Halo Waypoint

  • Halo Waypoint is the official hub for all things Halo on your Windows Phone! Waypoint features ATLAS, the official multiplayer companion for Halo: Reach. Check out overhead views of multiplayer and firefight maps, as well as beautifully illustrated versions from Brady Games. The maps show weapon and vehicle locations, and you can get real-time position and score information for Multiplayer games, for you and your team. With Halo Waypoint, you have direct access to official Halo news and announcements before anyone else. Everything from Twitter updates to browsing and discussing Halo on the Waypoint community forums, you’ll have it right in the palm of your hand. You can stay in contact with your Halo friends on Xbox LIVE no matter where you are. Check out your Waypoint Career progress, all your Halo: Reach stats, including game history, campaign progress and stats by weapons and enemies. Invite your friends to compete in Halo: Reach by creating Custom Challenges, which let you pick a game type, a goal (like Kills or Headshots), a time limit and an amount. Then you can invite friends to see who can beat the goal in time. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing—you, access Halo at any time, through Halo Waypoint for your Windows Phone.
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Integration with Bungie! Superb and promising.
2010-11-09 05:45 irisheternity
Pretty cool, seems most of the features are still in development though.
2010-11-09 02:46 TrippyTreeFrog
Halo. Baby.
2010-11-09 02:17 TheBigLebowski1
Love Halo Waypoint! Tons of Halo content on the go. Great presentation and quick loading.
2010-11-09 06:39 Caleb 117
2010-11-09 23:46 incendy
Gorgeous Interface – Awesome content
This is a killer way to check out what's what in the Halo world! Loaded in seconds, video content streams easily over 3G (and wifi), and the extra bits from the blogs, tweets and forums is cool!
2010-11-09 17:21 lady samantha
Awesome! Hd7
2010-11-09 15:50 ApostolicCredo
Seriously! This is one incredible toy for us Halo fiends! :) DROOL!!!!
2010-11-11 00:59 So1stice
Nothing special. Just a news reader in essence for Halo news.
2010-11-11 12:17 Stoneysilence77
Better then the one on 360 even.
2010-11-13 02:30 GameCaMiller
2010-11-13 15:56 Spectral Chaos
Fantastic application, although they didn't really follow the metro UI very much. It would be great to see the Halo Reach daily and weekly challenges. Also achievements might be a nice addition. But this is a great start! Looking forward to an update.
2010-11-14 08:53 MyEvilMonkeys
I agree with Myevilmonkeys, plus I was expecting it to be more like what's on Xbox Live. Seems to be more worthless and obvious info than what Xbox Live already serves up. Needs to at least have a tab thats geared more towards the players Halo career. Needs work. Low rating until then. I don't have a use for this app.
2010-11-17 07:36 Chop Top Ford
Great App!!!
2010-11-17 06:19 GI JOSH
Great app for any halo fan
2010-11-17 01:43 The CodeMasta
Halo. Baby. Wish you can save the image gallery pictures to phone!! Please make this happen!
2010-11-17 01:06 TheBigLebowski1
Awesome little app, on it almost every day to grab all the updates, its a must have for any true halo fan, can't wait until all the features are available :)
2010-11-17 18:38 Unh0ly DoUgHnUt
2010-11-18 07:12 MICO XD
2010-11-18 02:32 MonoQuemado
Wonderful looking forward to see daily and weekly challenges in here
2010-11-19 00:20 robogabo
It is a must have for all halo fans.
2010-11-18 23:57 agrae203a
2010-11-19 08:55 phonuz
2010-11-19 05:29 mckushdaddy
This award winning app is awesome. Instant access to the best halo content. I am sure there was a very handsome art director that worked on this very stylish app. It also seems like he would have a great moustache
2010-11-21 04:28 teffer
Who doesn't love red vs blue on the fly?
2010-11-21 01:44 BoneDeezy420
2010-11-23 01:42 Player775940903
Its halo and its free..what more is there to say!
2010-11-25 04:44 Jus 2 Satanic
Perfect for the hardcore or even regular halo players, but if you don't play much halo its just a waste of space on your phone. It is an excellent portal into the waypoint and I can see potential in this with a location based game or even augmented reality game. But right now, defiantly for halo fans.
2010-11-25 20:32 chainGUN ZX
Very good adaptation of Halo Waypoint, all we need is a WP7 Halo! Like Halo Zero on PC or a full blown Halo side story title. Video quality is improved using WiFi. Must have app!
2010-11-25 10:20 Heretic Furby
Good app but lacks features of its counterpart on Xbox 360.
2010-11-27 03:32 SemTecS
Who doesn't love red vs blue on the fly?
2010-11-27 03:07 BoneDeezy420
Not that interesting to casual halo gamers IMHO
2010-11-27 01:04 CdnCheeseToast
Great-looking app. A very "nice-to-have" for Halo fans.
2010-11-27 12:41 VonBrick
2010-12-01 00:26 DragonExadon
Can't always access forums. Otherwise an amazing app.
2010-12-01 21:11 SirPwn4g3
If you play Halo, than your downloading this app. Works like a charm.
2010-12-01 21:01 TimoTim19
Gorgeous and a well functioning app
2010-12-01 05:59 briguy992
2010-12-02 05:17 Twinzeeto
2010-12-03 03:48 Player147014995
2010-12-04 01:33 Eric Paulraj
Meh indeed.
2010-12-03 18:27 iQuitGamerscore
2010-12-03 15:57 diabolic dookie
Sucks, is this even a game? I put wrong birthdate using touchy controls then I could not view videos. No way to reset.
