Steam Castle

  • Steam Castle is the last fortress of hope for Humanity. After fighting a cruel and losing war against the Mechanitrons, the army of Steam Disciples have fallen back to Steam Castle. The Mechanitrons are not holding back and is sending their whole fleet of mechanical air balloons and air drills. Use advanced steam compression technology to fend off as many Mechanitrons as possible before the fortress falls. This is Humanity’s last stand, make it count. 1.5 Update: Updated to Mango! - Intercept enemies, missiles, and supplies using the Steam Shot Cannon. It has unlimited ammo hindered only by the amount of steam pressure the castle can hold at a time - Use the powerful Vortex and Scatter Shots to decimate the enemies or save Steam Castle in a pinch - Upload your score and compete against other players for the Steam Castle that did the most damage Now with difficulty settings! Challenge yourself with the Hardcore/Insane Difficulty! With great risk comes great rewards, you score more per ship and bullet shot down. Go forth and Destroy those Mechanitrons! Brought to you by the creator of Impossible Shoota, Quadra, Zombidemix, Traffic Cop, Nom Nom Worm, Scribble Defense, Blackboard Gems and Fishing Girl.
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  • Elbert Perez
  • 2011-02-28 22:17
  • 2012-05-03 06:15
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Love it! Great mix of missile command, steampunk, and a little strategy.
2011-04-03 22:08 madblogr
Addictive, gets quite hard to beat eventually, but repetitive. Probably would pay for an advanced version, and that says a lot coming from me!
2011-04-03 21:48 tsalakis
2011-04-02 17:10 Player161922982
2011-04-01 21:23 eG JaRReT
This game is great!
2011-04-01 03:57 Player805701176
2011-03-31 15:50 Violent Will
Very fun game.
2011-03-31 12:02 KAL TEK
After a few plays gets kinds boring
2011-03-31 05:02 BLADERunnerEX
2011-03-29 17:39 DSrikanth
Excellent game very addicting, would be nice to have the ammo recharge a little faster but very nice anyway and best of all it’s free!
2011-03-29 15:10 Player447513998
Excellent game!!! A little slow and lags on occasion, but doesn't effect game play! What a game!!
2011-03-29 11:50 justin0718
A funny game but too difficult .
2011-03-29 08:31 MobileMood
Great game, simple but fun.
2011-03-29 06:55 Liz zhou
Really fun.
2011-03-29 06:21 Godik7
2011-03-28 21:53 bradeann
Great game
2011-03-28 09:27 FillingLobster5
2011-03-27 23:24 Datisdesign
2011-03-26 12:12 PrmTme53
Fun free game. games can last for a while, so a save option would be nice.
2011-03-26 00:55 The After Sheep
Great game, but it ammo starts lacking too soon :'( Would be great if this constraint is relaxed somehow, e.g. refill could be sped up.
2011-03-25 23:06 vvaibmec
Great game, but the newest won't download. Something about the license?
2011-03-25 03:02 BeatADrum
2011-03-24 18:22 Dragongrass1
Fun...but it gets too fast paced too soon, before im even used to the controls and ammo types and such
2011-03-24 14:13 Soylent Gray
Pretty solid game. Simple yet addicting. A great way to pass the time.
2011-03-24 13:37 foooter
addicting and fun!
2011-03-24 11:53 Kevelocity
Great game
2011-03-24 07:06 BiiT1987
Fun and addictive..
2011-03-23 20:04 CausalIzikio
I likezz!
2011-03-23 14:14 indaGame84
2011-03-21 16:08 BoxyQuill94
2011-03-20 18:08 Player965250610
Much better than I anticipated. Good graphics and sound.
2011-03-19 05:22 AWOL75
Very fun and challenging, I like the visual and sound effects
2011-03-17 04:31 lpinot
Great game, addictive but quick to get a game in anytime.
2011-03-17 01:57 CoffeeShark
Absolute blast
This game is great fun. Professional looking graphics and sounds really make it what it is. A new look to the old arcade classic. Not sure why it is free, but I'll take it. Hope this developer comes out with more.
2011-03-15 05:09 J4v4D0G
Great Steam Punk take on Missile command. Killer Graphics. Agree that the difficulty ramps up too quickly but that's because I want the gameplay to last longer ;-)
2011-03-14 13:24 NH3MAN
2011-03-12 22:35 Mamaroozilla
super fun game!!
5 stars for gameplay, graphics, and sound/music. i can't stop playing. i suck really bad because i can't get pass 190,000 points. when i look at the leaderboard i'm like how the hell these people get to 500,000?? great game, well developed, works great on my samsung focus!! i heart steam castle!
2011-04-05 19:15 PistachioEar9
Great game,highly addictive.....must try.
2011-04-05 08:02 Krons84
Pretty good Missile Command type game. Starts slow as always then ramps up.
2011-04-04 18:36 Midniteoyl
Pretty cool
2011-03-12 19:27 H4ckZer0
2011-03-10 05:03 SIVILIZATIOUS
Great game!!!
