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Use your phone to translate texts and have the phone say the translated text out loud. You can save your translations for later use, this way you can have them ready if for example you are travelling and need a little help. With a tap on the... more

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FreeBad Joe

Use this app to see news from Bad Joe. The info in this app includes new app and version announcements. This app was made with the tools on - go try it out yourself! more

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Look up definitions, synonyms and rhymes right on your phone. Btw. if there is an abbreviation you don't really know, you can look that up as well... Words FTW! more

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FreeRadio Playlists

Get instant access to playlists from almost all major city US radio stations right on your phone. If you are in the States, use this app to listen to your local over the air FM broadcasts and you will get the best radio experience available,... more

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