's Windows Phone 7 applications


FreeJack of Cars

Wondering how much you could get for your car? Looking for car prices to purchase? Maybe you're looking for a dealer nearby? Jack of Cars makes it easy to find car details including engine sizes and MSRP as well as find out your car's value. Use... more

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Jack of Math

Do your kids need to work on their math basics? Need a refresher yourself? Tired of flash cards? Jack of Math can help you hone your math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, square roots, and more. In Jack of Math,... more

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FreeJack of Tools

Jack of Tools makes your phone into a virtual tool belt. Want to know exactly where you are? Ever wonder how fast that roller coaster ride really is? How high are you? Or maybe you just want to get that desk level. Jack of Tools includes a... more

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To Do

Find yourself creating lists and forgetting them at home? Put your tasks, grocery list, etc. into your phone with "To Do". Tasks and items can be entered quickly and then crossed out or deleted when the deed is done. Pin it to your start menu and... more

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