Dominik Ernst's Windows Phone 7 applications


Exposure Calculator

New WP7.1-Version! BETA - Version 0.9 with a simple version of the f/16 rule, a more complex version comes soon...! Send your comments to [email protected] New: Trial-Support, new Icons. There is a rule called the "Sunny f/16 - Rule". It... more

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Metronome 2.1 Thank you for using "Metronome". This second Version has been completely revised. Changed TRIAL period to 30 seconds. Features: - A big red, green or gray indicator. Two blue alternating pulse indicators. - Italian tempi names - A... more

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Depth of Field - Calculator

Depth of Field - Calculator Choose your Camera (manufacturer and camera) or appropriate CoC (Circle of Confusion), f/stop, focal length and distance to subject. Unit like meter, mm, inch, feet are supported. The DoF-Calculator calculates near... more

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Periodic Table

New WP7.1-Version with international nomenclature and radioactivity. The periodic list/table of chemical elements. A list of all Alkali metals, Alkaline earth metals, Lanthanides, Actinides, Transition elements, Other metals, Metalloids, Other... more

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Device Info & Test

Shows a lot of information from your phone: - Manufacturer, Type, ID, New: ID in hex., Firmware version, Hardware version, Culture - User ID, New: User ID in hex. - Memory (total, current app, maximum app) - Network (status, type) - New: Tab... more

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Neue WP7.1-Version. Lebensmittelzusatzstoffe enthält eine Liste und Detailinformationen (Bezeichnung, Klasse, Beschreibung und Hinweise, evtl. Schädigungen) der in Europa zugelassenen Zusatzstoffe (E-Nummern). - Kennzeichnung der in... more

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New WP7.1-Version with Ad's. New Features coming soon ... Sorry no LED/Flash Support, because there is no way (API) to use it. I hope it comes with a WP7 update after the Mango-Update. Send me a eMail with feature requests to... more

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Eine Liste der deutschen Verkehrszeichen. Es werden ca. 400 Verkehrszeichen, Gefahrzeichen, Vorschriftzeichen, Richtzeichen, Sinnbilder und Zusatzzeichen mit deren Details angezeigt. more

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New WP7.1-Version. Calculate you exposure times while using a 'Neutral Density Filter'. - choose a exposure time (without Filter) between 60'' and 1/8000. The trial version supports only 0.1, 1, 10 and 100 seconds. - choose your ND-Filter... more

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