difficulty of trying to figure out what's going on make it unplayable. Frustrating to grasp and once you do, controls make it unplayable. Needs lots of work to be five stars, but has potential! Keep it up. Played on the L.G Quantum.
2012-02-12 21:38 coldassassin556
Cool idea, just not fun though. The camera rotating with the phone makes it near impossible to really focus on what you are doing.
2012-02-20 19:53 CodyCraven
Not fun
2012-03-04 19:32 kashelyn
2011-06-16 05:10 ShadowSpeedy7
doesnt work
2011-06-10 16:44 SB 1989 SB
What is this?
2012-03-31 23:49 sone05
Terrible gameplay mechanics
2012-03-28 06:35 Black Assasin Z
2011-06-10 09:10 G4M3R 1972
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