Andrew Fraser's Windows Phone 7 applications


FreeWiki Talking Tours

Ever wandered down the street looking around and wondering where, how and when? Been on the bus or train watching impressive buildings go by, or been on holidays and just wanting to know what things around you are. “Wiki Talking Tours”... more

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FreeFree Picture of the Day

Ever seen a really cool picture and wondered where it was taken and what it was about, and want to see more? Well now each day you can receive a fantastic new “Picture of the day” taken from all around the world of different places, people... more

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FreeCountDown Timer

Simple countdown timer with cool sand timer effect for keeping track of things like cooking, watering, cleaning your teeth, etc. It will run while the phone is asleep and you can also disable the screensaver. Supports preset times of 5, 10, 15, 30... more

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FreeJoke of the Day

A funny dancing clown, telling lots of CLEAN jokes for when you need to laugh. If you don’t like the joke then throw a pie at the clown, I know I have! - You will also get sent a "Daily Joke" each day to help keep that smile. more

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FreeWikipedia Viewer

Now with VOICE SEARCH! Wikipedia Viewer is the fastest Wikipedia reader that allows you to search and read full Wikipedia articles with pictures or in a low data usage text only mode. Great for finding out those facts quickly when you just have... more

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