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FreeRomantic Idea

Birthday, Name Day, Valentine's Day, anniversary of the first kiss, first meeting or another celebration......who knows what else! And it is expected that you will be romantic, ready to prepare something wonderful and unforgettable for every... more

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FreeOrgasm Facts

This app gives you really cool, interesting, fun & useful facts about orgasm. Sex and orgasm is the most talked about topic in the world. With this app you can impress your friends or your mate with these witty, useful and amusing facts about sex,... more

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FreeMotiv. quotes

A collection of motivational quotations, along with pictures give an amazing connection and a large dose of motivation. Quotes of famous people who have managed to achieve success, now you can read them and follow in their wake. After each run... more

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FreeQuit Smoking

The combination of your good intentions and our support will allow you to quit smoking. As soon as you feel desire to smoke, turn on this app and it will effectively discourage you to do so ! With us a cigarette will never taste the same way as... more

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