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Prayer List

If you attend a small group there’s always a time at the end where they gather prayer requests. Or your friend will mention a prayer request. Or there are things going on in your life that you need to pray for. What do you do with these.... more

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Interval Trainer

This is a tool to help you do intervals. It provides the abilty to set up the workout you want to do and the duration of each interval and rest period. You can specify the interval duration, heart rate and/or speed. The same for the rest... more

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Visual Weight Tracker

The Visual Food Diary allows you to track your food using pictures. You can take a picture of your meal and record its value. That can be points, calories, carbs, fat, etc…whatever diet measure you are using. If you do not have time to look... more

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GPA Calculator

Your GPA, that all important number that helps to open those doors to college and to jobs after college. What is your GPA? If you get that A, how much will that bring up your GPA? This app can help you track your GPA. It track GPA by Semester... more

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Packing List

You drive away from the house with that sinking feeling that you have forgotten something....hours later you remember, but now it’s too late. This app will help you to avoid that situation. You will be able to make your packing list and take... more

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Christmas List

Christmas is coming! So is Christmas shopping! This app helps you to make a list, mark what you must get, what you like to get and keep track of what you already bought for those special people. If you want to you can also keep track of how much... more

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Eight Glasses

We have all heard the diet experts say we should drink enough water. But do you drink enough water? How do you remember? I'm lucky if I can remember my name let alone did I have 8 glasses of water to or was it 7.... This apps lets you track the... more

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Tic Tac Toe

You are standing in line…you little one is bored. Or you are waiting at the restaurant and need something keep the kids entertained. Remember long ago paper and a pencil were used for a quick game of Tic Tac Toe to pass the time. Now you can... more

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