Speed Reaction Game

  • Just how fast are you. Test your reaction, speed, relflexes and endurance in this high tension game. Aim to destroy as many nodes as possible and achieve the highest score you can. Challenge yourself and your friends, and see who can hold their concentration the longest and survive in Reaktor. Game Modes; Countdown - 30 seconds on the clock, how many nodes can you destroy in that time? Survival - The ultimate reaction, speed and endurance test. With only milliseconds to destroy a node before it destroys itself, see how long you can survive in the Reaktor. The game time is unlimited, but miss 3 nodes and it's all over. See how long you can hold out. Different difficulty levels, from Easy to Insane... if you can handle the pace. Reakor v1.0 Created by Notswam
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  • Notswam
  • 2011-09-03 17:15
  • 2012-04-28 02:26
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Not particularly interesting gameplay. Adequate graphics, audio.
2011-09-09 17:37 Lertulo
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