2010-12-04 21:40 BillyJackMan
2010-12-04 19:26 Gundar Xsqred
Its halo? Wait is this a game or an app? Is halo important enough that I really need this on my phone? No.
2010-12-06 06:29 TURNS
2010-12-06 06:03 WakefulRegent65
Needs my halo score integration
2010-12-06 04:13 SoldierX01
Its not even a game
2010-12-05 23:28 xX Pumpa Xx
Sub par app. Lacks much of the functionality that makes its 360 counterpart worthwhile. Still cool as a Halo Wiki-style app. Including Career stats, weekly challenges, etc. would earn it more props.
2010-12-05 23:22 Cliff 0Malley
2010-12-07 04:42 DELTA SF
2010-12-07 03:12 pulseMOD
2010-12-07 02:58 Player368691
needs stats
2010-12-06 17:48 ObituaryNIBBLES
Nice, but as most have already said, it doesn't have what I'm looking for: player stats and community files.
2010-12-09 15:50 TheDecemberists
I'm a halo fan, I guess I don't get it.
2010-12-09 06:38 reelmower
2010-12-10 09:39 CIDkidzPILLZ
2010-12-10 05:44 Caywyn
A great way to access Halo news and videos.
2010-12-09 17:14 Master Devwi
If you're a Halo fan, you need this. Period.
2010-12-10 23:25 arukun14
2010-12-12 16:51 WakefulRegent65
Loads of videos and other media specifically dedicated to halo in a smooth and functional form, now make a windows phone 7 halo game :D
2010-12-14 08:50 Tibetan Lotus
Great for Halo die yards. But as a casual Halo fan myself, I can count on one hand the number of times I've used it.
2010-12-14 04:35 ZeroAnd09
Unbelievable amount of Halo content.
2010-12-15 04:40 S24 Sammy
Its all halo info
2010-12-18 06:43 halocountryboy
Love it. Wish I could pin my fave part to be the launch location (Like forums or blogs)
2010-12-19 04:19 Lamey McNoob
Its cool. I wish it had more to it.
2010-12-18 23:02 Kornpops69
The "please enter your date of birth" control is hard to use. Click and hold doesn't work like other controls. Also the dropdown doesn't go full screen. This makes it hard to pick the correct year. I hope this is fixed in an update.
2010-12-18 17:45 Nyber
2010-12-19 23:33 RAMBORGE
Halo ***
2010-12-24 09:47 iButt h013
Halo on the go... Sweet. Now only if u can play the games on the phone
2010-12-24 22:53 EvilTitan95
Great app! We need halo for WP7!
2010-12-27 16:33 JJD360
Best way to watch RvB episodes on the go!
2010-12-27 13:01 RyuuAkio
Like I'm A Girl Who Loves Video Games And I LOVE HALO And Got *** I Thouqht It Was A Game! Sure Enouqh I Just Saw Vids' Like I Know This Sincerely, Chi-Town Sweetheart Jay Bhabheey!;] P.S. I WANT THE GAME BUT ON MY PHONE:)(:<3
2010-12-27 09:24 Player986068318
Alright just need halo game on smart phone now
2010-12-27 07:27 mikieAirmen917
2010-12-26 21:33 Player282532369
Pretty pointless.... Yeah really pointless. But I keep only because it looks cool from my Xbox app and I am a halo fan. Other than that, it's pointless.
2010-12-28 03:16 DOOM At last
Its awesome. You get to watch videos news and RvB. Its awsome =D
2010-12-29 16:13 piekid147
2010-12-29 15:39 COMANDO AZUL
Great for Halo fans. Add me
2010-12-30 17:30 DARK JEDI I AM
It's nice to have the Halo universe (and RvB) on the go, but, isn't one of the big things about Waypoint on the 360 being able to share and compare Halo game Achievements? Very disappointing to see that nit represented here.
2011-01-01 03:06 The GREAT Moto
2011-01-01 00:50 DragonExadon
2011-01-01 20:37 Haydhayd0404
One would think this app would do (much) more than it does, if you want to stay up on your Halo related news it does the job, but no stats or anything related to your actual gameplay. I just...don't understand why this app exists. On the plus side though, it sure looks nice. Look into the Reach Central app if you want something to actually check stats and daily challenges.
2011-01-02 13:22 Solitude HD
Useless. This is not a game.
2011-01-06 04:50 Player491073841
A mobile version of the Xbox Live Halo Waypoint. Well polished and very slick, I wouldn't have expected less from the Bungie team. This app is not as robust or fleshed out but if you absolutely need to be consistently updated on Halo news, then this app is for you.
2011-01-07 21:26 Man Ho Kim
Yay... Now I can do nothing on my phone too!
2011-01-09 21:58 riksreverse
Outstanding app for Halo fans.
2011-01-11 06:38 Elvis0fTheDead
2011-01-13 18:21 victorvanslyck
Not a game.
2011-01-13 02:44 SoNiC CHINA
2011-01-14 23:12 C 420 MR
2011-01-14 03:05 Rocket man 36
2011-01-15 18:09 Jelly Hate Me
2011-01-18 14:16 maurice84smith
2011-01-18 08:30 victorvanslyck
Totally lame. Not even a game just a forum.
2011-01-19 21:12 Player641114113
Must have for every Halo fan. :)
2011-01-19 04:58 KavazovAngel
2011-01-19 04:26 Mr Rripp3r
2011-01-23 00:53 xTxScR3wH34dxTx
2011-01-22 05:47 oVORtEKZo
2011-01-22 01:33 FangedMite
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