Coding4Fun's Windows Phone 7 applications


FreeCoding4Fun ScriptTD

ScriptTD is a sample game for an open-source tower defense game engine that allows non-developers to create TD games by changing settings, sounds, and graphics. These new games can then be sold in the Zune Marketplace. Download this game for free... more

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FreeSlide Show

Looking for a nice, easy way to show off your photos? Use Slide Show! With Slide Show, you can either set up a quick, automated presentation or manually browse through albums by simply swiping your finger! more

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FreeDice Shaker

Throw dice three ways using Dice Shaker! Use this app to play Risk or Monopoly, or just roll up to nine six-sided dice. To simulate a roll, simply shake your phone or flick the screen! more

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FreeCurrency Converter

New to version 1.5: * Fixed updating issue Have you converted your Euros to Dollars but are wondering how much you have in Yen? Currency Converter keeps you up-to-date with current exchange rates! more

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FreeWhere's My Car?

New to v1.1: * Improved GPS accuracy * Added accuracy to map view Did you park at Pike and Madison or was it Halsted and Armitage? Don’t remember? Use “Where’s my car?” and you’ll never forget! To use the app, simply set your car’s... more

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Use PicFx to easily transform your pictures with your choice of four effects. With PicFx, you can modify any photo on your phone using black and white, sepia, or Polaroid film effects, and there’s even a tilt-shift effect you can use to make... more

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FreeFake Call

This application helps you out of bad dates and gives you an excuse to leave meetings! It simulates your phone's response to an incoming call, including activating a ring tone and animating the screen. It now can have literally every option of a... more

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FreeHow Much Does This Meeting Cost?

Ever wonder about the cost of a meeting? How Much Does This Meeting Cost provides a real-time estimate based on a rough average of attendee salaries! more

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