Compulsive Technology's Windows Phone 7 applications


FreeGet It Cheaper

Get it cheaper is a program that will allow you to scan a UPC Barcode whever you are and automatically let you choose one of the "Engines" supplied to find it cheaper. Why should you pay just any price when you can shop around with only a few... more

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FreeCoin Toss Up

Coin Toss Up allows you to flip the coin that you need when you don't have any change and prevents any cheating by letting you define who is HEADS or TAILS. more

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Big Dialer Pro allows you to easily make phone calls with the big sleek looking dialpad buttons to dial phone numbers without having to squint! Now you have the ability to Enable Voice Dialing for English, Spanish and French, which is found only... more

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From New York city streets to the palm of your hands, play an old game that's been popular for years and words that everyone understands, "Pick a Cup, any Cup and find the ball and Win!". No actual money to be bet but collect as many points as you... more

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