2011-03-09 03:48 nicbryan37
2011-03-09 02:18 Daimwn
Missile Command
This is a fun Missile Command style game. It’s easy to learn and play. And since it is free, it will only cost you your time to check it out.
2011-03-09 00:08 Scott Kuhl
Love it!
2011-03-08 21:02 Player638893693
2011-03-07 16:00 tonysky163
Well done missile command variant. Could use more varied game play and difficulty scales too quickly, but worth buying as is.
2011-03-07 15:06 Lertulo
You sir are a great developer. It was with no surprise that I downloaded this game to find out another great addicting game, with great graphics and sound, and again... For free. Tank you Sir.
2011-03-07 02:29 AngryN00bHunt3r
2011-03-07 02:18 CamLev1991
Very addicting game. Hours of play. Great work E. Perez!
2011-03-06 07:15 Anibal5456
One of his best. Keep it up
2011-03-06 00:09 Mr Rick Smits
Hats off to E. Perez
2011-03-04 07:15 PeppyPethe
Great game!! But keeps crashing my phone when I open it from the pin to start.
2011-03-04 02:05 KMK CHA0S
Another epic app by e. Perez!
2011-03-03 05:20 Player496821478
2011-03-02 11:27 Player731300221
Outstanding game.super duper addictive
2011-03-02 03:14 Moonshines1
Best Elbert Perez game yet IMO. A steampunk take on Missile Defense.
2011-03-02 02:34 BahamutBBob
I like anything done this well in a steampunk theme. I hope it does well
2011-03-01 15:48 ClockworkComp
2011-03-01 12:09 Player021147889
Midevil missile command! Good free game:-D
2011-04-09 15:16 Boondocks1953
Fantastic game!
2011-04-09 08:47 ZidneyG
I love this game! One of my favorites for sure! More than I expected and its free!!!!
2011-04-08 04:25 Player582541387
Nice little game. The effects are great!
2011-03-01 11:09 TeufelBR
I love steam castle
2011-03-01 10:33 Mechaghost
2011-03-01 09:42 intrawebs
Addicting game. Amazing sounds, graphics, and difficulty. Love it. Keep making games like these!
2011-03-01 07:26 Josh51191
Beautiful art and fun game!
2011-03-01 04:54 Mark da shi
This game is very fun and great looking. I would pay for an ad free version. Pinning to Start.
2011-03-01 04:45 soshi22
Fun take on missle defense style game
2011-03-01 03:26 Affynity
So much fun!
2011-03-01 02:32 MurrZon
Good graphic... Good music... Simple control... And it's FREE!!! :P
2011-03-01 02:22 wooncherk
Pretty decent game
2011-03-01 02:01 franciserich
Until today I completely loved this game. I was up to about 900,000 as my score and then the game suddenly launched an ad (to After I exited the ad in Internet Explorer, I pressed my phone's back button. I was not able to resume my game, and my score was lost. That was extremely disappointing.
2011-04-13 03:45 Sciencedude21
Simply amazing. A must have game.
2011-04-12 21:16 achalddave
Really good one. So much better than impossible shoota
2011-04-12 08:18 WeirdDreamer
Needs upgrades n such
2011-04-12 05:32 xX ARivs Xx
2011-04-12 02:29 Player723337266
Great game much better than I expected for a free game
2011-04-11 10:30 xXxJoe1984XxX
Great and addictive game :)
2011-04-10 20:28 AleksandarDev
Great game. Defend your castle from falling bombs for as long as you can.
2011-04-10 17:53 Aelgyn
2011-04-14 22:37 JSMArchitect
2011-04-14 04:46 wangsa1986
2011-04-13 22:21 achalddave
Amazing game on my WP7.
2011-04-13 20:44 Marek J 85
Great game, but needs an update to add resuming
2011-04-13 17:02 Enahs555
Fun game.
2011-04-13 14:11 SwiftImoogI1
2011-04-13 12:14 Ark Askew
Awesome music
2011-04-13 07:34 fourblades
Waiting for the resuming function to rate it five-star... It is not a problem to embed ADs in a free game... But it should be able to resume to the game after unintendedly click an AD in some (possibly any) place in the screen...
2011-04-17 19:56 Player579721529
2011-04-17 16:14 Player937529444
Love this game <3 <3...........But can't save it =(
2011-04-16 14:20 Player722053630
2011-04-16 09:46 NanoMolecular
Interesting game..
2011-04-22 01:13 VivekX
Yet another reason not to buy overpriced Xbox live games. Outstanding!
2011-04-21 15:37 Inteller
2011-04-20 22:47 Player839314414
Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.
2011-04-20 20:56 Ramiigas
2011-04-20 17:04 ihaveanothereye
One of the more difficult games out there for the W7 market. Remember to stretch those fingers!
2011-04-20 06:59 Fuhrer Panda
One of the best free WP7 game on the market! Just hope you'll add a save game feature. :)
2011-04-19 23:53 NadiaE
2011-04-23 22:21 Datisdesign
Steam Castle - Average rating : 9 - Max : 10 - Based on 179 ratings and 179 reviews.